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YIPPEE Volume 44
April 2008

Snow ends this month too


Snow ends this month too

But Q tasks time is down

Winter Hours only one!


In the pale green of budding trees and the darker green of grass shoots, spring is barely visible at the end of April: most of spring's hopefulness won't Grow, Sprout, Bloom and Chirp until May. But... YIPPEE had plenty of newness and renewness and creating going on.


Died: The washer broke mid-wash one Friday. C&C can't use the laundromat, and parts for the Equator washer-dryer combo have taken up to 6 months to get in the past. A trip to Keene commenced immediately.


New: If the new washer would wear a Team hat, we'd have to give him one. The as yet unnamed washer will perform vital duties next to the dryer until building's done and the new energy saving combos are up and running in yurt-land.


Died: The day the washer died was also the day C&C learned their mailbox company was closing at the end of month: in C&C-time a mere two weekends, or two mail days from time of notice!


New: Another trip to Keene happened to obtain a new address with the only other near-ish service. New procedures commence and task-day is topsy turvy.


Set up, sat upon, simply to savor: Breakfast Buckets! Making their official debut on 4/19, three buckets became the breakfasting table and chairs for C&C to savor a bit of sunshine, breakfast and each other. Sure, there were several clothing layers involved, but by golly, it was better than starting the fire and eating indoors. Anyway, the simple sunshine should be scrumptiously savored as much as possible before the bugs come out and screens are required!


April Showers: The month's first day featured a plethora of showers, incessant raining, runoff, gushing water, melting. There's no task assigned for "Holy salad! Its raining and suddenly warm and melting and raining and gushing water and is everything going to be OK?"! This happens often enough that maybe there should be. Nonetheless, during a break in rains, Cassandra took a walk around. By the Utility Shed she discovered two sinkholes and last year's ditch work was inadequate for the quantity of melt and rain gushing through; the upper ditch was not handling the majority as intended. Fixes were begun later, and tested throughout the month, as additional rain and melt coursed down.


And several days of unusually hot weather: Woohoo! Cassandra took advantage of the warmth to stay up top working late, cranking out the site work.



A clear driveway! Melt was directed to and off the driveway by C&C's work on the new task HSODIF; snow banks from Woodshed#2 up to GIPPEE were chopped and shoveled through at a few key points. By mid-month, the driveway was open from bottom all way up to GIPPEE.


Appreciated: Anytime there was sunshine and relative warmth (anything over 40... well, with sun, 40 can be nice too!), C&C ate meals outside and when possible, did outdoor tasks. All too soon, this won't be available for appreciation. One nice morning felt quite spring-like as they shook, aired out and cleaned the bedding. Sunshine and relative lack of bugs. Yippee!


And Praise Rang Inna Land!


Bubba trimmed down to his summer weight and scooted on out! On 4/21 there was a great "Yippee!". His cousin Earle and that other dude, whose name was never quite caught, took almost a week longer to get their lazy lingering selves on out, but by month's end: no Snow piles up at the MLA. Good riddance!


Completed: Only one task was checked off in April, and it was a Q...


         04/06/08: (288.10) Park Ave firewood, yr 3 (start date: 09/20/07, site days: 1.69)


Started: Sprouting, shooting up, spring is in the soil, spring is in the tasks... nine tasks begun... Yippee!


         04/01/08: (213.69) Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards (Burly Chris hauled up floorboards. Careful Cass inspected boards and found the best of the rest: those left over from installation of yurt floors, devised a plan for board layout and marked boards. Quick Chris cut with power tools. Cass tackled installation all by herself. By end of month, floorboards were installed on most of loft.)

         04/04/08: (213.65) Electrical rough-in 30' yurt

         04/08/08: (303.07) Erosion control: Clear out behind util shed and trench: critical runoff work

         04/11/08: (213.73) Loft access Plans and Figgerin' (Chris' original "pullout ladder" idea is found to be one for the history and not the future. Some very wacky, wild and wow ideas tossed around; mockup created; problems considered; more metaphoric drawing board work.)

         04/12/08: (213.24) TV loft adaptation (24 channels and nothing but Cass.)

