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Thanks for Your Support!

C&C subscribe to the 'ask and ye shall receive' type of philosophy. They are not ashamed to admit that this project is not only overwhelming energetically, but a little daunting from the financial angle. Being an unusual project, and trying to incorporate strict safety protocols is a very real burden. So, C&C are not above letting everyone know that they are open to considering a variety of donations. They sincerely hope their openness in this regard is not offensive to those who are more guarded in financial matters.

That said, there are plenty of ways to contribute to, or support, Project YIPPEE (not all of which involve money!):

  • Positive vibes and love are always welcome! Keep 'em coming!
  • Join Team YIPPEE! Contributing your time and labor is very valuable indeed! (and will hopefully be joyful and fun as well).
  • Make a donation.
  • Shop the Project YIPPEE Store
  • Snag a slightly used item from Chris' e-bay listings or from the stockpile of yard-sale-items-to-be.
  • Sponsor the project through your corporation, organization or business.
  • Come up with your own unique way to benefit and further Project YIPPEE's success.
Follow the links for additional information on ways you can support Project YIPPEE, or contact Chris & Cassandra via e-mail or phone to discuss possibilities. Thanks!
Project YIPPEE - An Adventure in Safe Living
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