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YIPPEE Volume 47
July 2008

The Last Ju, Oodles of Rain, Two Downed Trees and a Quiz!


Combine a Scheckie, a Ben, a Sarah, some hot humid days and one clear, gorgeous day. Toss in a camp-style pudding or two. Stir in the occasional song. Splash liberally with good cheer. Whatdya get?...


A quiz!


That's right, a quiz! Glean the Ju from July! Discover your true Yippee-ness while you learn of July's happenings, playing this fun news quiz!


Of course, if you've already got plenty of fun in your life, thank-you-very-much, and just can't be havin' with no quiz, by all means skip ahead to the bland synopsis below where your no-frills brain shall be spared some effort as July's happenings are dispensed in a more direct manner. Otherwise...


Hold onto your hats and dive in! (Answers provided at the end.)


1) What is The Last Ju?


a. A really useful fastener whose supply ran out during Chris' week home.

b. A week of building in July, during Chris' week home.

c. Chris' pet poodle, which ran away and can never be replaced.

d. A Chinese action movie, with subtitles, viewed on the portable DVD player during Chris' week home.


2) Which phrase prompted Chris to laugh for nearly a half hour straight, grab his guitar and strum out a new song?


a. "Yeah, it was a rhinoceros, dressed in a tutu"

b. "We went to Target for some pants once"

c. "Well, you can't buy olives in Toledo ya know"


3) Why was Scheckie (aka Chris R) fashionably attired in garbage bags?


a. En route to YIPPEE-Land, he stopped to protest at a factory where the workers are, in his view, treated as trash.

b. He hates clothing, but is too shy to be a nudist.

c. Chris C forgot the approved painter suit for the ride over to Poocham.


4) Who are the Pipe Queens and what were they doing?


a. Sarah and Cass use their expertise to install radiant floor tubing under the 30' yurt.

b. Sarah and Cass dig a trench and start laying pipe for the electrical wire between MLA and PH.

c. Because this is a PG newsletter, the answer can't be printed.

d. Chris and Scheckie end a hard day's work by lounging on the deck in their sundresses, smoking and enjoying the view.


5) On which day in July did Chris take the plow off the Vermoose?


a. July 4th

b. He didn't.

c. July 31st

d. You guys have a plow? I thought you shoveled.


6) What is a Camp YIPPEE pudding?


a. Here's your can of pudding and a spoon. Eat up!

b. Dirt, water and gravel (added for crunch). Very useful in doing footings.

c. Multi-layered culinary delight assembled from simple packaged foodstuffs.

d. Coffee concentrate poured onto animal crackers, mashed, stirred and eaten with a smile.


7) Who is The Knifer?


a. Ben: he has a special way of soliciting donations and installing insulation.

b. Cass: in her spare time she developed a knife-juggling act and put on a show for the guests.

c. Sarah: she inadvertently nicked Ben while using the utility knife, but her expertise as a paramedic saved his ear.


8) Why is the plunger sitting on the driveway, below GIPPEE, next to a solar light?


a. Cass had no idea, but laughed as she took pictures of it in the daytime, at night and after a fallen tree limb smashed the light.

b. Easy access for all.

c. There's no cabinets, so the driveway's as good a place as any.


9) Many evenings, the sound of loud screaming, or possibly singing, can be heard across the valley, originating from Park Ave. This is because:


a. Chris was writing a rock opera, which he debuted on the loft for the guests.

b. Many days were cool, gloomy and rainy, resulting in many evenings of frigid showers for Cass.

c. Cass is planning to surprise Chris on his birthday by singing his song repertoire. Oops, the surprise is spoiled now!


10) What materials were used to make the solar water heating doohickie?


a. An old water heater, spare pvc pipe and a glass door, spray-painted black.

b. A giant magnifying glass and a spare bucket.

c. Wood scraps, spare black PEX and some brass valves.


11) What is a Dog Owl?


a. An owl that sounds to most people like and owl, or possibly a monkey; but like a dog to Scheckie. He says it woke him up and swears the owls at home never sound like that.

b. A mythical Vermont creature with head like a dog and tail like an owl that patrols the night skies, in search of rodent heads.

c. A dance created to cope with humid oppressive heat and way too much construction in the sun. It features arm flapping, tongue-out panting and the occasional hoot.

d. A fart that sounds curiously like neither barking owl nor hooting dog. Although no one else quite understood Scheckie's reasoning, they laughed politely and his term was used repeatedly thereafter.


12) How did C&C celebrate the Fourth of July?


a. By setting off fireworks and hosting a barbeque for Ben, Sarah and Scheckie.

b. They didn't. They built.

c. Chris played The Star-Spangled Banner via solar-powered guitar amp.

d. By enjoying the sounds of Independence all around them: the neighbors' fireworks, gunshots and later on, an ambulance.