         04/23/08: (213.76) Power House: build walkway/access from road

         04/26/08: (213.99) Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply and (329.01) Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV

         04/27/08: (329.04) Loft access Building

         04/30/08: (213.53) Reinforce under bathtub


Assorted: Attempts. Airport agonies. Accolades. And the "word" Ain't.


Cass continues it all: healing, coping with illness, camp life chores and stresses, building. On warm days, she cranked out extra site work. On cold wintry days and cold rainy days, she suffered more, as did site work. The usual struggles of woodstove, cold and damp and illness happened; there were many awful April days!


Chris oversleeps often on weekends due to being exhausted and getting back late (or, more accurately, early in the morning), thanks to airport delays. One weekend he made up for it by getting up at 5:00 the next day, and was onsite working shortly thereafter. Yippee!


Able to sleep in: Warmer temps meant Chris gave the schedule a new twist: pack for work on Friday, leave pack and clothes in Xterra, so that the usual stop at the house could be skipped, in favor of proceeding to the airport directly from Yippeeland.


Woohoo! Second week of April, C&C finally got up over 40hrs of non-quacking work!


According to Chris, "The Xtrailer (which easily converts from 8 to 12 foot) rocks!".


Chris gets his phone and says, "Woohoo! yippee! hurrah!". Cassandra continues to be less enamored with her new service. Antenna is arranged for use of phone inside yurt, making phone calls at night easier.


Numerous email problems occurred in April: mail getting rejected, undelivered without notice, erroneously considered spam... "Ain't technology grand", says Chris in his increasingly redneck vernacular. With the occasional warm sunny day, his neck actually did get red.


April's site work hours tallied to a fairly decent number. C&C worked up plans for Chris' time off to Make May Magnificent. Here's hoping for excellent weather, an extremely easy black fly season, and a heckuva lotta progress in May!


Total April Site Hours: 203.75


A Tasks: 179.50 hrs: 88.10%


75.00 hrs (213.18 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing)

49.25 hrs (213.69 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards)

12.00 hrs (275.04 Materials transport/inventory)

10.25 hrs (213.73 Loft access Plans and Figgerin')

7.25 hrs (213.36 Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety))

4.50 hrs (213.85 Radiant flooring 30': fins installed)

3.50 hrs (742.01 JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers)

3.25 hrs (213.65 Electrical rough-in (30' yurt))

3.00 hrs (303.17 Drainage below retaining wall)

2.75 hrs (303.07 Clear out behind util shed and trench: critical runoff work)

2.75 hrs (329.04 Loft access Building)

2.00 hrs (306.01 Determine tasks she can do during week alone)

1.75 hrs (213.24 TV loft adaptation)

0.50 hrs (213.53 Reinforce under bathtub)

0.50 hrs (213.76 Power House: build walkway/access from road)

0.50 hrs (303.22 Fill sink holes by footings)

0.25 hrs (213.99 Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply)

0.25 hrs (303.16 Repairs: Woody Walkway)

0.25 hrs (306.02 Test on safety: materials and tools)


B Tasks: 1.75 hrs: 0.86%


1.25 hrs (260.4 Roof repaired and finished)

0.50 hrs (213.63 Woodshed #2: Roof repairs and finishing)


Q Tasks: 22.50 hrs: 11.04%

(Winter tasks = 1 hour, 0.0049%)


4.50 hrs (742.02 JaBoSTH: Quackers)

4.25 hrs (545.02 YIDDEE HSODIF: Damage Control)

3.00 hrs (666 Dealing with Problems at Hellhouse, Which We Can't Get Rid of Because We're Not F'ing Done Building Yet! (DwPaHWWCGRoBWNFDBY!))

