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YIPPEE Building: Building Team YIPPEE

This special bulletin expands our request for assistance, beyond Team YIPPEE, by asking questions and providing answers in a typically quirky way...

Your Involvement, Possible Participation, Equals Expediting?

Come help us build?

Before answering, a quick review:

  • Project YIPPEE is a DIY affair and not highly technical. Thus, expertise in construction is not a requirement for helpers.
  • One year ago, in Volume 6, Team YIPPEE was introduced as "anyone willing and able to assist C&C with one or more aspects of construction." Shortly thereafter, a Special RSVP Bulletin was issued to identify volunteers. These prospective helpers have been kept informed via Team YIPPEE Updates. Although updates go only to these (currently) 17 people, Team YIPPEE News is posted on the website and open to everyone.
  • 6 Team YIPPEEs have actually participated so far. Woohoo! Yippee! Thank You!
  • *The latest Team YIPPEE Update, "Weekend Warriors with Gas and Power! YIPPEE!" can be seen here.

And now, on with the answers:

Whether you've been pining away the office hours with dreams of the great outdoors, yearning to flex your muscles and operate power tools, or just been looking for a way to be more charitable... YIPPEE's got the answer.

Come help us build.

Join Team YIPPEE. Coordinate your schedule and come help us build!

The future home site is nestled on the side of a small mountain in the "great outdoors". There is plenty of opportunity to flex your muscles and operate power tools, should you so desire. And best of all, you'll be charitably assisting in the creation of a required, safe, healthful residence for two good people.

Joining Team YIPPEE is quite simple. Send an email to project@yippee.cc indicating you'd like to be included.

While we can't offer much help for schedule coordinating on your end, we can tell you that our statement from 10/9/04 still holds true: "Every weekend from now thru ____ (until the snow or cold prevents work) will be a working weekend. Team participation is surely welcomed, and will be appreciated!"

Push Week (yurt raising) will happen eventually, but we currently do not know when. We do retain hope for finishing Phase II by the end of the year. But the feasibility of this cannot be determined until the excavator is finished, and a water source finalized. Regardless, construction is occurring every weekend for the foreseeable future.

Come help us build.

Posed as an introductory question, and as one possible answer to pinings for the great outdoors, muscle-flexing-power-tool dreams and charitable contributions, "Come help us build" is also an answer to our concerns about getting built and safely into a healthy home, as soon as possible. Thanks to the bridge's spring destruction and slow-going footing work, we are facing the horrid prospect of another year in Poocham Hell. Your answer to the question might just answer our concerns.

Your Involvement, Possible Participation, Equals Expediting...

Come help us build?

With gratitude and quirky good cheer,


*Some additional information:

  • If you need assistance with travel costs, C&C will work with you to help.
  • Housing and food will be provided.
  • In keeping with project goals, everyone entering the worksite will have already completed the standard visitor protocol. If you haven't been through that yet, it may be unusual, but is fairly simple.
  • Making adequate preparations can take some time, so that impromptu visits are not able to be accommodated. Plans should be made as far in advance as possible.
  • Once C&C are settled, (and recovered!) they will extend invitations for social visits. Although implementation of Phases I to III may be speckled with some fun, it will mostly involve working visits. Therefore, accommodations cannot be made for anyone who is not participating in construction or yurt raising. Also, much as we love everyone's children, this is no place for kids.

Once again,

Thank you!

Please contact Cassandra or Chris to coordinate participation.

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