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YIPPEE Volume 43
March 2008


Snowfall new record.

Downpours driveway messiness.

Creosote. Wood stench.


Not-so-memorable March.

New pipe nastiness.

Best was sun and loft!


Make it so! This task is done:


(213.84) Radiant flooring 20': fins installed

Start date: 1/13/08

Completion date: 3/29/08

Site days: 2.25

Cass formed fins, stapled up fins, formed more fins. Chris finished stapling up fins in March. He must have been tired because he somehow thought to note a lack of tacos during one stapling session. "No tacos were harmed while Chris stapled up some fins. And hey... Cass was right; it is relatively warm under here."


Mentionable Meals:


3/7/08: Breakfast outside, with layers on, sitting on buckets, in the shoveled path to solar panel, nestled in between snow banks. Mmm... Chocolate heart. Solar power hot lattes and pastries. Chris makes a face in the snow pile.

3/22/08: Trial of prepared vittles, purchased from coop in the biweekly shopping run, in hopes that they make for more variety with ease of prep (none): a spinach artichoke noodle dish.

3/29/08: Hoping to get more done and save time, C&C opt for having their lunch up at the MLA. Bench placed in the connector, with one door closed to keep some of the cold air of their backsides while they sit and eat. Later, Chris, normally not cold, gets so; he is quite ready and anxious to go down to Park Ave for evening snack!


C&C look forward to warmer times and maybe someday soon, they could snack aloft the loft...


Making Much Progress?


(213.18) Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing:

"Oooh, aaah" says Chris, hardly adequate to convey his happiness reviewing Carpenter Cassandra's work on the weekends; in particular, after she got the V frame (almost 12' long) built and up onto the loft (6'5.5" tall) all by herself. Generally, framing went like this: she measured and marked, he cut the 2*4's, she built the frames outside on the deck (easier to build out there and spares the floor any additional accidental nicks), she got the frames back in herself. On weekends, they worked together on some of the frame installation, and to solve problems and answer questions for Cass to proceed. Much of the basic loft structure is up: walls defining pantry, closets, bathroom.




(310.00) Winter Access tasks (shoveling, etc):

Happened all month, including the final day of March! Snow, snow, snow. Ice, ice, ice. 54.75 hours total; "only" 29.32% of month's total hours. Gee, does that mean spring is around the corner?


(300.45) Woodstove maintenance/problems:

Replacing a pipe section makes Cass really really sick. Chris takes her outside to escape; into the very cold temperatures, helping her walk around a bit to stabilize. Chris' covering of pipe in foil reduces the pipe's toxic emissions. Her NMT practitioner is called for aid. Creosote continues to be problem as the angle was wrong after installation. Fixed the following weekend. Stench and smoke and problems continue. Cass has difficult time recovering, shakiness pervades her month.


(300.40) Cass Phone:

Lotta testing and trials for phone. No USC: doesn't have antenna adapter and doesn't get signal inside. Trial with Ken's service makes AT&T seem the route to go. Significantly better data, when signal available. Antenna work required in order to get signal inside.


Makes Major Mess


What happens to a steep driveway, in a winter with masses of snow build-up, when ten continuous hours of heavy rains pour down? Makes major mess. Nowhere for such quantities of water to go but down, taking some of the driveway with it. Ruts created. New Q task created. Chris' discouragement and frustration condensed into the new task name, which has been altered slightly for publication: 545.00 YIDDEE HSODIF: Yikes, Its Dire Driveway Erosion…Eek! aka Holy (Salad) Our Driveway Is (Fruity)!


The 2nd Saturday of March featured those continuous downpours. Chris remains chagrined that he did not stop everything else and sacrifice getting soaked to create water bars and breaks in the snow banks that very day. Opting to do dry, indoor, building-related work instead seemed acceptable to him at the time, but led to a Sunday involving moaning, hugs, and heart-dropping assessment of the damage. C&C started work on:


545.01 YIDDEE HSODIF: Damage Assessment

545.02 YIDDEE HSODIF: Damage Control


Temperatures had dropped, freezing the driveway solid such that creation of water bars began with the ice chopper. Along the driveway, points in the snow banks were designated for breaks. Throughout the rest of the month, snow banks, taller than C or C, were chopped and shoveled at those points. Chris' purchase of new tool, a trencher, helped greatly in creating water bars to direct melt and runoff to the snow bank breaks, and off the driveway.