2.00 hrs (300.4 Cass Phone)

1.75 hrs (636.06 Cheer-up C&C's Construction Conditions (MINSuSoM): Plant wildflowers)

1.25 hrs (288.08 Split and stack wood)

1.25 hrs (288.1 Park Ave firewood, yr 3)

1.25 hrs (545.04 YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair)

0.75 hrs (300.45 Woodstove maintenance/problems)

0.50 hrs (288.09 Cut and store downed trees)

0.50 hrs (305.03 Mosquito dunks)

0.50 hrs (310.11 Shovel Main Drive: Middle)

0.50 hrs (326.04 MLA window inserts off in Spring)

0.25 hrs (310.01 Keep deck cleared)

0.25 hrs (310.1 Shovel Main Drive: Lower)

0.00 hrs (679.99 Structural Integrity Testing)


About Pretty Rowdy Inventive Lovers:




April Journal

4/1/080.00Notes0.00another difficult day sickness wise. but later, after stomach settled some and stopped raining outside, cass goes out and uphill to work. weather: rain, rain, rain. thunderstorms and lightning at night. rain. warm at 45. possibly 50.
4/1/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing3.25placement of arc walls measured and marked. sole and top plates markd for stud positions. T and P marked for cutting. Z door stud installed. finished movng and organizing cut boards. if weather is dry tomorrow as forecast, ready to get out and build walls
4/1/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards and floorboards 0.25moved stuff and uncovered pile. need to get w/chris on selection and pattern processes and squaring ends?
4/1/08300.40cass phone0.75setup and trials
4/1/08545.02damage control0.25walked driveway to make sure all ok. got leaves out of some ditches. park ave needs more work, but not during rain.
4/1/08742.02jabosth: quackers0.25could be called erosion task, but there's no task assigned for holy crap, its raining and suddenly warm and melting and raining and gushing water and is everything going to be ok?! reviewing trenching various spots for rainwater and runoff assessment. found out two US footings are going to need sink hole work. and, that the trench work behind the util shed maybe shouldnt wait. took pics. chris reminded that the original trench had gotten filled in during footing work. argh. argh argh argh!
4/2/080.00Notes0.00ugh. yet another very difficult day. also, temp dropped overnight. cold. strong strong wind kept cass awake. terrible sleeping. weather: sunny but cold with strong wind.
4/2/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing4.75x: built basic frame, marked angle top plate and 2 studs. O built. Q built except for 2*3s. Z door top plates put in (decided on 2). marked 2 more for Y. remeasured and remarked shelf joists.
4/2/08742.02jabosth: quackers0.25checked erosion issues. last nights rains really continued nastiness. argh. cant do it today. too windy and cold. planned to work on walls, not feeling well at all. just sticking to plan
4/3/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing3.25built N frame. various other smaller marking and cutting tasks. tried to get as much as possible taken care of before chris back. post caps : messed one up and put back for chris to try getting nail out.
4/3/08545.02damage control0.75digging silt out trenches. digging new trench above intersection. cutting through snow and ice bank higher up so can start removing snow and ice on driveway above woodshed#2.
4/4/080.00Notes0.00cold in morning: below 20F. cass slept terribly and was cold all night. wakes early, adds layers, back to sleep for 2hrs and was warmest most relaxed of all night. worst of wind seems to have moved on. cass still not back to normal but maybe getting there? weather: sunny. cold but warm in sun.
4/4/080.00Notes0.00chris back last night 12:15am (today really). he oversleeps by an hour and 22 mins. d'oh! another cass sick day struggle for her. chris gets his phone: woohoo! yippee! hurrah! weather: snow. rain. rain. snow. gross.
4/4/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing1.25marked 2*3s and started drilling, nailed in post cap, marked 2*8 for Y
4/4/08213.65Electrical rough-in 30' yurt0.25Chris starts scoping out wiring runs
4/4/08275.04materials transport0.752*3-8s
4/4/08310.10Shovel main drive: lower0.25shovel out Xtrailer
4/4/08742.01jabosth: non-quackers0.25setup test for checking if plumbing dwv slope of 1/4 per foot translates to the level bubble being centered on one of lines as mark told chris. it does not. if were to center on line would be an extra 1-1/8 slope over a 6' span, too much.
