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Pacific Yurts Maker of the yurts C&C bought.
Home Depot
One in Keene, and a new one in Brattleboro - corporate, but well stocked.
Chris' survival music during platform construction and yurt erection.
Chemical Scents
Info about MCS related to perfumes & scents.
This is the accupressure-type treatments that Cassandra receives.
remnants of No World Order . Net Chris' web site.
Franklin Covey They make daily planners & planning software. C&C use the software on Palm Pilots.
Green Field Paper Co. Makers of hemp and recycled paper that Cassandra can be around w/o any reactions.
Nesting Bird Yurts An alternate yurt manufacturer whose products were under consideration for final construction.
AFM Makers of non-toxic products like the sealer used throughout the project.
Environmental Health Center - Dallas Dr. Rea at the EHCD provides the shots Cassandra needs to get through the days of toxin exposures.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Provides the requisite organic java needed to get through the days of Project YIPPEE!
CIBER Enterprise Solutions Chris' current employer.
Berkley and Veller Real estate agency in Brattleboro that provides Chris and Cassandra with a good number of listings. John Hatton is the agent C&C have worked with, and he's been very cool.
Tubbs Snowshoes Made in Vermont, where they know snow. Ours kick butt!
Nissan USA Chris is really happy with his XTerra. He started his purchase by using the Design tool on their web site.
The Green Store Chris & Cass purchased some safe sealer from these nice folks.
American Environmental Health Foundation Another resource for safe products.
National Public Radio C&C's primary provider for news and interesting talk radio.
New Hampshire Public Radio Local carrier of NPR programming.
Chittenden Bank Prominent Vermont bank C&C borrowed from to pay for the project.
Co-Op America Green Pages Site where C&C found a "green" builder.
Shadow Plan A Palm-bases project management tool from Code Jedi. Chris was using this for a while but it got to be a bit too much to coordinate with the stupid problems the Tungsten T was having, so he removed it and didn't get back to using it.
Real Pro Host Host of Project YIPPEE web site and Chris' recommended provider of hosted web content. Great service, sayeth he!
EcoISP C&C's internet service provider. Not the greatest dialup speeds in the boonies, but they give funds to good causes.
Why PalmOne/Palm Pilots SUCK Send Chris an e-mail asking him about his Palm Pilot experience. Don't expect a glowing review.
Froggy Bottom Guitars Made in Newfane, VT. The head guy there, Michael Millard, was really helpful when we inquired about Newfane.
Newfane, VT About the area where the 147 Acres is located.
Granger Real Estate Agency listing the Newfane 147 Acre property. Holiday Eames was the agent.
Kittredge Mortgage Co. These folks worked with the original buyers of the 147 Acres in Newfane, so when we got to looking for financing we checked in with them as they were already ahead on some of the steps.
All Terrain They make an all-natural bug repellent that works but, man, is it odiferous!
Wellspring Makers of the ion spa that C&C purchased to, in part, help Cassandra recover from exposures on land hunting trips.
VT Real Estate Info Network Search for MLS properties in VT here. Some agents can sign you up to receive automatic notification of new listings that meet your criteria. John @ Berkley & Veller did just that for us.
Michael Bean Group Search for MLS properties in NH here.
Map of New Land We are off of Oregon Falls Road, this is as close as Yahoo could get.
Newfane, VT Another Newfane link
Newfane, VT Yet another Newfane link
Maple Valley Ski Resort Scroll down to the 400 Acre Ski Area for sale. Come buy a resort and be our near-neighbor (and give us free passes :)
Radiant Floor Company of Vermont Where we'll be getting our radiant floor heating system. Very helpful. Encourages DIYers.
Radiantec Radiant floor company from Lyndonville, VT. Helpful folks.
AbilityMaine MCS Site Cassandra found
Construction Resource Forum Forum with lots of useful construction information. Chris got some good advice on rebar, footings, and generator here.
REACH Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals. Go Europe!
Booja Booja Chocolate Everyone needs a little Booja Booja now and then. This stuff is orgasmic.
Newman's Organics Organic foods & snacks that energize Team YIPPEE.
Santa Cruz Organics Makers of organic juice & spritzers - their root beer is a favourite of Cassandra.
Carolina Shoes and Boots Chris got a pair of their work boots after a word-of-mouth recommendation. Chris, in turn, recommends them to you.
Coastal Tools . com Informed, friendly, good prices, nice web site, good selection.
Terra Nostra Chocolate More tasty chocolate (the vendor here, Vegan Essentials, is quite reputable and friendly).
The Naked Truth Project Great site for info about Multiple Chemical Sensitivites.
I Can Breathe! Maker of the Honeycomb Masks Cassandra uses daily. She doubles up filters due to her severity of sensitivity.
Dr. Richard Layton The doc who initially uncovered cassandra's many allergies.
Great building materials place. We can't use the used stuff but we get our 'safe' insulation there.
Project YIPPEE - An Adventure in Safe Living
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