C and C and Marching onward...


Chris: Unhappy March Travels made a metaphoric mess. One week his route home took him several hours northwest to Burlington, to rent a car, drive down to Poocham, spend the night there, travel further south to Hartford to pickup his vehicle and finally return home as he would have done the day prior; this was still better than what the airlines were proposing: getting him home Saturday night. The final weekend of March featured flight delays for a return home of 3AM; sadly, a much more common occurrence.


Cass: Much of March's daily journal shows difficult days for Cassandra as she struggles with winter's pervasive troubles: creosote and woodstove, working in the cold and damp weather, feeling sick and shaky, trying to get through the day while accomplishing building. Her favorite times in March were shoveling in the brilliant sunshine and anytime when the sky was clear with a lack of bitter winds; times when the sun's warming could be enjoyed and make working outside and in the unheated yurt much more tolerable! Discovering that C&C's two portable solar panels can power various tune-playing devices was another sunny joy.


C&C Marching Onward: Start of the month involved shoveling in the sun together. Nice! Mid-month, considerations were underway to find out if a leave-of-absence from work could be afforded in order to gain more progress. To get done by December, how many hours, how will it happen? One thing's for sure: Q tasks need to move on... (and take Bubba away too!)


Total Hours: 186.75


A Tasks: 91 hrs, 48.7%


78.5 hrs (213.18 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing)

6.5 hrs (213.84 Radiant flooring 20': fins installed)

2.75 hrs (275.04 Materials transport/inventory)

1.5 hrs (306.01 Determine tasks she can do during week alone)

1.25 hrs (213.36 Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety))

0.25 hrs (303.17 Drainage below retaining wall)

0.25 hrs (213.85 Radiant flooring 30': fins installed)


Q Tasks: 95.75 hrs, 51.3%


26.5 hrs (310.11 Shovel Main Drive: Middle)

16.5 hrs (300.4 Cass Phone)

11.5 hrs (545.02 YIDDEE HSODIF: Damage Control)

10.5 hrs (310.1 Shovel Main Drive: Lower)

9.75 hrs (310.01 Keep deck cleared)

6.25 hrs (310.05 Shovel: Park to Main)

5.75 hrs (288.08 Split and stack wood)

3.25 hrs (300.45 Woodstove maintenance/problems)

2 hrs (545.01 YIDDEE HSODIF: Damage Assessment)

1.25 hrs (310.15 Keep Utility Shed cleared)

0.75 hrs (300.52 Clean sediment filter)

0.5 hrs (310.14 Snow Off Shed Roofs)

0.5 hrs (742.02 JaBoSTH: Quackers)

0.25 hrs (300.48 Get water flowing again)

0.25 hrs (288.09 Cut and store downed trees)

0.25 hrs (305.04 Daitemaceous earth)


3/31/08 March ends:


·         Yet another difficult day for Cass, working in cold temperatures, feeling sick, with wood smoke problems.

·         Precipitation starting as snow, turned to drizzle later and kept on drizzling.

·         Snow, cold, white... spring is going to show up sometime, right?