4/5/08213.18construct walls 30': framing4.25more cutting and hammering and drilling and screwing
4/5/08213.36Site Cleanup0.50 
4/5/08288.08Split & Stack firewood0.75Chris splits remaining firewood @ house before bringing it to YIPPEEland. Later he carts a small load up for overnight burning.
4/5/08288.10Park Ave firewood year 30.50Chris loads remaining firewood @ house into the Xtrailer and carts it over.
4/5/08310.01keep deck clear0.25Cass does some clearing
4/5/08545.02Damage Control0.25Chris puts a water bar on Enduvtha Drive
4/6/080.00Notes0.00Chris gets up at 5:00 and is onsite working shortly thereafter
4/6/08213.18construct walls 30': framing9.50Chris gets an early start. C&C work on loft. The front posts and beam are up. One of the arc beams is up. Wall 'X' is in place ready for attachment.
4/6/08288.10Park Ave firewood year 30.75last firewood is unloaded. this task is done. quack!
4/6/08300.40Cass Phone0.25 
4/6/08300.45Woodstove Maintenance0.75blech
4/6/08306.01Cass tasks0.25Cass has tasks
4/7/080.00Notes0.00Weather: sunny and clear, got kindof warm around 50.
4/7/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing7.50cut boards away + organized. finished build of N and Q. built P. started R and S. seems need to build them diff than what notes say. installed O. found out chris getting angle in meant front post off plumb. did bst to bang back. undid brace. joist installed. X installed. Q installed. may need a brace or shim to plumb end but will wait till P and S in.
4/8/080.00Notes0.00Weather: sunny and clear, got warm!
4/8/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing3.75R and S kinda screwy. oh well. got S up, P up and woohoo! north side of arc is installed. measured for L and started marking.
4/8/08213.36site cleanup0.25cleanup of scraps and paper in 30'
4/8/08303.07Erosion control: Clear out behind util shed and trench0.50this really needs work! the trench/sloping around US was not meant to handle all runoff. ditch blocked by people digging footings has to be opened: is currently running nothing and dry: all water going round US. trenched it back a bit and deeper, away from landscape cloth at least. for now.
4/8/08303.17Drainage below retaining wall0.50trench going along rock more. started digging more, but will have to have chris do. place to toss plants and dirt is not safe enough for cass
4/8/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.50icy snow shoveling, between gippee and woodshed#2
4/8/08545.02damage control1.00water bars between gippee and woodshed#2
4/9/080.00Notes0.00cass really sick again. woah. Weather: cold wind. hazy sun. got warm later in day.
4/9/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing5.25Built T. measured and hand-cut for L. too cold and no sun by that time. inside for tomorrow. Y cut apart and... prob spent waaaay too much time finagling. would have been easier with two people, but there isnt two people. only one. installed y door stud.
4/10/080.00Notes0.00cass really dizzy again. argh argh. Weather: clear. sunny. and warm. whole lotta melting happened this week. many snowpiles , esp around park ave, gone. up at mla still much snow and off in woods still lots. walking in soft icy snow tricky. keep falling thru.
4/10/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing2.75built L. got Y door studs all in. W attached. needs more after chris gets more nails, but is up and stable and Y/W plumb as good as gets, esp considering the funky twisting.
4/10/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed1.75took advantage of dry and relatively non-buggy weather to form a bunch-o-fins
4/10/08545.02damage control0.25added a water bar to area had shoveled other day which was now accessible/melted enough for making a trench
4/11/080.00Notes0.00cass really really really dizzy again. argh argh. Weather: disgusting. cold. brown. wet. damp. rain and drizzle and rain. gross. yuck. This day was apparently a frickin frustratring FUD as a LOT of issues cropped up: 1) flowers cass sent to her grandma arrived with shattered glass due to a broken vase. 2) the washer broke and had to be replaced immediately else no clothing for c&c 3) mailboxes posted a notice that they are closing doors as of end of month. chris had to immediately get a new place to begin the switch since 3 wks is not much time. theres lots of work involved in this change! argh! 4) kens house hit by tornado 5) wet rainy gross cold and cass very very sick, very and a really trying trying day. terrible night. bad off. all this stuff on top of it! overall, it all will work out and was all handled well, just- argh! ugh!