13) Which of the following resulted from C&C proudly telling guests about the plethora of raspberries growing on their land:


a. Ben offered to knife them and mix up a tasty drink.

b. Sarah was the only one to show any interest, saying something to the effect of "Oh, I see them. Yummy!"

c. Everyone stopped construction a little early to pick berries and Cass created a delicious assembly of vanilla cookies, berries and whipped cream.


14) While Chris took Sarah to Poocham for her SVP, Ben and Scheckie did what:


a. Slept in because C&C worked them so hard the night before, drilling holes for the radiant flooring.

b. Lounged on the deck in their sundresses, smoking and enjoying the view.

c. As far as Chris knows, they carefully followed his instructions regarding cutting and sealing of plywood for the Power House, proceeding afterwards to digging by the PH.

d. Using one of the many pencils that Scheckie discovered laying under the deck, they wrote Cass a novel on the plywood. Sadly, she may never see it.


15) How many hours of sleep did Chris get in July?


a. Seven, but they were all really really really restful.

b. Twice as many as Cass, who had half as much as she should have and three times as many as she did in May.

c. Sleep? No sleep... coffee!

d. Obviously, not enough.


16) Which of the following did not result from storms on the evening of July 20th?


a. A hole through GIPPEE's screen house roof

b. Two trees across the driveway

c. Wet rags from cleaning up water that got into the yurts despite awnings

d. A smashed solar light

e. Shattered solar doohickie


17) The antenna broke off the MLA Grundig radio because:


a. Cassandra tripped over the radio while carrying boards

b. Chris was pissed at yet another weather report including the word, "oppressive"; yes, the weather report actually said the weekend would feel "OPPRESSIVE!"

c. Cassandra was trying to get better reception

d. Ben was flailing it with a piece of cod

e. Broccoli, rotten broccoli in specific, and target practice gone awry.


18) What did C&C decide will cover the plywood roof and sides on the PH and US?


a. Tarps. You can't go wrong with a nice blue tarp!

b. Corrugated sheet metal on roofs, stained and sealed shiplap on sides.

c. Cedar shingles

d. Tar paper, asphalt and vinyl siding

e. They're buying a goat. Jere says you can't go wrong with a goat.


19) Cassandra has long been the Clamping Queen (and, don't you dare sing that song, Chris and Scheckie!). In her able hands, ratchet straps and hand saws achieve new meanings and do things they never thought possible! Cassandra's new friend in performing wallboard magic is (and Chris says, "Yes, magic is the appropriate word given the, um, salady quality of the boards available at Home Depot!):


a. The Coping Saw, previously on her suspect list

b. A goat: hey, Jere was right!

c. Chisel and utility knife

d. A much nicer knife that Ben gave her

e. Joe (and frankly, Chris is a little jealous)


20) Which of the following was heard on the radio in July?


a. The weather report for one weekend used the word "oppressive". C&C did feel oppressed.

b. This July was the wettest on record.

c. A tornado swept through 50 miles of NH leaving much destruction.


21) Who carried the Power House frames (heavier that they looked) from the deck, down Woody Walkway, down the driveway, and to the PH platform?


a. Ben, Chris and Cass

b. Charitable Builder Monkeys, and they whistled a happy little tune, too.

c. Ben. Last year's carrying of concrete mix uphill was so fun that he practically begged (uncharacteristic, but true) to do it all himself! As it turned out, the downhill transport posed no real challenge and C&C were freed to tackle other tasks instead.

d. Sarah, Scheckie and Cass

e. Nicholas, Katrina and Chris' dad


22) Phone service in July failed repeatedly and often, more so than usual. On average, how many times a day did Cassandra curse because of the *$#! phone signal?


a. She doesn't curse; she's a fine upstanding young woman who would never cuss.

b. Almost as many times as she curses the non-stop attacking biting bugs.

c. 125

d. 2

e. No one's ever kept track and statistically analyzed this; only the Almighty Ufa knows for sure.

f. One-tenth the total number of times she must retry for a signal, with or without cursing, which is easily 100 a day!

g. If she cursed every time she had to retry for a signal, she'd never get anything else done!


23) Why did Scheckie leave Mt. Yippee with three rechargeable tool batteries in his trunk?


a. For better traction in extricating his car from the ditch that he had landed in upon arrival.

b. He's a Closet Kleptomaniac.

c. He had aspirations of becoming the Official Project YIPPEE Battery Repair Technician.

d. He was inspired by C&C to go off-grid, but thought it best to start with a small system.


24) Did Cass wear long underwear at all this month?


a. Yes, as a crucial component in her knife-juggling act.

b. Long underwear in July?! Are you insane?

c. Yes, it was frickin' cold that one week! Brr!

d. Yes, in her makeshift sauna sessions.


