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YIPPEE, Volume Twenty-Two
June 2006

There once was a month named June.
This was the essence of June:
  Rain clouds obscured both the sun and the moon.
  We dug footings, but not with a spoon.
  And even made up a new tune.
  We desperately need some clear dry days soon
  For construction it'd be such a boon!

(Well, there were also biting evil bugs, hellacious humidity, and continued cursed weekly flight delays; a finish to the seeding and haying, a redistribution of the gravel piled at the WC, and burying of the corex drain pipe that crosses Park Ave; and, Poocham house revamps - its no longer safe for Cassandra but passed landlord inspection. Whew!)

June 1 - 4
June 5 - 11
June 12 - 18
June 19 - 25
June 26 - 30

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