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Volume IX
November 14, 2004

Still Here

October's over.
So is September.
Now its November.
Who can remember?

Isn't this Nine
a bit out of line?
Where's Seven? Where's Eight?
So late! So late!

Well folks, the YIPPEE Newsletter hasn't been forgotten. It just keeps getting relegated to the bottom of the priority list. Volume 7 (covering August and September) has been "nearing completion" for a long while now. Volume 8 is presumed to cover October's adventures. Many jumbled and scattered notes lie in wait. Cassandra's YIPPEE chores have the unfortunate side effect of being contrary to much in the way of creative organization.

Meanwhile, readers have been asking, "When's the next issue?" and "What the heck is going on with the yurts?", or "Have you moved yet?".

Hence, this "out of line" issuance of Volume number nine! Please enjoy this preview of things already happened.

  • Chris is finishing up a three month project in Maryland, just in time to not eat turkey and not go shopping! His next assignment has yet to be determined.
  • The Poocham Road House garage is full of wood.
  • The downstairs bedroom of the Poocham Road House, which has not been actively used for almost a year now, contains many gallons of AFM product. Some of the original 186 gallons, are open elsewhere in current use. A mere 4 gallons remain on backorder.
  • Closed on the bank loan. Finally!
  • Team YIPPEE hats and clothes have been soiled.
  • The "Moose" has a brand new tire.
  • MLA yurts (the 20' and 30') are paid for, manufactured and en route. ETA December 10th.
  • Numerous nicknames have been bestowed, including for the YIPPEE truck.
  • Poocham Road has seen snow and below freezing temps. The Newfane YIPPEE-land may have also seen snow; C&C do not know. They do hope for no-snow at Poocham abode on December 10th.
  • The Poocham Road Rental House's driveway sports a huge blue tarp.
  • Go Solar! Go Solar! C&C are!
  • The Newfane YIPPEE-land main driveway is 90 percent complete. The secondary driveway, up to the Welcome Center, is probably also 90 percent done.
  • The YIPPEE water source remains to be discovered.
  • The septic system is designed. The installer retains a deposit, but work will not be done until Spring.
  • At the MLA site, some footings and posts have been installed. Mungo sits, protected from the elements, under Jabba the Hut. Chris says, "the site's kinda a mess".
  • At the WC site, the shed installation has been started, but is not level.
  • YIPPEE-land boundaries are fully posted.
  • Lumber and hardware is bought; some delivered, and some has since been prepped. More is to be delivered on November 19th. The remaining, Phase III supplies, will come in the Spring.
  • The Poocham Road Hell (oops!, Rental) House's living room underwent transformation and is now being used as Cassandra's Staining and Sealing Emporium.
  • The list of suggested YIPPEE acronyms is long!
  • YIPPEE mugs are for sale.
  • All pressure treated wood has been sealed.
  • C&C's much anticipated moving plans are expected to be implemented in Summer of 2005.
  • A portable space heater, crucial to winter life at Poocham Road, blew out! Kaput!
  • YIPPEE oriented songs continue to be created and strummed.
  • C&C "...eat [much] of [their] food in bar form now!"
  • The lovely, scrumptious, organic, vegan marshmallows (in vanilla and chocolate!), that have been plunked in hot chocolates recently, are now all gone.
  • Cassandra is living in hell, bravely facing another 14' winter.
  • Chris lives in stinky hotels and stale airlines, and is himself, facing at least two-sevenths of a 14' winter.
  • Cassandra continues to do many things that, health wise, she should not do, but, for the sake of YIPPEE, does them because there is no one else to do them.
  • C&C are still in love. (awwwww....!)


C&C wish to assure readers that they have every intention of completing Volumes seven and eight, in the near future. (Of course, "near" is relative, and thus, anybody's guess.)

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