25) What did C&C discuss during their two July sessions of radiant floor tubing installation under the 30' yurt?


a. Mostly, the tubing plan, various modifications, where the screw fell and who had to move where next.

b. Nothing. They worked in somber, dedicated silence.

c. Subtle cultural differences that prevent peaceful resolution to Middle Eastern conflict.


26) At the end of July, which of the following had not happened?


a. Brush piles at the PH area were moved

b. The PH frame was up

c. Wallboards were going up across the loft arc

d. C&C had a restful relaxing weekend

e. Wildflowers began blooming


27) Between Chris and Scheckie, July saw the Utility Shed frame finished, plywood sealed and mostly nailed on roof and sides. Which of the following Utility Shed related things had not happened?


a. Sweat dripped

b. A creature tried sharpening its teeth on the shed

c. "Look, Cass, we's a roofin'!"

d. The radiant flooring controls are installed


28) Where's my cow?


a. Get up you slacker!

b. That's not my cow!

c. It's in New Hampshire.

d. It's in Vermont.



The Straighter Summary:


Pre-Ju: (7/1-7/3) Not a lot of building time as Cassandra struggles with being shaky and catching up on other chores, including: thorough cleaning and reassembling now that the ant problem appears to be over. Weather added to frustrations with wet, miserable, gross high humidity.


Ju! (7/4-7/13) The Last Ju began with a switcheroo. Since several businesses in the normal chores routine were closed Friday the 4th, C&C swapped Friday and Saturday schedules. The 4th was no holiday for C&C: Building and Quacking! Creation, setup and testing of the solar water heating tube. Preparations for visitors, and for work to be done during the last Ju, had been pushed off until this weekend; not by desire so much as hectic schedule constraints. By Monday afternoon though, GIPPEE was full-function, SIPPEE 4 was up and various food mix-ups had all been accommodated. Bring on the visitors, bring on the Ju!


Monday evening: Chris R (aka Scheckie) wears garbage bags with flair, finesse and a grand smile! Chris C had forgotten his painter-suit and a creative substitution was made. After transport to Poo-Jam house for SVP and the return to Park Ave and all that entails, camp-style pudding-misu commences. Chris and Scheckie work a bit up at MLA before Chris gives the GIPPEE shower a trial run while Scheckie and Cass chat in Park Ave. It was the most leisurely evening had onsite since Thanksgiving, but quickly became a late night for all. Scheckie inspired a song by answering a question thusly: "We went to Target for some pants once. He needed a suitcase too, I think." It turned out to be Caldor on further collective recollection, but it is something we know of Ken.


Tuesday: Utility Shed! The Two Chrises installed fascia, dripped sweat, attached the roof plywood, dripped sweat, and moved on to work down at the Power House. Working all day in the sun and humidity takes a toll, and a lie-down was in order for Scheckie, with a low key evening to ward off a migraine. Dinner was had in the MLA yurt, seated 'round the newly delivered coffee table (which Cassandra hadn't seen for the past four years). It was another relatively easy evening for C&C as they lingered over dinner and Scheckie got a post dinner tour. Would have been a relatively early night for C&C too, had she not been making the next day's meals, and Chris played the guitar and they sang and worked more on the new song, and the two got busy enjoying things.


Wednesday: Another day of humid weather. Rain in afternoon and eve. Unbeknownst to anyone but C&C, Ben got the Planning Prize for planning to show up Wednesday, and showing up on Wednesday without any change-o-plans to coordinate. Of the four slated guests, he didn't have a schedule change. Thanks Ben! While at the house for SVP, Chris and Ben load up the Xtrailer with sealed plywood from the stock in the house bedroom. Back onsite, there was rain! Scheckie walks up on deck to ask Cassandra, "So, how soaked did you get"? Both got quite damp in sudden downpour. She had run around closing yurt windows. Scheckie just kept working through rains, to get plywood nailed up onto Utility Shed, stepping under its new "roof" for shelter from the heaviest rains. He later moved on to moving the brush piles at the PH. Chris put Ben and Scheckie to work drilling radiant flooring holes while he fine-tuned some planning; together, the task for drilling holes was finished. Woohoo! Cass had been continuing on indoor work. A leisurely dinner down in SIPPEE contained, in addition to tasty salads and expertly split chocolate cookies for dessert, enlightening conversations including, but not limited to: broccoli as a weapon and pieces of cod. Showers were cold and late. C&C got to bed very late, or rather very early Thursday, finishing their evening tasks after Ben and Scheckie headed off to their happy little GIPPEE tent.


