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YIPPEE Volume 45
June 2008


June. Joon.

Over too soon. Too soon!


Make May Magnificent (which was poorly named and carried one week over into June, remember?) ended too soon! With too little shed structure! Chris had high hopes of completing the Utility Shed and hooking up the water and, and, and... Many aspirations. Many optimistic goals. Many "Just Sheds Just Sucks" curses, because those plans' stupidity was a significant cause of slowed progress.


June was over too soon! All remaining weeks and weekends in June had a similar theme and went as follows:


Chris roused hisself up at 3AM Monday. Cassandra, the sole remaining YIPPEE builder, fell back asleep for a bit before attempting to be the Super Builder Get Tons of Work Done Queen. Neither rain, nor snow, nor glom of nit shall stay her in her mission. She worked like mad, pushing late into the evenings, cramming in many non-building tasks while often skipping others, struggling through environmental hurdles, attempting to make up for the lack of adequate building site hours on the weekends. Stress and exhaustion shall not dampen her desire and resolve to live in a home this winter! When Chris arrived back at Park Avenue, it was on Friday mornings around 5AM. The usual Ice Swap and Such was followed by short slumber to the serenade of birds. Chris would forego his usual Pre-Breakfast Site Work sessions in favor of Safety Sleep. Breakfast and catchup (but not breakfast with ketchup) was enjoyed while accomplishing Friday Coordinating; followed by a hike to the MLA where a small amount of site work commenced. Cassandra usually got another small amount done in the afternoon after Chris and bins, supplies, laundry, etcetera had left YIPPEE Land. Fridays' Return of The Chris was always later than intended with both C's knowing that they got many tasks done, but not quite enough and the day ended too soon. In a few hours, too soon, Saturday morning would arrive. Would they be able to wake early and crank out the site work, as they so valiantly hoped? In June's weekends? No. Saturdays are usually the main C&C build-together day and, as usual, June's Saturdays ended too soon, without enough building completion. Sundays saw Chris leave straight away, as early as he could drag himself away from sleep, to the Poo-Jam house for ice, sticking to the summer ice plan. Upon his return, foods were savored together before the hike up top to build. This ended far too soon, by 4-5PM, Cassandra's cut-off to go down and shower. They both had to shower, eat dinner and accomplish the usual Sunday non-building tasks, aiming for an early bed-time to accommodate Chris' 3AM wake-up on Monday. And, that was that: the weekend was over. Sure, C&C always enjoy seeing each other, tackling various things together, and all the etcetera. But, whew! Over too soon! With too little progress! Incidentally, the rest of the summer appears to be similarly scheduled.


MMM was over too soon! June was over too soon! Each day is over too soon! Stressed! So much to do! Argh! Argh! Okay. Okay. Calming Breaths. Stretch. Do a few partner yoga poses. Have a hug and such. Find the little joys, the little bits and carry on.


Here's some little bits, some stuff that happened and some progress. Woohoo!


Zensoy, donator of Team shirts, changed their shirts. For shame! No longer organic, now blatantly corporate, the little panda has Sold-Out! Corporate Whore! The shirt must be, and was, bastardized with the aid of leftover coffee grounds.


Every good adventure story contains at least one huge scary spider. YIPPEE had multiple in June. Chris the Spider Slayer valiantly saved the Princess (and the yurts)!


What this story needs next is an Anteater to save the day! Or, at least, to eat all the foraging ants, intent on... well, whether intended or not, they are making C&C "Quack!" as they spend far too much time doing ant control. By month's end, without aid of any anteaters, aardvarks or the like, the little Park Ave yurt was well on its way to being successfully saved from the invaders. All hail Roland the Marvelous Roll of Masking Tape! A little known, but hard working hero.