4/11/08213.18construct walls 30': framing2.00Chris installs beam and marvels at Cass arc work.
4/11/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing1.75finished a couple walls, getting 3 nails in thanks to chris' resupply. marked and measured add'l joists for front angles. R almost installd, wait til do T to see.
4/11/08213.73Loft access0.50c&c start sketching out ideas for loft access. some of the ideas are rather...um...odd
4/11/08666.00666.00 Dealing with Problems at Hellhouse, Which We Can't Get Rid of Because We're Not F'ing Done Building Yet! (DwPaHWWCGRoBWNFDBY!)3.00Chris discovers that the combo washer/dryer is jacked, so he heads to HD for a new one, then installs it.
4/12/080.00Notes0.00Starts foggy, gets to a sunny 60; we have an open driveway from bottom to GIPPEE.
4/12/08213.18construct walls 30': framing5.50C&C cut some more boards, install corner bracing, install shelf joists, install 'N' frame, install joist hangers, test fit 'L' frame
4/12/08213.24tv loft adaptation0.25decide tv has to fit between existing joists.
4/12/08213.73Loft access0.75cnc string out angles and think stairs are the best approach at the moment.
4/12/08275.04Materials Transport1.00Hardware from Xterra, then 2*6-12 floorboards from the surprisingly dry shed.
4/12/08288.08S&S firewood0.25 
4/12/08303.07Utility shed trench1.25C&C review and then Cass does some mudslinging
4/12/08303.17Drainage below retaining wall0.75C&C review
4/12/08305.03Mosquito dunks0.50Chris starts putting these out.
4/12/08306.01Cass tasks0.75 
4/12/08545.02Damage Control0.50Chris does some @ LAfNP; Cass does some on Woody Way
4/13/080.00Notes0.00planning for chris' time off
4/13/08213.18construct walls 30': framing3.50notch frames; remove x brace and ratchet straps;
4/13/08213.36site cleanup0.75chris relocates shelves
4/13/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards and floorboards1.25start laying out floorboards
4/13/08213.73loft access0.25more design chatting
4/13/08275.04Materials Transport1.00floorboards from shed
4/13/08288.08S&S firewood0.25 
4/13/08300.40cass phone1.00chris alters grounding plate; after chewing on the antenna-to-phone adapter end a bit, chris plugs it into phone and gets a signal.
4/13/08306.01Cass tasks0.25 
4/13/08545.02Damage Control0.75waterbars on lowest and highest parts of drive
4/13/08742.02JaBoStH: quackers0.25took down no snowmobiling sign
4/14/080.00Notes0.00c&c finally got up over 40hrs of non-quacking last week! work updating overview and dates, revising few tasks. Weather: blue sky but lotsa whiteish clouds. very windy. got clear by evening.
4/14/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing2.00finished N. screwed joists into frames below. made blocking for mid bay to screw into mid frame. looked at bracing, want to suggest doing it on bottoms. nailed in some more arc joists (cant do north two in case stairs there)
4/14/08213.73Loft access3.25measuring, figuring, etc. got a mockup together for stairs on outside. basics there for proceeding with mockup of inside stairs tomorrow...
4/15/080.00Notes0.00cass works really hard to get chores in park ave done, packed and out and up top. ugh. Weather: blue sky. clear. cold air though.
4/15/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing1.50put in a corner brace (that chris cut for a top one that we hesitated installing) on bottom front post. made measurements for back shelf arc wall, figured out how to create mockup and marked those boards for cutting tomorrow.
4/15/08213.24tv loft adaptation0.75got a tv built using measurements of actual
4/15/08213.36site cleanup1.75in 30. stuff gets new homes. got paper away from door. ugh. dents on floor and sun-fading.
4/15/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 0.25measured and marked 2 and got into newly made space for a to-be-cut pile
4/15/08213.73Loft access2.25worked on inside stairs option, but eventually stopped. wait to review with chris. measured and the stairs may be too slim? put up first step mockup and last step. made paper mockups to see stair shapes.
4/15/08742.01jabosth: non-quacking0.25checked out PH for possible erosion problems, thawing, melting. seems not-so-bad. checked out PH access as discussed with Chris on wkend.