Thursday: Sarah arrives, yippee! But not before breakfast; so Chris got in a little work with Ben and Scheckie while Cass prepped. While Chris took Sarah to Poocham for SVP, Scheckie and Ben worked on plywood, brush piles' removal and digging for PH access. Cass was sadly, in Park Ave yurt doing usual AM chores. After Chris and Sarah returned, all met on deck for a snack. Scheckie said adios (or similar) and Chris helped pull his vehicle outta the ditch. Gorgeous day! Low humidity and blue skies with puffy clouds. Ben and Chris did various PH work; by end of day, the PH platform was attached and insulated, a dent was made in ground by Ben (intentional dent from digging). Meanwhile, Sarah and Cass had made excellent progress on the radiant flooring tubing installation and quite enjoyed working together and chatting; they are The Queens of The Pipe indeed! Dinner was in SIPPEE again, with pudding concoctions. Sarah left just barely before midnight on a beautiful clear, and cold, starry night.


Friday: Ben and Chris finish up the platform at PH and take down a risky overhead limb. Ben once again puts his cookie-splitting skills to good use in today's snack break. Ben, C&C carry the five PH frames down Woody Walkway and driveway to PH area, where Chris and Ben take over, getting them stacked onto the platform which still had drying cut edges of plywood. Frames were heavier and more awkward than seemed they would be. C&C enjoy Ben's company for lunch before he heads off to bike and not-knife anyone. Thankfully Cassandra is not a wimp. C&C get frames vertical and do not allow them to fall off the platform as they are installed. PH progress, yippee!


Saturday is the usual Friday; so, Chris is gone for tasks and Cass catches up on her weekly cleaning. Sunday's work includes many preparations, such as wallboard cutting, so that Cass has work for the week. It also included finding some excellent tasty hand-picked raspberries!


And, then, the Ju is over. Chris is off to work at 3AM Monday and Cass is back to working solo.


The Last Ju didn't accomplish all that C&C would have liked; working days weren't as long or intensive as hoped. But, a lot of tasks, that Cassandra can't do, got done. C&C had enjoyed the company of three wonderful people, appreciated their efforts to visit, do the SVP and provide good cheer while aiding in the building. Thanks Scheckie, Ben and Sarah! You guys are great!


Post Ju (7/14-7/20)

For several mornings in a row, a misguided woodpecker tried getting it on with the Park Ave vent pipe, banging away in the early mornings.

Cassandra tried a new herbal immune formula, had a very bad reaction to it and was quite sick most of week.

Chris arrived home at 2AM.

Weekend's weather report actually used the word "oppressive"! Lo' and behold, the weather people got it right... the humidity and heat and bugs were extraordinarily oppressing. Nonetheless, C&C enjoy working together.

C&C were doing good on their Sunday timing (always a struggle: the day must end early since Chris gets up early to leave) when a damaging storm raged, wetting the floors and lattice, felling two trees across the driveway, making more driveway rutting, a hole in GIPPEE's screen house, and smashing a solar light.


Post Ju (7/21-27)

A terrible, terrible week! Rain, fog, dark, humid, gross. Phone signal equally unpleasant; C&C's calls disconnected many times and even more times that Chris could not even get through, and Cass couldn't call out. With lack of sun and cold temps, showers were screaming, dangerously cold. Cassandra struggles health wise again all week long. Relentless bugs and damp, dark wet everywhere. Cass feeling the heavy weight of not being able to build and maintain and fix problems (such as the driveway and trees) all by herself. Chris began the schedule of returning at 5:30AM every other week; argh! C&C snag a couple hours before getting on with the tasks. Sun shone through on Friday, whew. Back to un-sunny weather for weekend though.


Post Ju (7/28-7/31)

News flash! (Not really news to Cassandra though) This is the area's wettest July on record so far.

Humidity and awful nasty evil relentless hunting attacking bugs are exhausting. Constantly having to wear the netting shirt is irritating but does prevent successful completion of the bugs' attacks.

In the final few hours of July, "Hey, I got home at reasonable hour! Before midnight!". Chris even had time to stop in Springfield's Home Depot to purchase some materials including 10' wallboards and more shiplap.