March Journal

3/1/08300.40Cass phone0.75 
3/1/08310.05 Shovel Park to Main4.25Chris pushes snowbanks back. Cass shovels in a tank top aand mittens.
3/1/08310.10Shovel main drive: lower3.50 
3/1/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle2.00 
3/2/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood1.00 
3/2/08300.45Woodstove Maintenance1.50Replacing a pipe section makes Cass really really sick
3/2/08310.01keep deck clear3.50 
3/2/08310.14Snow off roofs0.50Woodsheds 1 & 2 and the boiler
3/3/080.00Notes0"what a nasty start to day (cass up at 1:44am, chris wasn't supposed to be up till 2:45am but he couldnt sleep thru stench either. cass v sick.). c&c woken to horrible horrible smell. creosote dripping down pipe. smoke. Weather: warm, might have been 40. snowbank at park ave still 34. sunny in afternoon. "
3/3/08310.01keep deck clear2.25except for icy, can't remove or shovel, in back...deck clear. high piles of snow all around it.
3/3/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle2attempts at chopping ice but too thick still. shoveling to widen driveway. snow very heavy now. icy layers. cut out banks to have place to pu snow. cass wanted to work longer but very sore and had to be realistic esp since has to do water and firewood all self this week... and, esp since other side of abs is starting to feel strained. can't let that side pull too!
3/4/08300.40cass phone1reviewing att options, got phone ordered with ken
3/4/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle1.75in a non-raining period got out and shoveled down some snowbanks. shoveling more to widen driveway. shoveled more in a rainy spell. ugh. cass can't take care of water runoff alone.
3/4/08545.02Damage Control0.25dug out area by park ave that froze and blocked last yr, in hopes of preventing runoff under piles onto park ave
3/5/080.00Notes0"more nasty creosote problems. cass sick. dang turkeys and their tendency to turd on the driveway. turds that blend in totally with the rocks and mud until you step in it and there's brownish green goo. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Weather: warm, might have been 40. snowbank at park ave still 34. rain through last night and today's AM."
3/5/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle3.25chipping at ice, shoveling wet heavy snow. more thick-thick ice was able to be removed as temps cooled in afternoon
3/6/080.00Notes0"more nasty creosote problems, a lot of dripping overnight. cass sick. had to take foil off clean and refoil to get thru morning. c&c will hopefully fix tomorrow. Weather: warm, mostly clear skies. might have been 40-50. snowbank at park ave still 34. "
3/6/08310.01keep deck clear0.25removed some of ice chunk areas that had melted n loosened
3/6/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle2.25more time chipping at ice, shoveling wet heavy snow. most of cass' part is shoveled. the newly shoveled parts need more sun and warm days for removal.
3/6/08310.15keep utility shed clear1.25except for icy, can't remove or shovel, in back...deck clear. high piles of snow all around it.
3/6/08742.02jabosth: quackers0.25cass was going to do some nonQ work, went in and started looking at walls, but chris' new boots there, she was not feeling good and got discombobulated. ended up snowshoeing back down to park ave for shot and shoveling down there later.
3/7/080.00Notes0chris home very late last night/early AM and c&c go to bed 2:30am. this pushes morning plans. cass decides to skip fire so they can still do the woodstove fix. c&c have breakfast outside, with layers on, sitting on buckets in the shoveled path to solar panel. choco heart. hot -solar powered- lattes and toasterpastries. chris makes a face in the snowpile.
3/7/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood0.50Supply is low
3/7/08300.40Cass phone1.00Setting up AT&T treo
3/7/08300.45Woodstove Maintenance0.50c&c go without heat in AM to keep stove cold for adjusting. as prepping to do fix, discover lack of foil. chris treks uptop to locate what they recalled having there. isnt there. they leave pipe covered. undo it from stove, move stove back, reinsert pipe and this lifts pipe so that hopefully creosote will stop dripping inside.
3/7/08310.10Shovel main drive: lower0.75tis still icy but some driveway is exposed. Maybe next week will be driveable?
3/7/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle2.5more time chipping at ice, shoveling wet heavy snow. most of cass' part is shoveled. the newly shoveled parts need more sun and warm days for removal.
3/8/08213.18Construct walls and loft, 30'4.50Finished up sections that were in progress
3/8/08300.40Cass phone.0.25Test @ MLA. mixed results
3/8/08310.10Shovel main drive: lower1.25Saltin' the ice.
3/8/08545.01Damage Assessment0.50Driveway is getting rutted.
3/9/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood0.50 
3/9/08300.40Cass phone.0.25Comparing signals, text, web
3/9/08300.45Woodstove Maintenance1.25 
3/9/08306.01Cass tasks0.25 
