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YIPPEE: Special Bulliten! News Flash!
June 7th, 2004

C&C's offer was accepted! If all the contingencies are met, ...

**The Newfane 147 Acres **

..will be Chris and Cassandra's by July 2nd (the closing date per contract)!!

Last week was gruelling and stressful, hashing out the details and options. Cassandra handled most all of it, as Chris is now in Arkansas on a job-site. He arrived home at 2AM Saturday. After a bit of sleep, a final review, some smiles, hugs and deep breathing... C&C were ready to sign. They sat outside, Cassandra in mask, removed the contract pages from their protective Ziploc bags, and signed each page. While Cassandra recovered from the unavoidable exposure to print toner, Chris made a trip over to look at the land once more and then, hand-delivered their official contract offer to the agent on Saturday June 5th at 6:30PM. The transaction happened outside the Putney Co-Op in Vermont.

The sellers accepted! The agent called at 12:43PM EST today, Monday, June 7th. Cassandra immediately called Chris to tell him the news. Subsequently, she started in on the flurry of phone calls needed to uphold the contract terms and make the land theirs. So far that means: bank, attorney, bank again. Many, many more to come! With Cassandra unable to travel, use the office or access paperwork, meet with people, etc., this should be an interesting month.

C&C feel like they have been perched on a roller coaster at the top of the final, but steepest, incline. They are holding hands, smiling, got their eyes open, and know what's ahead. They are now plunging full force towards the conclusion...... WoooooWeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

A LOT of stuff needs to happen and Fast!

Here goes!!!

Stay tuned... YIPPEE 4 was slotted for completion this week, to bring things current. C&C still hope to do that.

It is with heartfelt gratitude the C&C say, "Thank you all for the wonderful positive vibes of support and love!" and "If you don't mind, keep 'em coming!"


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