Tasks Summary:

Total July Site Hours: 261.25


Completed task: (213.80) Radiant flooring 30': plan, mark, drill holes [7/9/08] (start date: 11/30/07, site days: 1.81)


A Tasks: 239.00 hrs

73.50 hrs (213.50 Construct power house)

71.50 hrs (329.02 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards)

20.00 hrs (213.12 Utility shed built)

17.50 hrs (213.82 Radiant flooring 30': loops installed)

7.50 hrs (275.04 Materials transport/inventory)

7.50 hrs (742.01 JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers)

6.00 hrs (213.65 Electrical rough-in (30' yurt))

5.25 hrs (226.41 Clean and prep: SIPPEE and GIPPEE)

5.00 hrs (213.36 Site cleanup)

4.00 hrs (329.05 Loft Bathroom Windows)

3.75 hrs (213.76 Power House: build walkway/access from road)

3.75 hrs (213.80 Radiant flooring 30': plan, mark, drill holes)

3.00 hrs (306.01 Determine tasks she can do during week alone)

3.00 hrs (213.24 TV loft adaptation)

2.75 hrs (213.20 Electrical finishing 20')

1.50 hrs (329.06 Loft Back Wall Arc)

1.50 hrs (329.04 Loft access Building)

0.75 hrs (213.71 Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish)

0.50 hrs (306.02 Test on safety: materials and tools)

0.25 hrs (226.31 Close GIPPEE after guests)

0.25 hrs (213.69 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards)

0.25 hrs (213.70 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings)


Q Tasks: 22.25 hrs

13.00 hrs (300.55 Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 )

3.25 hrs (742.02 JaBoSTH: Quackers)

3.00 hrs (545.00 YIDDEE HSODIF)

1.75 hrs (288.09 Cut and store downed trees)

1.25 hrs (305.00 Bug control)


Quiz Answers:


1) b

2) b

3) c

4) a

5) b

6) c (though Scheckie did try d)

7) a

8) a, b, and c

9) b

10) c

11) a

12) b (answer d did happen, if you take out the word "enjoying")

13) b

14) c

15) c and/or d

16) e

17) a

18) b

19) c

20) a, b and c

21) a

22) e (b, f and g might be right, but remember e)