4/16/080.00Notes0.00cass works really hard again to be out working but too too much to do and chores are slipping. oh well. Weather: blue sky. clear. sunny. and it got quite warm! down to summer attire midday, back to winter garb in afternoon and wishing had made more tea.
4/16/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing1.75cut parts and assembled mockup for back arc wall, got it temporarily attached - almost was nailed in as if permanent. oops.
4/16/08213.24tv loft adaptation0.25while up re-organizing and figuring for floorboards work, took look at mockup in relation to loft, bays, options for implementation. may be best to have a box that folds down onto floor - to be used as raised pedastel of sorts when not in use... or, in bay, lift up and swivel. anyway... counting 15mins of time here instead of floorboards
4/16/08213.36site cleanup1.25more cleanup in 30'. finding homes for really long boards is tricky tricky tricky. manuevering ditto. oh well. done. boards up off front. am using that space for loft floorboard assessment and marking now.
4/16/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 1.50calculated. organized. figured way to work things. measured boards. attempted to figure out best parts, how to use, if to use. marked. ugh.
4/16/08742.02jabosth: quackers0.75several tasks, put here instead of trying to figure out where and how much: dug out ditch by southwest corner of deck where drainage backed up, got rake out and planted the wildflower seed packets that have been sitting to be planted for over a year. hope the take root. will cheer us instead of all the brown and maybe keep dragonflies around to eat more dang biting bugs. taped a bunch of ladybugs in 30'.
4/17/080.00Notes0.00cass feeling sick. apparently pollens and flora getting her good. lots and lots to do that isnt bldg and isnt site time but has gotta be done. stressful stressful stressful trying to get all done
4/17/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 1.75assessing and marking more boards
4/17/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed 2.75formed fins. done forming for now. leaving rest of supply unformed to do as needed once we get to installation
4/18/080.00Notes0.00cass meets chris up top for some morning fun.... hot,hot,hot. beautiful day
4/18/08213.63WS2 Roof repairs & finishing0.50Chris caulks
4/18/08213.65Electrical Rough-in: 30' yurt1.50Marking out locations of boxes, lights, etc
4/18/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 3.00went thru entire supply of boards in kitchen and got sorted into no and possible. turns out hardly any long boards at all. argh!!
4/18/08275.04Materials Transport0.25 
4/18/08545.04Repair0.25Chris starts erosion repairs on Main Drive
4/18/08679.99Structural Integrity Test: Bathroom Floor0.00passed!
4/18/08742.01JaBoStH: non-quackers0.75C&C go over some stuff prior to structural testing
4/19/080.00Notes0.00setup of the breakfast buckets! two 'chairs' and a 'table'. mmmm...breakfast. nice in the sunshine. nice together. c&c take advantage of sunshine and relative lack of bugs to do some spring cleaning of the bedding...airing out, shaking out, spraying etc. doesnt count for any bldg, but good to do! cass really feeling sick, pollens. oh what a night! the cooler does not feel left out any more. weather: gorgeous. too bad there's so much inside work vs. outside work.
4/19/08213.69loft floor0.75 
4/19/08213.73loft access1.75decide will be outside loft though top step may be notched in
4/19/08260.40Shed roof repair1.25 
4/19/08288.09cut n store downed trees0.50need to store in cribs, otherwise will fall
4/19/08326.04Remove window insert0.50 
4/19/08545.04repair driveway0.50 
4/19/08742.02JaBoStH - quackers2.00 
4/20/080.00Notes0.00breakfast buckets employed again, but much more clothing required. chilly morning. would be a great weekend to go hiking, if c&c werent bldg and so busy. weather: sunny. warm.
4/20/08213.36site cleanup0.50 
4/20/08213.65Electrical Rough-in: 30' yurt0.25more wiring run planning
4/20/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards and floorboards3.00blocking installed in loft
4/20/08213.69loft floor6.00lots of bord marking and cutting plus some loft measuring and Slayer
4/20/08275.04Materials Transport/Inventory1.00Chris catalogs items in shed
4/20/08303.17sss Drainage0.25Chris does some in morning to warm up
4/21/080.00Notes0.00buckets used solo. no chris. lots to do. lots to do. unfortunately, mostly inside inside inside. weather: sunny. warm.