3/9/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle1.00 
3/9/08545.01Damage Assessment1.50Now we have ruts frozen solid
3/9/08545.02Damage Control4.00C&C work on to make water bars on frozen driveway and cut paths thru frozen snowbanks.
3/10/080.00Notes0"cold and smelly start to day c&c wake to cold yurt. had left dome open by accident during last nights smoke clearing. then after chris closed it, the yurt started stinking like creosote n smoke stench. oh well. he stoked fire and ran fan and left for work. Weather: cold and windy but sunny. ground frozen hard."
3/10/08300.40cass phone1diff times comparing signal and abilities
3/10/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle2.25chopping up ice and snow and removing
3/10/08545.02damage control1.25clearing out snow(ice) banks at points we designated yesterday
3/11/080.00Notes0"cass yet another day of shaking and struggling, but went up top and with sun was able to stay up through lunch. tunes. stress.....stress..... coordinating batteries and charging and signal and trying 3rd time for doc appt via phone in their time frame and hoping batt doesnt run out and signal avail (have missed calls two prior times) oqo batt doing -fully charged but not able to recognize it- thing. grrr. cass has more work to do but is apparently done for week. chris 3hrs time diff. Weather: coldish but warmed midday and sunny. "
3/11/08213.18construct walls 30': framing4"built F and J walls outside on deck- far easier and better than trying inside on floor that we need to keep nice. screwed up F built on old plan, can add second ""stud"" around blocking later. installed E wall, squared with back and then with lots of shimming and getting door side plumb."
3/11/08213.84Radiant flooring 20': fins installed1.25formed bunch of fins; hopefully enough to finish
3/11/08300.40cass phone2"diff times thru day, comparing signal and abilities, setting up svcs to test palm treo batt seems to take forever to charge- but perhaps need to try on xpower vs solarport? browser sucks signal at park ave sketchy, including at window, is better up top. have to try inside up top -forgot. uscellular dropped one call twice. switched to att and it went right thru and stayed. bluetooth files and it seems to handle several of files, didnt get use as modem working. but email works well and faster, and presumably hotsync would work. oqo batts either dead or not working, so cant do any more there."
3/12/080.00Notes0"fire stopped during night.brr. Weather: grey, cold, snowsqualls and showers. wasn't laying til around 6pm. prob only resulted in an inch or two on ground"
3/12/08300.40cass phone1.5diff times thru day, comparing signal and abilities, setting up svcs to test
3/12/08310.10Shovel Main Drive: Lower2.5chopped bit, but mostly shoveled snow off ice layer down to chris' first erosion break
3/12/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.5tried shoveling last section but was still too frozen together and working really hard to only get small bits off. more effective elsewhere, come back to this later.
3/12/08545.02damage control1.25more digging/chopping at frozen ground to get water bars right. still really solid. cleared out snow(ice) bank on a new diversion
3/13/080.00Notes0"damn stinky woodstove. cass not to bed to 2am. (partly due to messed up schedule 3 hr time diff w/chris at convention, and they talked to ken, and then late at night cass had to do whole shower routine and got done just in time for stench stench wood smoke burning nasty stench and couldnt go to bed... had to spend an hour trying diff things to air out, clean air so she could sleep without sore throat gagging nausea) cass sick in AM due to sleeping with dome open/woodstove problems last night/and lack of sleep. felt somewhat better outside up top. cass' side/ab muscles are smarting - ouch ouch- perhaps shoveling, but also hammering and lifting up top. Weather: sunny during most morning, clouded up and snow/precipitation mix later in early eve. "
3/13/08213.18construct walls 30': framing3.5building wall frames outside again. K ready except for chris doing bracket cut-out. G done and carefully gotten back inside. couldnt install any walls- all need the cut-out. reviewed arc and wallboards idea and marked boards for cutting-to start refining arc. chris needs to cut boards for cass to do more wall building.
3/13/08213.36site cleanup0.25misc in mla yurts
3/13/08300.40cass phone0.25"tried couple diff tasks diff places inside 30ft: signal ok-ish (1 or maybe 2) at front window, occassionlly at back windows. inside mostly no, but seemed could make call and keep it moving in. prob would be web/email/txt having to go to window all time like down at p.a. in eve: chris called several times to the unicel phone without success, called att and got right thru. cass only found out he was trying to call unicel after he got thru on att... another favorable test of att."
3/13/08310.01keep deck clear0.25last nights snow off back so it doesnt warm and then melt (front melted and sun dried deck)