23) c

24) c

25) a

26) d

27) d

28) a




July Journal

7/4/08305.18Tick, tick0.5weed wacking
7/4/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers1.75 
7/4/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 3made a black pipe coil
7/4/08213.24TV loft adaptation1.25 
7/4/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
7/4/08329.04Loft access Building0.5review
7/4/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5 
7/4/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5 
7/4/080Notes0raspberries. yum!
7/4/08226.41Clean and prep: SIPPEE and GIPPEE2 
7/5/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers1early morning stuff
7/5/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1cutting joe @ house with tablesaw.
7/5/08329.04Loft access Building0.25cutting @ house
7/5/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.5theiving road dirt from the next town over
7/6/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1 
7/6/08213.12Utility shed built4cutting roof and wall plywood, sealing cut edges, figgrin cuts out. cursing.
7/6/08213.5Construct power house2.5mark studs...cut studs...mark bolt holes
7/6/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5stuff gone.
7/6/08226.41Clean and prep: SIPPEE and GIPPEE1almost guest ready, just needs a wipe down
7/6/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.5adjusted box
7/6/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 2 
7/6/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.25thieved road dirt on lower section
7/6/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.25cass chips out joe
7/6/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
7/6/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc1.5sand parts. cut plexiglass
7/6/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.5hinges seem plausible. worked on joist removal.
7/1/080Notes0ugh ugh. cass sooo sooo shaky all day and struggling! lots of non -bldg time spent. frustrating to not get more site work in, even though was up top. argh. humid n gross. humid humid humid. when o when will this fricking humidity ever let up.
7/1/08213.5Construct power house3.25marked and cut blockings. sealed various parts, installed blockings, door lintels, and marked the cripple studs for cut-n-seal-n-install another day
7/1/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25not warm, not cold
7/1/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75svc panel wall in. added parts need coat of sealer.
7/1/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75couple installations, some measurings, looking for board to fit and marking
7/1/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'1.25installed plates, got molding measurements and marked for the triple plate in mudroom
7/2/080Notes0humid humid. cass absolutely miserable, shaky and messed up. talked the health practitioner, give it another day should begin clearing out. cass spends lots time on nonbldg stuff. june newsletter done.
7/2/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)1us floorboards moved to new temp home, enough other stuff moved to be able to pull up one row of paper and vac along kitchen walkway
7/2/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.25sorted thru cut aspen to org into windows
7/2/08213.5Construct power house1.75cripple studs cut and sealed, installed....shoddy install, but cass did best she could. oh well. matches the just sheds just sucks vibe.
7/2/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.25wallboards onto steps 5 and 6, measured and marked for ending boards and outer ends, marked couple other boards
7/2/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25another oh so not warm showeringday as theres not much clear sun
7/3/080Notes0cass slept quite poorly. chris had slept poorly night before. humid again, no clear sun again, lots clouds again. shower water out but geez. cass lots of catchup on all chores pushed off earlier in wk. also has extra cleaning to do ....seems ants prob is abated and so now time to put things back and lots of extra cleaning work to do. and prep for next wk. ccnc have not gotten to prep for next wk already! argh. do some over phone while chris in airport. chris hates his headsets.
7/3/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)1.25 
7/3/08213.5Construct power house0.5measured, drew and cal'c for inner wall add-in
7/5/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5moved some boards to make space for what chris is buying today. also cleanup some on loft
7/5/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5shelf boards on, more marked
7/5/080Notes0humid humid dreary grey not good sleeping last night, twas so humid when o when will the weather turn nice?
7/7/080Notes0Chris R. arrives for some sitework.
7/7/08226.41Clean and prep: SIPPEE and GIPPEE2.25GIPPEE is full-function. SIPPEE 4 is up.
7/7/08213.5Construct power house3inside wall frame. holes in footings
7/7/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1chris and chris verify wires thru floor are intact. yup!
7/7/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.25 
7/7/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1.25testing..didn't get or stay hot.
7/7/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.75among the quacking, chris and chris assemble solar landscape lights whilst sitting in the xterra waiting for the air to clear.
7/7/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.25thieving more dirt with the help of Sheckie
7/8/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers1we have a coffee table. more solar lights onto main drive
7/8/08213.12Utility shed built6.25roof on. some wall plywood tacked in place until others are cut and final fit.
7/8/08213.5Construct power house6.25internal wall frame completed. anchor bolts epoxied into footings.
7/8/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5cass says hot for showering!
7/8/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1.75 
7/8/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.25Sheckie moved brush from PH area
7/8/08213.8Radiant flooring 30': plan, mark, drill holes0.5prepping to drill holes
7/8/080Notes0hag hag hag
7/9/08213.5Construct power house1.75marking end wall plywood for cutting
7/9/08213.12Utility shed built4.75marking, cutting and sealing wall plywood. putting wall plywood on.
7/9/080Notes0ben arrives
7/9/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5plywood from house
7/9/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.5 
7/9/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.5 
7/9/08213.8Radiant flooring 30': plan, mark, drill holes3.25Chris, Ben, Cass, & Chris complete this task!
7/9/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.5unloading dirt
7/9/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.75 
7/9/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
7/9/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.25 
7/9/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.25 
7/10/080Notes0Sarah arrives and, unrelated, Chris R departs. Had to tow his car out of ditch on OFR. Sarah departs later, too.
7/10/08213.82Radiant flooring 30': loops installed8.25Chris, Ben and Chris start install. Later, Sarah and Cass take over and ... um ... work the big pipe. they are the queens.
7/10/08213.5Construct power house8.75Chris R and Ben cut n seal wall plywood. Chris C attaches platform enough to begin insulating and flooring. Ben and Chris insulate, then wrap the day up installing the floor plywood.
7/10/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road3.75Ben and Sheckie dig and dump. Later, Ben digs solo and Chris rolls a rock or two.