4/21/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing2.25figuring out chris' braces cutting, how to install them. it aint easy for sure. oh well. hope it is right. three more to do. got two remaining front joists in, except for one nail which cant reach.
4/21/08213.36site cleanup1.00rug down. front area all picked up and off floor. floor swept and whew... looks much better. front not in danger of sun fading at least.
4/21/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 2.25got some boards up onto loft. marked rest of boards in ok stack. scraps all back in kitchen. cut loft boards sorted and separated. stacks in closet, and kitchen, all off front area.
4/21/08742.01jabosth: non-quacking0.25cass never got traction on any one task, too many questions or missing parts. tracked time here.
4/21/08636.06Cheer-up C&C's Construction Conditions (MINSuSoM): Plant wildflowers0.50nothin fancy. down n dirty, quick n easy. hope they grow. couldnt find spreader. raked and got some in. used what water left.
4/22/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing0.50corner bracing install
4/22/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 6.25organizing to get all needed supplies up there, what to sit on, balance on, finding bits and tools, worst boards for back, getting everything figured out. solo. ugh. anyway... got boards in/on/attached as best can. some tongue ends are splitting. ratchet straps suck solo. getting up and down so much sucks. but, can either proceed as best can and hope it is all strong enough and done right enough - or it waits til fri/sat and thats not acceptable. snapped a screw, drove some in too deep. cracked the back board a bit, trying to get it into joist better at very back where wallboards will be above. forgot how much sucked getting ends to line up ok, pulling out warps, etc. mix and match boards. all much more difficult solo. oh well almost 4 rows on.
4/22/08275.04materials trx/inventory0.25started comparing chris' shed inventory to needs for u.s.....argh, too complicated. need to find the original plans and get back to it
4/22/08636.06Cheer-up C&C's Construction Conditions (MINSuSoM): Plant wildflowers0.50simple quick again, down at w.c.
4/23/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 5.25 
4/23/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.25measured and marked the 10ft, sticks stuck in ground there, got a cement chunk and large stone thrown in.
4/23/08303.22Fill sink holes by footings0.25by deck, some rocks tossed in on US footings, but is a bigger problem than realized so stopped.
4/23/08742.01jabosth: non-quacking0.50mini-x up top (for charging up there and testing of electrical) misc setups and preps, not attributable to any one task. included trying to take pic of floorboard prob to discuss with chris. considering how to fix
4/23/08636.06Cheer-up C&C's Construction Conditions (MINSuSoM): Plant wildflowers0.75task done for now
4/24/080.00Notes0.00cass works too late up at mla -too late for a thurs with cleaning chores. too focused on working hard getting building done, doing floor. weather: very very windy. warm.
4/24/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 4.75more board wrangling, back and forths, swapping to find best, climbing up and down, etc etc etc
4/24/08275.04materials trx/inventory1.00got plans, figured out what was what. ended up with a list of what is needed to buy for lumber parts us and ph.
4/24/08742.01jabosth: non-quacking0.25misc setup and shutdown
4/25/080.00Notes0.00chris home at 3am, c&c to bed 3:30am. breakfast by buckets in sunshine, after chris sleeps in til 9:30. has appt for xterra at 2pm in keene so cant do much in am. cass up top with chris to walk together and enjoy sunshine. unsafe stuff last night handled better by cass but not great. lotsa clearing. weather: warm, sunny
4/25/08213.36site cleanup0.25scraps where boards were up, paper folded over (to reveal sunfading line, ugh!) and swept.
4/25/08213.69loft floor0.50cut boards
4/25/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 4.50figured out boards, seem to be missing a 53. can work it out since am over beam now. will ask chris. almost to arc.
4/26/08213.24tv loft adaptation0.25 
4/26/08213.65Electrical Rough-in: 30' yurt1.25 
4/26/08213.69loft floor1.50 
4/26/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards and floorboards2.25 
4/26/08213.73loft access0.50 
4/26/08213.76powerhouse access0.25 
4/26/08213.99plumbing roughin0.25 
4/26/08275.04materials transport2.25polyuraseal returns to site