3/14/08300.40Cass phone.1.5More UAT on at&t, and eturning USC
3/14/08310.10Shovel Main Drive: Lower0.75chopped and removed ice from section shoveled other day
3/14/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle1chopping and scooping and heaving "snow" icy heavy stuff off ice in middle near down tree
3/14/08545.02Damage Control0.25Chris does a bit on the lower driveway before heading out on Friday task adventures.
3/14/08545.02damage control0.25more digging/chopping to get water bars improved
3/15/080.00Notes0"C patches C's boot. The two C's discuss a potential leave of absence from Chris' job to do some work. C and C have lunch uptop."
3/15/08213.18Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing2.75C&C work on more framing and climb up onto the loft structure to check out the view
3/15/08213.36Site Cleanup0.25Cass on the cleanup groove.
3/15/08275.04Materials Transport1Chris carries 30 lbs of nails up.
3/15/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood1Chop, chop, chop
3/15/08310.01Keep deck clear0.5 
3/15/08310.05Shovel: Park Ave to Main0.25Slush
3/15/08310.11Shovel driveway: middle0.75Cass do it to it.
3/15/08545.02Damage Control2.5 
3/16/080.00Notes0"CandC spend couple of hours doing budget work and continuing analyzing whether or not to do the Chris-Takes-Unpaid-Time-Off-To-Finish... it seems to make a lot of sense if they can finagle the funds and get really organized Weather: cloudy, cool, would have been a lot nicer if the sun ever came out."
3/16/08213.18Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing4.75C&C get more frames up. Wooohoo!
3/16/08288.09cut and store down trees0.25tree in driveway sawed more ala chris
3/16/08303.17Drainage below retaining wall0.25chris begins diversion of runoff by mla driveway, below s.s.stairs
3/16/08310.11Shovel driveway: middle1 
3/16/08545.02Damage Control0.75chris trenches more and driveway is read for him to leave for week
3/17/080.00Notes0"usual usual usual... shaky, woodstove yuck (tho not as bad as usual) and too much to fit in beside building. cass works on spreadsheet making updates per c&c work on w/e. Weather: cold and bitterly cold windy but sunny. ground frozen hard. "
3/17/08213.18construct walls 30': framing2.75J wall installed. K installed. not great. not perfect. K door stud not in yet, was in process of shimming and trying to plumb when time to quit. Pantry not exactly right: 1/4" off width front to back. am waiting to talk to chris before nailing into floor.
3/17/08213.36site cleanup0.25scraps. down to burn
3/17/08300.40cass phone0.75"i hate phones. or lack of frickin phone signal. says c&c. damn phones. anyway... c&c had decided to use the att phone this week as if only one. cass trouble getting maintaining signal in yurts and even outside much of day. cass had reminded chris over weekend not to get too excited about the att because of times like this: difficulty doing calls or emails/web/txt because of lack of signal. when it gets a signal is def better than unicel for data esp. at night, c&c had to switch to unicel. att got signal at door but can't stand in door for call. antenna trial didn't prove helpful, esp after cass finds part stuck in device. got it out eventually but don't want to try agaub by self. "
3/17/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle1.5chopping up ice and snow and removing
3/18/080.00Notes0"so much for planning based on weather reports... duh. of course. should know better. cass has wayyyyyy too much too fit into a day. arghhhhh!!!!! Weather: weather chimps suck. forecast to be a gorgeous springlike day... but actually was a hazy cold day, with fully grey skies in afternoon. "
3/18/08213.18construct walls 30': framing5.25"not sunny, not exactly warm either, but at least dry. so, built D wall and M wall outside. was going to continue and get I wall built too but too cold and windy by then. cleaned up and back inside, got K door stud installed, checked out D wall and it was pretty much ok (plumb) even without bracket cutout, so.... went ahead and installed it, doing best for getting all lined up. seems ok. had to nail to post at angles, alternating sides because stud bay to shallow andnot safe to use right angle. "
3/18/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.25chopping up ice and removing
3/18/08545.02damage control0.5chopping hard cold snow banks (stupid weather chimps were very wrong!) to begin two runoff diversions on park ave
3/19/080.00Notes0"woodstove gross, smoke really stinky. cass got very cold working up top and had to quit early. cass does not like rain poncho at all and being so cold leaves it up top Weather: grey, dark, rainy, icy, drizzly, cold (around freezing)"
3/19/08213.18construct walls 30': framing2.75"door studs installed for D and F, G nailed into floor. M lined up and violá it doesn't need the cutout either, so proceeded to line up and install. worked on arc. need to decide if wallboards will angle back from side wall or gradually arc from side... "