All curse the vile Humidity! The Hag of Humidity haunted all of June, regardless of excessive heat (such as when it was still 90F inside at 9PM) or unseasonably cold (when Cassandra wore long underwear and sweatshirts all day). The temperature was no matter to The Humidity Hag, no! She creates sticky, miserable, hazy views and haunts the very heavy air that clings to our story's struggling builders, who end up covered in sawdust and debris.


Both C's were shocked! Yes, shocked. Almost. Narrowly escaping the true danger zone of shock, each C had their own encounters with frigid water: Chris once and Cassandra repeatedly.


Chris rappelled into the spring reservoir to lower the end of the pipe which had floated upward. Water that is 12' below ground is wickedly cold and especially shocking on an excessively hot day. Scraped up and shivering a tad, he survived to scramble back up and quickly re-warmed in the hot sun.


Bravely, or stupidly, conquering the cold! With the woodstove out of bounds, and unable to use the hibachi in rain, Cassandra took cold showers. Anyway, she would have expended too much time and undergone too much sickness to try heating up water with a fire. As she screamed her way through the often dangerously cold water, in cold air, she reminded herself repeatedly, "at least its not wood smoke and creosote! The Cope in Cold Water and Cold Air sing-out might have woken the neighbors; given the little yurt's seclusion, that's some strong vocalizing! The dizziness was a tad alarming, but she did eventually warm up, bundled in layers, and it was definitely quicker!


Summer arrived, on its annual predictable date. Or, so the story goes. Two days into summer, Cassandra was yet again attired in long underwear.


This tale has arrived, entirely without any underwear, roaming free and easy, at the Tasks Tally. Ta-da!


Utility Shed:

Ridgepole, rafters, ceiling joists and lookout rafters all installed. Continuing with the "Just Sheds Just Sucks" frustrations, fitting was problematic and took various amounts of swearing. If only Chris had thrown the hammer on the same day as the porcupine was scaling a tree nearby, there'd be one less porcupine rodent ruining trees at YIPPEE Land. Yes, the porcupine is a rodent!


Rains prevented further progress. Tarped, the US frame awaits the week off in July: someone other than Cass can aid Chris with the plywood sheeting. As sealing the plywood didn't seem to be quite enough, scrap floorboards will be used to cover the floor. C&C calculated lengths and amounts and sorted thru the scrap pile; Cass later marks and Chris cuts. Floorboards are ready to install, after the roof is on.


TV loft adaptation:

It is seemingly minor and yet a major hold up. Can't finish floor til this is done. Chris cut parts at the house. There was measuring and mock-ups and more measuring. June ends with installation in progress: 2*10's and 2*4's await Chris' cutting, under structure modification is mid-process, there is a plan for floor hatch with specific hardware to be determined on next hardware shopping week.


Site cleanup:

The usual, with two added components. Mainly, a lot of scraps stacks are finally out of the kitchen area. Yippee! Or, well... Maybe not. That area was thereafter filled with US floorboards, wallboards and TV adaptation boards. C&C do need to find other working places for all these boards, in order to get to the kitchen area's plumbing, electrical and cabinets. Secondly, a battery operated vacuum! Yippee! Much easier clean up.


Power House:

C&C moved sealed lumber parts out of the mudroom and into the screen house, for Cassandra's access during weeks. The Framing Queen built both side wall frames solo. Last two weekends of June, C&C got the tricksy, squirrelly, "Just Sheds Just Sucks" front and back wall frames laid out and started enough that the Queen could continue solo during week. Two doors were ordered and the back wall frame modified to account for adding a second door, a wider door to accommodate generator entry. At month's end, a Monday, this back wall frame sat, barely together, awaiting Cassandra's finishing.


Reinforce under bathtub:

Done. Finished during MMM! Ain't no shed, but a task is checked off! Small, but significant! Underneath work can proceed in this area.


Electrical Rough-In for 30ft:

Box installation and wiring continues. A service panel is selected, and location figgered: will be in a corner "cabinet", outside of normal wall. Cassandra measures, marks, hand-cuts a few boards. Chris cuts others. The Queen builds and modifies and overcomes squirrelliness of the Y wall, which tried transferring its problems over to this cabinet. At month's end the service panel is temporarily hung, with the enclosing wall needing only a few parts.


