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YIPPEE, Special R.S.V.P. Bulletin!

This special bulletin requests a reply from all prospective yurt raising or construction helpers (a.k.a. Team YIPPEE).

Those readers who are not able to help with yurt raising or construction may still benefit from reading this bulletin, if they wish to keep the story straight. A fuller (normal) update with pictures is in the works.

  • Platform construction for Phase I will begin as soon as possible, but not until at least September 18th.
    • Before C&C are allowed to begin construction, a zoning permit must be obtained. Before that permit can be approved, the septic permit must be approved. Before that permit application can be submitted, a septic design must be finished. That design is now in progress, after being held up for five weeks by the missing excavator (refer to YIPPEE Vol. 6). The septic designer has merely said the design will be finished "sometime in September". Best case scenario for beginning platform construction has been slated as 9/18.
    • Construction will occur every weekend thereafter until completion. Work may also happen on weekdays if Chris is available. Chris will definitely appreciate assistance with any and all aspects of this. The radiant floor heating installation, for example, is at least, a two-person job. Cassandra will likely not be allowed onsite due to other contracted work occurring simultaneously.
  • Push Week is slated to begin October 22nd. Yurt raising will take approximately 2-4 days, and will commence as soon as Team YIPPEE is assembled. If you are able to stay longer than the weekend, and help out during the week, fantastic!
    • Push Week is only 'slated' at this point. C&C do not currently have enough information to determine definitively if Push Week will happen this year, or if it must wait until Spring. If it does happen this year, October 22nd is when it will happen. Pencil that in and plan as you see fit. By September 20th, C&C will give a definitive answer: either 'Yes, Push Week proceeds as planned' or 'Damn, Push Week must wait until Spring'.
    • Remember that Phase I construction will occur this year, regardless of whether Push Week happens this year.
  • Reply Requested:
    • If you think you are interested in participating (even if you are at this point unsure when and how you'd be able to help), please reply to Cassandra as soon as possible. She will need to know the following:
      • dates you are probably available to help
      • pants and shirt sizes
      • any food limitations or special diets
    • Some additional information:
      • If you need assistance with travel costs, C&C will work with you to help.
      • Housing and food will be provided.

In keeping with project goals, everyone entering the worksite will have already completed the standard visitor protocol. If you haven't been through that yet, it may be unusual, but is fairly simple: upon arrival at C&C's place, clean up using safe products, and then don safe clothes. All supplies are provided by C&C.

C&C need to make adequate preparations and therefore must be advised as soon as possible of all potential helpers. Once C&C are settled, (and recovered!) they will extend invitations for social visits. Although implementation of Phases I to III may be speckled with some fun, it will mostly involve working visits. Therefore, accommodations cannot be made for anyone who is not participating in construction or yurt raising. Also, much as we love everyone's children, this is no place for kids.

Expertise in contraction is not a requirement. This is a DIY affair and not highly technical. If you have questions about skills needed, contact C&C.

Once again,
Thank you!
Have a YIPPEE day!

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