3/19/08213.36site cleanup0.25moving stacks of boards to condense and aim of getting front paper and supplies up off floor
3/19/08300.40cass phone1"cass reviewed phones pdf doc and sent chris list of her review: he might look into finding a store there to look at specifically in person. discussing/summarizing: seems worth doing att. c&c to try antenna this weekend. unicel prob drop down to basic phone as backup for while. chris to look into ciber plans. "
3/20/080.00Notes0"happy spring, huh? cass has memories of springtime as flowers blooming and grass greening and.... spring does not tend to mean piles and piles of snow and freezing temps. oh well. this is vermont. cass not feeling too well, as is usual lately. chris gets told he won't be able to get a flight out until saturday at 10am. ack!!!!! cass says what about burlington (manchester and boston were booked too). chris calls back and yes! is able to fly tonight into burlington, rent a car and drive down. he will go to poocham house, snooze a while before waking in AM to continue to hartford to pickup his vehicle. then back up to get packages, and then shower etc and back to yippee, and then coordinate and go back with normal fri stuff without hopefully getting too late a night. urgh. what a mess. but waaaaaay better than getting home sat afternoon/evening and all the problems that entails. Weather: grey, dark, cold. in afternoon there's spitting snow and ice and rain. happy spring! "
3/20/08213.18construct walls 30': framing0.75"recalculated Y, since chris decided Y and Z need one full stud again post/back wall. lined up and measured for Z, then got Z parts markd for cutting."
3/20/08213.36site cleanup0.25more scrap cleanup and organizing
3/20/08300.40cass phone0.5chris gets options/info, verfies with att some components of getting plan where we make calls etc, reviews w cass
3/20/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle2.5"chopping up ice and removing. also started scooping off top layer of the icy snowy stuff covering gippee-woodshed#2 "
3/20/08545.02damage control0.25checked on ditches with all last nights rain. made few corrections, started digging park ave ones a bit since ground less frozen today.
3/21/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood1Chris does a quick (quack!) load and then splits some @ Hellhouse
3/21/08300.40cass phone1.25c&c look at antenna plug in together, very tight fit but cass ok now to test out. testing later shows that antenna doesnt really seem to do anything.
3/21/08310.05shovel: park ave0.75 
3/21/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.5not enough to fricking leave alone -esp w/20F weather forecast, but .... just frickin annoying, and jarring and extremely cold, harsh strong winds.
3/22/080.00Notes0"park ave floor structural testing completed for now... the cooler had its regularly rigorous testing yesterday. new trial of prepared vittles in hopes that they make for more variety with ease of prep (none): a spinach artichoke noodle dish. Weather: sunny. windy. Also: chris loves cass. "
3/22/08213.18Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing5.75Chris cuts, Cass frames, they both screw and bang. Later they work around another design snag.
3/22/08213.84radiant flooring 20': fins installed1.25no tacos were harmed while chris stapled up some fins. and hey... cass was right, it is relatively warm under here.
3/22/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood1.25Chris carts split wood from Xterra
3/22/08300.40Cass phone1.5we just wanna make a call!
3/22/08310.01keep deck clear0.25 
3/23/08213.18Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing3.5Chris cuts, Cass marks, they both work on design snageroos.
3/23/08213.84radiant flooring 20': fins installed2.75Chris adds more fins
3/23/08306.01Cass tasks0.5Cass has tasks
3/23/08742.02jabosth: quackers0.25Chris gives the outside stovepipe a sweep and ensures the unused plumbing traps are still full.
3/24/080.00Notes0"chris leaves early am as is fairly usual. cass managing. palm digitizer is messed up and she has probs with docs she needs to work on. Weather: cold with lots large clouds. sun in afternoon felt really good and welcome warming a bit for cass who was cold. brrr. "
3/24/08213.18construct walls 30': framing5.25installed the 2 long studs, Y door stud, finished nailing in M. built Y wall. was going to install, but needs angle cut of yurt wall side. worked on calculating and marking angle. marked more boards for cutting. cleaned up from yesterdays cutting.
3/25/080.00Notes0"as usual... argh. getting pcked and up top. cass trouble organizing her food, takes advantage of dry weathr to do long day but not enough food or hot tea up top and got overly hungry. ugh ugh ugh. Weather: clear sun but cold air. skies started clouding up in late afternoon. supposed to snow tonight."