Walls - 20' yurt: apply finish:

First coat is finally finished on all parts! In the interest of time, C&C decide to apply the second coat to only the boards around the electrical boxes. For now. The true finish of this finishing task can be done later, when there's heat in the yurt. This task will be checked off, and finishing of the 20' walls relegated to B importance.


Power House Access:

Plan has some rebar stakes and string. Cass digs a little, Chris moves more big rocks to fill ditch.


Materials Transport:

Usual, including one Xterra up-top-trip to unload supplies such as wallboards.


Cut and store downed trees:

Chris does a little work here and there, making room in Woodshed#2.


Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards:

Wallboards. Cassandra is reminded how frustrating this work is. Boards are measured, marked, cut, installed. Onto the loft shelf, behind and under Joe, onto stairs. The purchased pile of boards has been cut and many boards await Cassandra's labors.


Loft access Building:

Joe wall is installed. Floorboards are installed onto the Joe step. Frames are all built for the steps and starting to having wallboard installation (which will be done on at least one side prior to securing each step to floor, and each other). This description very much glosses over the various glitches and frustrations encountered.


Loft Bathroom Windows:

C&C worked together to measure bays, mark boards and cut. Cassandra installed frames and marked the aspen that will go on next with the Plexiglas. Chris cut the aspen at the house for ease and greater accuracy.


Loft Back Wall Arc:

To the sounds of a sudden downpour, followed by steady raining, C&C finalize this plan. Cassandra took down the mock-up, calc'd the feet req'd for the slats, measured available stock and suspects it will be enough. Confirmed with Chris in a weekend review.


YIDDEE HSODIF: Emergency Repair

All the rains are again wreaking havoc with the driveway.



And that, is that. All the stress is wreaking havoc with C&C, and cow adrenals are not the answer.


The week off in July is less than a week away. Argh! Too soon! So much to prep and accomplish! So much hoped to be accomplished during that week off!


Will our heroes leap the hurdles, successfully manuever the maze of obstacles and get to the castle on the mountain in time? Will they be living in the MLA this winter? Will Tolliver The Toad and his Traveling Troupe save C&C from the black flies in time?


Stay tuned...