7/10/08213.12Utility shed built0.25wall board sealed and ready for installation
7/11/08213.5Construct power house8.75nailing down floor and trimming floor edges. chris removes a tree limb using the rope chain saw. C&C&B carry frames down to PH. later, C&C put them on.
7/11/080Notes0Ben heads out, leaving C&8 to carry on the day's site work. they go to bed early!
7/11/08226.31Close GIPPEE after guests0.25 
7/13/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.5 
7/13/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1 
7/13/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.75 
7/13/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone1 
7/13/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
7/13/08213.82Radiant flooring 30': loops installed0.25another pipe installed, in the north outer bay.
7/13/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.5 
7/13/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.5molding for box cutout
7/13/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings0.25using the new-to-site mitre saw with the really dull blade.
7/13/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.25ants at the mla get a dusting
7/13/080Notes0YIPPEE Organic Raspberries are taaaasteeeee!
7/12/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
7/12/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5 
7/12/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc0.25 
7/12/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
7/12/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
7/12/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.25 
7/18/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.75more crappy wallboards
7/18/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.25cutting parts @ house
7/19/08213.5Construct power house3plan/prep for cutting; ridgepole and rafters carried down to PH to verify fit. ridgepole good, bridsmouth needing an extra 1/4. cass marks, chris cuts, cass watershields.
7/19/08213.82Radiant flooring 30': loops installed3planning a few unplanned holes drilled; c&c run some pipe together, via headlamp
7/19/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.25cutting boards
7/19/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
7/19/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.25 
7/19/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
7/19/08306.02Test on safety: materials and tools0.5 
7/20/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5 
7/20/08213.5Construct power house4.75shed woes continue. fruiting long rafters don't line up.
7/20/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.25 
7/20/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
7/14/080Notes0gross and sooo sooo humid. ugh. cold shower at night too. cass solo again, back to reg working week. stress. gotta be done, sick, etc.
7/14/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards6.25wallboards: in storage closet, on last step, on joe step, figuring how to do around arc, from last step, on bath half wall, on shelf, starting another wall in closet
7/14/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup and shutdown
7/14/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25rainy, tad bit o sun afternoon, cass rearranges schedule, collects the not quite cold, slightly less cold than inside water
7/15/080Notes0clear sunny day, low humidity, whew, what a relief. warm/hottish shower, woohoo
7/15/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards7.5wallboards: in storage closet-all 72s are on, hand sawed several parts to keep on working, shelf tops all on except pulling down one part but gotta ask chris, more boards on steps and spent time calc-ing for how they fit and board attaching, carved out for starter board on arc and handsawed couple more boards and floorboards....whew.
7/15/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup and shutdown
7/15/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5while down doing water had to also track and kill speedy thick black spider in p.a.
7/15/08213.5Construct power house1.25measuring, dblcking, marking for ridgepole. discovered brackets are for 2*6 via discussion with chris. oh well. done for day
7/16/08213.5Construct power house2.75ridgepole n rafter prep
7/16/080Notes0horrible struggle of an incredible struggle of a day. cass never wants to go thru that again. she had a bad reaction to the immune formula she just started taking. didnt help that a new kind of biting attack bug turned up. and, each task had problems where she needed to wait for chris to do X, or needed more supplies, and trying to come up with work arounds.
7/16/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5 
7/16/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.75setup, shutdown, misc small tasks starting on things and not getting traction, but not enough time for any one 15mins
7/16/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
7/16/08213.82Radiant flooring 30': loops installed2ran some pipe, difficult solo
7/16/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
7/17/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
7/17/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25pulling weeds along woody walkway path
7/17/08213.5Construct power house1.75finished brackets on rafters
7/17/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.75shaving off back of groove on several boards for doing arc
7/17/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25 
7/17/080Notes0weather report actually used the word: oppressive cass starting to feel tad better from yesterdays nasty reaction biting flies out and nasty.
7/18/080Notes0OPPRESSIVE indeed! cass struggles through the day. awful awful humidity and heat. bugs terrible. cnc sooo tired. chris got back 2am. both had a big struggle to wake up. fourth day in row a bird is banging away at the vent pipe. chris discovers that it is a woodpecker.
7/18/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5try pouring new water in as hot drained out.
7/18/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers1setup, shutdown, reviewing tasks and such
7/18/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.25 
7/18/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5marking, measuring.
7/18/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish0.75sand and finish step 1. dont do this in future unless have more to do than this! also finished svc panel parts. put some leftover onto bath half wall. was looking for other to do. started sanding front of step 7 but ran into numerous glitches. had to stop. too overheated and shaky and tired and frustrated. cleaned up instead.
7/20/080Notes0a damaging storm blows through in the evening, taking down numerous trees, making ruts in the driveway, putting a hole through GIPPEE screenhouse roof, and getting 14' and 20' yurts wet via the combination of open windows and shitty awnings. A solar driveway light was demolished by a falling branch, though a nearby plunger was spared.
7/25/08213.5Construct power house0.5 
7/26/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1.5 
7/26/08213.5Construct power house4.75cut n seal ceiling joists, cut fascia, mark and cut shiplap peaks; repair rain washout.
7/26/08213.12Utility shed built1mark n cut shiplap peaks
7/26/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5cass tasks
7/26/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4.5nipped off floorboard on step to move forward on wall; marked and cut wallboards; discussed wall vents
7/26/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.5test fitting
7/26/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.25@ park ave
7/26/080Notes0sunny, then cloudy, then rains.
7/26/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75box wiring so Cas can procreed.