3/25/08213.18construct walls 30': framing6.5built Z wall, including having to hand-cut a stud (due to miscalc for chris cutting pile on wkend). got Z back inside but very tricky and not so kind to the doorstep. Hand-cut V parts. Had heckuva time marking and ended up with 1.5" studbay. oh well. got V built, except for 5 fireblocks. got V wall back inside and turned on side. everything back in. whew.
3/26/080.00Notes0"cass not feeling well. Weather: rainy snowy. whitish ground in AM but melted mid morn. cleared up in afternoon and was clear sunny foor while. strong windy tho. "
3/26/08213.18construct walls 30': framing5.5finished building V wall, got back inside. cut parts and built W wall (starter to measure for angle with chris on wkend). Z door stud installed. got V wall up onto loft (after lots of stops and pondering and ratchet usage), then got ratchets between beams redone to include V, tilted it up onto beam, anchored to long studs, got supplies up and nailed sole in several places for night. can finish tomorrow or fri.
3/27/080.00Notes0"cass still not feeling well. cass pleasantly surprised to find that the new solarport chris got has an adapter for iriver. tunes! Weather: sunny-ish in AM, then pervasive clouds and cold. rain and then snow during late night."
3/27/08213.18construct walls 30': framing4.25"attached V wall with nails and screws and carefulness climbing up and down and awkward stuff. figured some measurements for arc walls and marking boards that could be known. "
3/28/080.00Notes0"chris not back home til 3am. Weather: snow. "
3/28/08213.18Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing0.5Chris cuts posts at Hellhouse
3/28/08310.01keep deck clear1.75cass does
3/28/08310.05shovel park ave1cass does
3/28/08310.10Shovel Main Drive: lower0.5 
3/28/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.5 
3/28/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.25cass does
3/29/080.00Notes0"c&c lunch up top, sitting in connector with one door closed to keep off some tiny bit of the brrr cold air. Chris normally not cold, gets cold and is quite ready and anxious to go down to park ave for evening snack!! Weather: sunny but cold with a bitter wind. brrrbrrrbrr"
3/29/08213.18construct walls 30': framing4.25c&c string up and mark angles for Y and Z, W and X. got parts outside, cut, assembled and got the ready to install Y Z W (X only templated) frames back inside. chris marveled various times at V wall, and "ooooh ahhh, our walls!"
3/29/08213.84radiant flooring 20': fins installed1.5this task is done! woohoo!
3/29/08275.04materials transport0.75he's a hellluva guy! carried up backpack of hardware, some 2*6's and 2 six ft 4*4 posts
3/29/08288.08Split & Stack Firewood0.5The last of the onsite good wood is split
3/29/08300.52Clean sediment filter0.75Nice, clean filter cartridges
3/29/08306.01Cass Tasks0.75 
3/29/08310.01keep deck clear0.25removing icy snow above door and some chunks of front deck
3/29/08310.11Shovel Main Drive: Middle0.75 
3/30/080.00Notes0"c&c skip full woodstove maintenance again in favor of getting more boards cut and more wall work lined up for cass; means smoky but…no good options and cass just hopes its not too awful. weekends aren't long enough. Weather: clear with sun but cold air. Wind less than yesterday tho, so lunch out on deck. "
3/30/08213.18construct walls 30': framing7.25Much measuring and cutting today, also a support joist under the platform is installed.
3/30/08213.84radiant flooring 20': fins installed-0.25chris counts fins; leftovers alllocated for 30', adjust time to that task
3/30/08213.85radiant flooring 30': fins installed0.25chris counts fins; leftovers alllocated for 30', adjust time to that task
3/30/08275.04materials transport1more manual haulin'
3/30/08300.48Get Water flowing again0.25Neither C nor C remembers to turn on the anti-freezing trickle, so the cold temps freeze the supply pipe. Thankfully, a warm sunny day ensues and the water flows again.
3/30/08310.01keep deck clear0.25 
3/30/08310.10Shovel Main Drive: lower1.25shoveling sucks.
3/30/08545.02damage control0.25clearing snow from water bars
3/31/080.00Notes0"difficult day for cass, cold working in yurt up top, woodsmoke probs and flu like symptoms, sick. ugh!! Weather: snow. yes, snow. turned to drizzle later and kept on drizzling. "
3/31/08213.18construct walls 30' : framing4.75"lotta difficulty squaring by self, but cass managed. Y and Z are seemingly squared to loft sections and line up to be equidistant from each other which is good. Z had to be shaved a tad where angle top board caught rafter support. Z is in. Y is semi-in, until figure out what to do about twisting of end boards. some sort of brace in mind to pull and hold straight but not enough parts and hardware. worked on getting cut boards sorted and into main yurt. built beam for front arc. marked studs for W. started laying out arc parts for marking location on floor prior to install."
3/31/08300.4cass phone2setup and trials
3/31/08310.01keep deck clear0.5cleared off snow so that if it stops snow/rain/etc, maybe tomorrow will be dry to work on frames?
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