June Journal

6/1/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1stuff to MLA
6/1/080.00Notes0free zensoy shirt gets a makeoverm
6/1/08305.18Tick, tick1.25Chris wacks back tall grass on Woody Walkway, using new B&D string trimmer.
6/1/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
6/1/08329.04Loft access Building1joe wall installed
6/1/08213.12Utility shed built4.5 
6/1/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.25 
6/1/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25 
6/2/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.75 
6/2/08213.12Utility shed built5.75rafters in, ceiling joists secured, hammer's airborne.
6/2/08213.73Loft access Plans and Figgerin'1.75 
6/2/080.00Notes0no sunny, 80 degree day was this
6/3/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
6/3/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)2.75boxes installed, boxes wired.
6/3/08213.12Utility shed built6.25trim out birdsmouth notch, install lookout rafters, put on tarp.
6/3/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
6/3/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.5making room
6/4/08329.04Loft access Building4.25cutting parts @ house, then cut step into loft floor and continue assembling step frames.
6/4/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.75cutting parts @ house
6/4/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)1.75under 30' in prep for rf tube install
6/4/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)2.75more box installation ala Cass
6/5/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1.5stuff to mla
6/5/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)5 
6/5/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.75 
6/5/08325.02Baking Soda MLA Shrooms0.25 
6/5/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
6/5/08213.12Utility shed built1picking out floorboards
6/5/08213.53Reinforce under bathtub1 
6/5/08306.02Test on safety: materials and tools0.25 
6/6/080.00Notes0rain screws the plans
6/6/08213.53Reinforce under bathtub1.75 
6/6/080.00Notes0.25weed wacking for ticks
6/7/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1 
6/7/08305.19Noseeum Netting Park Ave '081.75done
6/7/08213.53Reinforce under bathtub1.25 
6/7/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)2scraps go to shed. sealing screenhouse prepped for PH work. 30' yurt cleaned up a bit.
6/7/08326.05PA reflectix off windows0.25done
6/7/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.75making room
6/7/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
6/7/08306.02Test on safety: materials and tools1 
6/7/08213.12Utility shed built0.25mark fascia
6/7/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5 
6/7/08213.50Construct power house1move boards for Cass to build frames
6/7/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.25 
6/7/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.25weed wack'n
6/7/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1water in black PE pipe gets hot but cools fast. mini pex test gets no hot wate. hibachi works fast but grill sags.
6/7/08329.04Loft access Building1 
6/7/080.00Notes0HAG HAG HAG! Yesterday Cass was wearing long underwear and two sweatshirts. Spiders are not allowed.
6/8/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5cass puts her foot down
6/8/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1.25ol' methods in effect, new methods to be tried
6/8/08213.53Reinforce under bathtub2.25done
6/8/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25 
6/8/08329.04Loft access Building5.25reviewed, marked, cut
6/8/080.00Notes0hag hag hag. bugs ferocious. spiders big.
6/8/08852.23Check water levels1Chris rappels into the spring reservoir to lower the end of the pipe which had floated upward. he finds the water at 12' below surface to be wickedly cold.
6/6/08300.4Cass Phone4"prob shouldnt count time but jeebus! cass' phone has been acting up. was rebooting itself randomly but that prob was manageable and with c+c being busy, hadn't called to get it fixed. this past week tho, it started having prob where people can't hear her at all, but she can hear them fine. chris looked at it too. voice memo doesnt work either. cass spends most of day dealing with phone: three separate cust svc representatives, one time of att disconnecting her during trx after being on hold, getting all data of phone to do a hard reset and reviewing options. replacement willl be refurbished. ack! that is risky, could be used by other people first. but there seems to be no other options and cass needs a phone. c+c decide to take risk, hope for best. ugh ugh ugh. "
6/6/080Notes0cass never gets up top to do any bldg site work! after chris leaves she is dealing with phone related issues and doesnt even start normal weekly cleaning chores until 8 pm!
6/14/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.5park ave
6/14/08213.12Utility shed built1.5watershield some cut ends, cut fascia and sealed, cursed rains that prevented further progress.
6/14/08213.50Construct power house0.5frame blocking.
6/14/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
6/14/08329.04Loft access Building1.25reviewed issues and did some plan finalizing. then did some more buildin'
6/14/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.75 