4/26/08303.17drainage below retaining wall1.00 
4/26/08306.01Cass tasks0.75 
4/26/08306.02test cass on stuff0.25 
4/26/08545.02Damage Control0.25 
4/26/08679.99Structural Integrity Test: Bathroom loft0.00passed
4/26/08742.02jabosth quackers0.75 
4/27/08303.17drainage below retaining wall0.50tis a nice ditch.
4/27/08545.02Damage Control0.25 
4/27/08545.04repair driveway0.50 
4/27/08275.04Materials Transport4.50Chris gets utility shed and powerhouse lumber from HD to Poochhell. Later, he carries some stuff up from Xterra to MLA
4/27/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards and floorboards1.00Chris cuts corner braces while at house with kick ass mitre saw
4/27/080.00Notes0.00c&c plan to have Chris leave for the airport tomorrow from yippeeland with no stop at the house. The Xtrailer, which easily converts from 8 to 12 foot, rocks according to Chris. Chris drops a brace on the floor and makes yet another BFD. Chris takes out an ugly tree by the MLA.
4/27/08213.69loft floor2.75Cass continues cajoling floor boards into place, fitting, shimming, cutting and cursing all the way to the front beam. Includes yet another BFD. Chris assists with shimming one particularly -ing difficult row.
4/27/08213.73loft access2.75measured, confirmed and cut a foot off wall. it will be cool
4/27/08303.22Fill sink holes by footings0.25reviewed. sucks.
4/28/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 3.75boards from yest on. worked on layout now that cutout for top step is definite. attached several more.
4/28/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing0.25getting corner brace parts sorted and to right places. since so cold, and needed tools up on loft in use their, decided to work on loft instead
4/28/08213.73Loft access0.25notes. visualizing. looking at top step for attachment to beam and support structure. possible: bookcase and then hang steps off that
4/28/08213.24tv loft adaptation0.25visualizing, moving mockup around, notes. not doing the perpendicular to floorboards one esp since am now putting thosedown. like outside off frnt best, easiest.
4/28/080notes0rain rain rain. all thru day, all thru night. flood warnings. rain. dark. cold. rain. cold. cass snowpants and still cold.
4/29/080notes0rain rain rain. all thru night, into day. finally stopped near 4pm. whew. gushing waters. trenches, ditches. water all rushing down. flood warnings. cold cold cold. cass snowpants and still cold. not as much work because sick. not doing well at all. did s
4/29/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 0.5pulled yesterdays board back in place and installed bracket. figured out what needed foor cutting of boards, marked.
4/29/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing2.75L installed. corner braces installation. in winter gloves.
4/29/08213.36site cleanup0.25sweeping floor, getting boards back onto pile
4/29/08742.02jabosth: quackers0.25checked erosion issues due to continuous rains. gushing. us still going in trench, but not as much washout since new trench behind. need to widen the trench next to us and fix gravel etc. need to dig out a couple areas: next to p.a., by wooodshed
4/30/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 0.25started on installing brackets, but not sure what screws /nails and how many to use. one partially installed.
4/30/08303.07erosion util shed1 
4/30/08742.01plan in place0.25loft access, tv
4/30/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing1.75corner braces installing, until had no more screws - and chris had said don't substitute. half wall by toilet. getting parts measurements. then wondered about having three posts and shelf, sketched and stopped until can talk w/chris
4/30/08213.53Reinforce under bathtub0.5used chris measurements of tub to get that info on floor, and measured relative to beams and drip edge for his joist installing
4/30/08213.36site cleanup0.75taking apart parts laying around, sweeping, cleanup
4/30/08213.73loft access0.75creating more mockup to visualize, writing notes on idea for bookcase/stairs combo
4/30/08742.01planning in place (or jabosth?)1got measurements for components to go into laundry/exercise room, made paper those sizes and on floor to make sure layout will work and how interacts with loft access
4/30/080notes0cass so not doing good. nice not to have rains, but so much colder than was. snow flurries!
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