7/26/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25getting stuff out o da way of rain
7/26/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.25review loft cut
7/26/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.25attemped cut on plexiglass.
7/26/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.5fix shower pipe in park ave.
7/26/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5not even all that hot.
7/27/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.5more fixin below LAfNP
7/27/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25hot water from PoohJam Hellhouse
7/27/08213.82Radiant flooring 30': loops installed4more installing, plus two big ass bugs squished.
7/27/08213.12Utility shed built0.25one wall section nailed up and wet paper off floor
7/27/080Notes0another rainy humid day. going to house for ice takes too long. no blackberry pickin' save for two Chris found behind park ave.
7/21/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards5wallboards work, including handcuts and chisel etc. under joe all on. started in desk area and finding a 72 to fit by closet door
7/21/080Notes0rain, rain, foggy, dark, gross, mega humid. slept terribly last night. chris off at 3am. phone signal terrible, cnc disconnected very many times
7/22/080Notes0how long to have to put up with this! horrible humidity fog damp gross everything gross damp humid. rain showers. cass feeling very ill. prob shouldve spent lots of time cleaning up all storm debris and making water bars and working outside at PH in that wet gross buggy place, but spent most of time inside doing wallboards because she knew how to do that, was easy and away from bugs and nastiness of the gross wet moldy everything outside
7/22/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards6.75avail 72s all installed, incl electrical box cut out + chipping and such to fit. arc work, boards up. all avail.
7/22/08545.02YIDDEE HSODIF: Damage Control0.5in AM, attempted a few water bars because is sposd to rain more and more and more
7/22/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25sun out for maybe half hr or so total but water might be slightly warmer than indoor water so capture it and cover it so tonights shower not quite as bitter cold
7/22/08213.5Construct power house0.5banged in one rafter to ridgepole and several brackets onto rafters. platform is holding water, gross pooling. where it exceeded and spilled over, gravel is all entirely washed out.
7/23/080Notes0rain rain rain. cold. max of 64. screaming, SCREAMING, COLDcoldcoldcold shower. so frickin wet, humid, everything is awful damp gross.
7/23/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.25handcut 2 boards for start above svc panel, installed blocking in the wall for boards, handcut 77.5s down for 72s and installed all, marked end board for one wall
7/23/08329.04Loft access Building0.75installed post and 2*3 for connecting #4,5,6
7/23/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)3took long time and lots of minute adjustments and total recut at first to get the molding all correctly fitting (or at least close enough). installed w/cutoff nails so wouldnt risk hitting any wires back there. sanded. put first coat of finish on.
7/23/08213.5Construct power house0.75setup inside on paper and watershielded all sides of the pine for under rafters, 2coats
7/23/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
7/24/080Notes0cass extremely sick. really bad off. horrible horrible week. rain rain rain. even colder than yesterday. cass down to pa yurt, shot, lies down and reads to chris during his drive back to airport. screaming, SCREAMING, SCREAMING, COLDcoldcoldcold dangerous shower.
7/24/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.252nd coat finish onto box
7/24/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25misc, kinda spinning wheels unsure what to delve into. wallboards all up, could go under yurt but would get wet and risk being even sicker
7/24/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc1.25measuring and marking. very slow process.
7/25/080Notes0finally sun! wow. cnc to bed 5:30am (due to chris late flight schedule...everyother week for while. argh!) couple hrs sleep and up for breakfast and tackling stuff together.
7/25/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.25cnc start putting plate on the molding box cass made but needs longer screws/tweaking
7/25/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5getting batts, site rags, reviewing weeks work etc
7/25/08213.5Construct power house4.75chris cuts door 2*4s to release water on platform later cass works on rafters
7/25/08288.09Cut and store downed trees1cnc take apart downed trees across drive - enough to make driveway passable for tomorrow am transpt
7/25/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25woohoo, no screaming dangerously cold shower tonight!
7/31/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1.5getting boards in Springfield on tripvfrom airport
7/28/080Notes0humid but at least didnt rain today. cass hears on radio that this is area's wettest july on record so far.
7/28/08213.5Construct power house3.25 
7/28/08213.12Utility shed built1 
7/28/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25didnt get super hot, but at least wasnt a cold screaming shower
7/28/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup and shutdown
7/28/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3more wallboards up in storage closet
7/29/080Notes0humid but at least didnt rain today. well, not much. bugs awful awful nasty evil hunting constant attack. would have been nice day mostly if couldve not had to wear stupid awful bug netting
7/29/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25lukewarm at best, but at least wasnt a cold screaming shower
7/29/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup and shutdown
7/29/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.25more wallboards up in storage closet, and cont'd in desk area
7/29/08213.5Construct power house4.75stain n seal shiplap. install more ceiling joists, and some lookout rafters, and drop drills and level and stopped when dark and had broken bit. bugs attack attack attack. terrible terrible terrible conditions.
7/29/08213.12Utility shed built2.5stain n seal shiplap
7/30/080Notes0humid but at least didnt rain bugs awful awful nasty evil hunting constant attack.spent most of dayi netting. constant attack is wearing draining. constant dirt and humidity and bugs.
7/30/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25more mediocre temps, would possibly have been ok if not taking shower at 9:30pm
7/30/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup and shutdown
7/30/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4.25wallboards in office and chiseled for arc, started Z
7/30/08213.5Construct power house4.25boards from yest out and laid out to cure more, other boards out to dry and clean off. watershielded fascia. installed more at ph. waiting for chris to do end l.r.
7/30/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.25finished install of box. lighting remains
7/31/080Notes0muggy humid yucky. cnc talk in morning due to different travel schedule, weird schedule. but on plus side, chris home at reasonable hour, before midnight. not much site time for cass as she does other chores another frustrating day of repeatedly tryingand trying and retrying for signal
7/31/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25only got cool, not cold, not really warm either
7/31/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5working on Z wall
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