6/14/08300.40Cass Phone1.25chris swaps phones and tests. cass transfers data. defective phone on way back to at&t tomorrow.
6/14/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1.75marked boards and measured bays
6/14/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc1plan finalized
6/14/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25 
6/14/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.25 
6/14/08213.24TV loft adaptation1.5measured storage/access space, started creating mount
6/9/080Notes0"wicked, wicked humid and hot and HAG! heat index up over 100, 80 in shade at 9am. 97 in shade later in day. in morning, cass gets bare minimum chores done in little yurt, packs a bunch of stuff into bag and heads up to get the mla windows open before 9am, and chats with chris up there. dripping sweat, constructing, bug bites. arggggh. cass foregos bugshirt as long as possible and then some, but gets numerous bites. has to wear it in evening. so hot."
6/9/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25opening up, setting up, closing down
6/9/08329.04Loft access Building8building step walls
6/9/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25water -filtered last night- out onto black mat in AM, trip down around 3pm to check temp (hot, yeah!) and bundle it up in its "cozy"(as chris called it) for showering later in eve. by 8:30pm, it was still nice n hot.
6/10/080Notes0"still super hot n humid. 80 at 8am again. cass hardly slept last night: because of the heat, humidity, or because no chris? hmmm. no point in sleeping in to catch up tho. sooo hot and miserable, gotta get up and open windows and build-build-build. cass hopes she can hold out and survive until heat/humid breaks. Temps at 9pm: 90 inside, 82 outside. cass miserable. basically spent the whole day in a sauna as profusely as she was sweating. feeling so sick. despite drinking fluids, eating even when she felt like not eating, she was woozy and oh-so-sick. supremely bad headache (a rarity) and nausea. "
6/10/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25opening up, setting up, shutting down
6/10/08329.04Loft access Building0.5finished up step#6 wall add-on. for now. want to reinforce but have to ask chris
6/10/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25water trip in afternoon. once again, quite hot. would be great to have that on a day when the air temp is not sweltering
6/10/08213.5Construct power house5.5building wall frame. one side wall done except for two blocking in need of cutting.
6/10/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25cleanup of debris and such, paper shakeout.
6/10/08213.12Utility shed built1.25going thru pile to measure and mark
6/11/08213.5Construct power house2.5built second side wall, except for blocking. stopped due to excessive bugginess.
6/11/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25opening up, setting up, shutting down
6/11/08213.12Utility shed built0.5finished going thru pile to measure and mark
6/11/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.25started digging. didnt do too much 'cause currently having moldissues and that area lots of moldy downed trees
6/11/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25water trip in afternoon. not as hot today. oh well.
6/11/08329.04Loft access Building3floorboards for steps work. figured out boards for step#7 (or 1 whichever way is counted, the Joe step). handcut some boards down and got most installed.
6/12/08300.4Cass Phone1.25dealing with us cellular: had to call them four diff time in row to get all taken care of. the phone that was returned back in march, for which we got receipt, was never properly shown or recorded or something on their end. acct was never cancelled even tho, as it turns out, they had the info all the while. eventually, after speaking to four diff folks, acct is now cancelled and ...well, proof will be in mail.
6/12/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1.75"AM: cass attempts cleaning out blk pipe to try water heating in there since air temps cooler and jug may not get warm enough. is not really a one person thing, pipe wiley and ends getting in dirt and dont have right caps and setup anyway. cass: cuts off chris's tape, cleans ends, mixes up h2o2 bleach, mixes up afm wash water, gets funnel cleaned, gets a couple gallons of soapy water through pipe but ends banging round in dirt and ...she realizes best to stop spending time on this, take whatever temp shower she can get with jugs of water as is, and work on it with chris this weekend. Later: trip down to get water in and insulated. but....took longer than usual because something barfed or bled or dripped something grossly reddish in the water jug, cleaned it. "
6/12/08329.04Loft access Building1.5last of the step "walls" basic frame together and in, shame to prep tools and cleanup for only that but cant continue til boards cut
6/12/08213.5Construct power house1.5blocking in (except for needing some nails, drilled so can go back and pound in), second top plate in
6/12/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25opening up, setting up, shutting down
6/13/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5cnc do misc tasks, none enough to track solo...ph cut blocking, filling nails, other supplies, minix, stuff to take back to house. setup and shutdown of site
6/13/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.5cnc do misc: shelf for electronics between rafters, checking water levels (ok)
6/13/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.25review what needs doing next...moving rocks, string and rebar to mark
6/13/08329.04Loft access Building3.75"review of next steps...hahaha...steps... anyway, review various questions. cutting parts for cass. later: cass gets cut parts installed, marks levels on #4,5,6 and screws in temp 2*3 for cnc to review. installed floorboards on joe step #7. scrap block installed for wallboard install."
6/13/08305Bug control0.5argh! cleanup after ant seen in park ave. bugger bugger bugger! another one in eve. more cleaning.
6/13/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25setup, bring in and insulate, close up yurt. cnc also talked about this some in AM, but time for that not tracked.
6/13/08213.5Construct power house0.75watershielded 2coats blocking parts. finished nailing from other day
6/15/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1.5 
6/15/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25 
6/15/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.25 
6/15/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.75marked and cut
6/15/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.5 
6/15/08305.18Tick, tick0.25weed wackin'
6/15/08213.5Construct power house0.5prepping for side frames
6/15/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.5 
6/15/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.5cut frame parts
6/15/08329.04Loft access Building0.5cut parts
6/20/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5 
6/21/08275.04Materials transport/inventory2xterra n chris haul up materials. c&c store materials
6/21/08300.52Clean sediment filter0.5 
6/21/08305.04Daitomaceous earth1 
6/21/08852.23Check water levels0.25low n flowing
6/21/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5 
6/21/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc0.5half arc, half shelf
6/21/08213.5Construct power house5.25 
6/21/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25 
6/21/08213.12Utility shed built1.5cut floorboards
6/21/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
6/21/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
6/21/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.75 
6/21/08305Bug control0.5 
6/22/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5cut small boards @ Poocham hellhouse
6/22/08305Bug control1.5damn ants
6/22/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.75service panel cabinet
6/22/08213.24TV loft adaptation2.5measured parts
6/22/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.75marked driveway path and moved rocks
6/22/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
6/13/080Notes0friday: chris back very late/early this morn. cnc breakfast together and plan then up top together.
6/15/080Notes0sun. going to get ice sunday mornings sucks. takes lots of time. cnc frustrated with having to stop work early today too. (cass down to shower by 4pm, argh!)
6/16/080Notes0"cass lotsa work in yurt. rainy rainy cold cold dark dreary. long underwear kinda day. cnc didn't do so well with last weeks hrs. weekend was rough time-wise. tried to cram lots into sat, but then didnt get up early enough sunday and having to do ice is a time hog. having to quit early on sundays is frustrating! after cass comes down from up top, cant bring self to do fire. ew ew. so, jumps in for quick cold cold cold cold shower. brrr. but...no woodsmoke and stench. brr. "
6/16/08329.04Loft access Building2.75finished #6's back step wall. got bottom nail-in blocking for joe step installed, and other wall blocking for closet part, includng chisel out sections(grr)
6/16/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc0.25took down mockup
6/16/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.75working out installing wallboards on shelf. argh. difficult start, in part because joists installed too low.
6/17/080Notes0cold. skies sort of cleared a bit here and there. humid still. brrr showering again, tho twas slightly warmer water. cold air and cold cass.
6/17/08329.04Loft access Building2.75blockings in and fronts on thru #5. will tackle 6 tomorrow.
6/17/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.25"more shelf work, including putting in some blocking. was going to begin installing boards onto loft access walls but realized needed starter boards. drew out end board overlap layout and measured, marked some boards for steps 1 and 2. using leftover boards, marked for use in closet below joe. marked boards for joe's step walls."
6/17/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows2.25frames installed
6/17/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25left water out, in hopes of some sun. trip down to get in and cover
6/17/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.25digging, forgot how many roots, need to rake n stake
6/18/080Notes0cold. damp. cold. looked like rain most of day but didn't get rainy until early eve. brrr showering. cold water, cold air and cold cass.
6/18/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25left water out, in hopes of some sun. (which was out briefly in morning here and there) trip down to get in and cover
6/18/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5all avail boards marked for cutting
6/18/08213.68Walls - 20' yurt: apply finish5.5finishing of first coat. all that's left to do is some bottom mouldings.
6/18/08305Bug control0.25ants, argh. look around but d.e. is under creosote side. ask chris, hmmm...
6/19/08329.04Loft access Building1.25step 6 wall frame finished
6/19/08329.06Loft Back Wall Arc0.75calc'd ft req'd for the slats, and measured stock avail. seems we may be able to eek it out.
6/19/080Notes0"sun poking thru here and there. could be a nice day? maybe get a decent shower? black flies continue to be hounding horrible. omg. what a freakin frickin fruiting terrible day for cass symptom-wise. shaky shaky shaky. very bad. kept working. was so relieved to go down to yurt at 5 (early day) to take shot, lay down, talk to chris a little before getting on with the thursday chores. ugh."
6/19/08213.68Walls - 20' yurt: apply finish2bottom moldings done. remembered that vertical parts of door casings were left to do too....only got one done before having to clean up and go down for day.
6/19/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5cleanup including using all rest of batts to vaccuum floor (much needed, cass would love to take time to actually clean it, oh well). changed shoe protectey things.
6/20/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)1.5rug shaken, supplies gathered for taking to house, lumber moved to bed closet, general cleanup ala cass while chris cutting. later, cass cleanup to get little working bin avail and setup for wall work
6/20/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards5.5"cnc go up top together, cass helps get setup and chris gets a-cutting all the boards cass marked during wk. cass begins installing bunch (shelving pcs and onto steps, and under joe), realizes more cuts needed, also remembers how frustrating wallboard work is. argh!"
6/20/08305Bug control1ants, damn ants. cnc return to park ave in morning to find two on table (cass had just taken down tape last night during weekly cleaning). chris tapes over where solar line comes in and puts de on an anthill cass finds. cass cleans all bins, table and surrounding area, and retapes
6/20/080Notes0"chris back 2:30-3am this wk. cnc breakfast n plan, up top together for some work then chris off. cass deals with ants, reg fri chores and then back up for more work. chris hates shopping! esp going thru boards at h.d.! brrr brrr showering again."
6/27/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.5cut
6/27/08545.03YIDDEE HSODIF: Emergency Repair0.25fix waterbar at lafnp
6/28/08305Bug control2c&c plug more gaps hoping to stop the Evil Ant Invasion
6/28/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.25 
6/28/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.25 
6/28/08213.5Construct power house2.25started on modified wall 1
6/28/080Notes0cloudy, then downpours
6/28/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.75 
6/28/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.75wallplate installation begins
6/28/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.25service panel install
6/28/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5joe.
6/28/08213.24TV loft adaptation1.5floor access hatch
6/28/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.75LAfaNP is not good
6/29/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25we'll have a warm shower one way or another. chris brings water from house
6/29/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.25 
6/29/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5cutting and marking and installing
6/29/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25misc cutting
6/29/08213.5Construct power house1.5framing wall 1
6/29/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.5srvc panel install
6/21/080Notes0a fairly decent saturday. cnc enjoy working together! yippee! the rain and clouds that were forecast didnt show up.
6/22/080Notes0"another sunday with shortened task time, stresses, exchanging cnc time for sleep. wish didnt have to go get ice at poocham, but we do. rainy thundery afternoon. hibachi shower water heating stinks. cnc seem to be doing ok on time, on target getting to bed decent hour with all non-bldg tasks done...but ant shows up during dinner. argh! humid humid yucky night of sleeping. chris up at 3am."
6/23/080Notes0"humid rainy thundery dark gross. humid, humid, humid. brrrrrr. very cold showering. cass does lots file type work (yippee and money) in park ave, and goes up later in day, works til late eve and down for a very cold shower before wrapping up eve and chat w chris. "
6/23/08305Bug control0.5ants
6/23/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75finished plan and board marking for service panel wall/support
6/23/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4blocking at end of joe wall to make square end (whew! a major pain) blocking figgered, found, etc and installed for top of wallboards along P (whew! a major pain). found 2 angle cut wallboards in old scrap pile, marked down to 6 ft and installed in corner connecting joe and P. marked board for end of joe wall (rip cut)
6/23/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.5marked L for cutting. took out brace(s) and screws into O and joist. rescrewed into joist and nailed into floor behind where will be cut. marked add'l 2*6s for 2 joist-joist blockings.
6/24/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4.75"got to work on joe step wallboards but argh! too thick for how floor cut, started marking and no good way to do chisel etc since raining. stopped. measured for walls, got angle for #7 step to wall ok and annotated. boards onto #1 n #2 steps, until began raining and back inside. measuring, assessing and marking wallboards. dark n hard to see, stopped."
6/24/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25moving boards n scraps, cleanup shoes
6/24/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)2for svc panel wall: hand cut boards, started assembly and readjusting, making more cuts, screwed some parts together. am going to apply sealer on all parts before install
6/24/08305Bug control0.25horse fly killing session, 20 verified kills.
6/24/080Notes0"very humid yet again. looked like might clear up. shower water out, but then thunder n rain storms and cloudy n dark. brrrrrr. very cold showering. 2 days into summer and still wearing long underwear."
6/24/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1.25aspen measured/marked for chris to cut at house
6/25/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1getting some boards onto step#3, end board marked to cut
6/25/08213.5Construct power house2.25finished up frame started on wkend, nailing all studs, blockings, cripple studs, watershield cut add parts
6/25/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75built another part for panel
6/25/08305Bug control2ants f in ants
6/25/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.5ants evil f in ants
6/25/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25hot mid afternoon
6/25/08213.68Walls - 20' yurt: apply finish1.25finished 1st coat
6/25/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish0.5cleaned up parts for svc pnel wall and got coat on one side
6/25/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.25joist blocking
6/25/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup and shut down
6/26/08213.68Walls - 20' yurt: apply finish52nd coat on all the electrical boards. much masking tape. that takes most of time, marking all out.
6/26/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish0.5rest of svc panel parts coated, used remainder on the half wall frame
6/26/080Notes0"brr brr brr. cass so cold in am, has to break out hot choco maker. cass doesnt finish cleaning and thurs eve chores until 10pm, and so....goes with a totally screaming cold shower and thinks this is bad idea. was dizzy and sick afterwards. prob some kind of temp shock."
6/27/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.75setup, shutdown, cnc reviewing cutting and boards, getting supplies for house, weedpulling on path
6/27/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)2.75building svc panel wall. argh. forgot that Y (which it attaches to) had probs and quirkiness w/plumb. oh well. aint pretty, but is in except for couple boards w/lots angles for chris to cut
6/27/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25vaccuum and put paper away
6/27/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.25marking boards. was gonna try getting joists in, but not quite right...wait for chris
6/27/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5marking of wallboards
6/27/080Notes0"thanks to flight delays chris not back until 5am. tired cnc sleep few hrs before getting on with friday chores. hot n soo sooo humid. hard to believe yest was cold enough for long underwear n sweatshirts. ugh! "
6/27/08305.04Daitomaceous earth0.5since not raining, cass smothers and blasts all around yurt.
6/27/08305Bug control0.25ants frickin ants
6/29/080Notes0ant on bookcase. f-ers! argh!
6/12/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road-1.5correcting wrong task # used
6/12/08213.5Construct power house1.5correcting wrong task # used
6/30/08305Bug control0.25 
6/30/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.75disassembled cut L section. was going to install but ??s
6/30/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards6.25wallboards going on: onto steps, onto wall for step#7, under joe in closet.
6/30/08213.5Construct power house0.25nailed in studs, measured for blocking
6/30/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25water put out, trip down to get it in....turned out only meh.
6/30/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup, shut down, pulling weeds.
6/30/080Notes0humid humid ugh. cass has so sooooo much to do. not all bldg. appt with health practitioner today. ends up staying up top working til 9:15 pm to try and recover some time.
6/28/080Notes0chris down. tired. worn out. didnt get up on time and cass was too wiped out as well to wake up either. instead of normal AM, chris stays in bed while cass does her chores and they have brkfast.
6/29/080Notes0so humid. cnc miserable. chris keeps site rag handy and gets quite dusty cutting boards. overheated cass collapses after hiking up hill too fast. chris makes shorts of his already ripping jeans.
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