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Raising the 30' Yurt, 2006

Here's a list of happenings from the raising of the 30' yurt. Photos at bottom.

09/02/06 - Saturday


  • Sarah, Jere, and Connie help kick off yurt raising. Sarah stayed over in the guest tent, Jere and Connie at the house so they could get Connie to the airport for a early Sunday departure.

275.04 Materials transport

  • Dome via Xterra
  • time: 30 min

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • Cass, Connie and Sarah attached drip edge while Chris and Jere tightened up some floor boards. Chris and Jere joined the drip edge attachment group later, after movingg doors and lattice to platform.
  • Doors were placed and lattice wall attached
  • Ring and rafter raising was attempted but didn't work out. The center ring dropped, though nobody was hurt and only a rafter pin was slightly damaged. The team decided to hold off on this until next day, and threw the tarp up.
  • time: 9 hrs

09/03/06 - Sunday


  • Jere and Sarah on-site. Sarah was cold in GIPPIE
  • Rained all day. Water pooled in tarp and bent lattice wall. Fortunately no structural damage happened. JCC&S drained the water from the tarp and platform and opened up the drip edge to prevent pooling. The tarp was removed since the floor was getting
  • The afternoon was spent in SIPPIE singing and eating and watching the rain fall
  • Mike Akerman arrived from Arkansas. He and Jere stayed overnite in GIPPIE

228.20 Buy scaffolding

  • To save cost and time, Chris, Sarah and Jere built a ten foot scaffoldiing out of on-hand lumber and posts.
  • time: 3 hrs

09/04/06 - Monday


  • Mike and Jere on-site
  • Ken arrives for some late site work
  • Mike finds GIPPIE life a bit chilly, too...hmmmm...

228.20 Buy scaffolding

  • Chris, Mike and Jere partially disassembled scaffolding and relocated it to the yurt platform, which required opening up the lattice wall a bit.
  • Time: 2 hrs

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • Ring and rafter raising attempted again. much more success with scaffolding in place
  • Rafter supports carried from shed to MLA by Mike, Chris and Jere. Mostly by Mike and Jere
  • Tension cables run by Cass and Mike, then secured with additional help from Ken and Chris
  • Ken offers to work through the night, but gets no takers, so he works on getting a wireless signal on his laptop (with no luck )
  • time: 8 hrs

09/05/06 - Tuesday


  • Mike and Ken on-site. Both slept warm and cozy.
  • Chris and Ken go off-site to find a wireless signal so Ken can send an e-mail for work

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • Ken and Chris cut rafter supports to length, then start attaching brackets to each end. Cass and Mike join in.
  • Rafter supports go up pretty easy
  • Roof liner goes on easy despite drizzle
  • Insulation goes on relatively easy despite a challenging looking accordian fold
  • Top cover (all 300 pounds) proves difficult to hoist up to top of scaffolding. This consumes 7.5 hrs. three ratchet straps and a come-along were used with a lot of rope to get it up. It was the quickly-constructed short platform Ken and Mike made th
  • time: 14.5 hrs

09/06/06 - Wednesday

  • Notes
  • Late start due to late work Tuesday
  • no rain today!
  • Mike on-site

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • Top cover troubles continue. C&C and Mike wrestle the cover all afternoon and do manage to get it pulled onto top of yurt, though it isn't lined up
  • Chris mis-stepped and fell through deck, but saved himself from a rapid deceleration via rock ledge by hooking legs and an arm over joists during the incident.
  • got too dark to see
  • time: 7.5 hrs

09/07/06 - Thursday

  • Notes
  • Sunny again...woohoo
  • Cleaned up wet gloves and rags
  • Mike got sick for a few hours

213.01 Posts + Beams (Deck)

  • Added a beam and three joists to aide yurt raising
  • time: 2 hrs

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • top cover struggles continued, but it is finally in place.
  • insulation shifted so some was cut from one side and taped onto the other.
  • Dome was put in place
  • time: 6.5 hrs

09/08/06 - Friday

  • Notes
  • Sunny and in the 80's. Go figure.
  • Mike's last day on-site

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • Mike and Chris put up the side insulation.
  • Chris discovered he'd not purchased enough weatherstrip for between side cover and drip edge, and had taken the stash for the 20' yurt out of the Xterra back at Poocham to make room for other stuff. D'OH! One hour spent on a trip to Home Depot. Cass
  • CC&M spent the day hanging, aligning, adjusting, and readjusting the side cover
  • Side cover attached...we have yurt...we have yurt!
  • time: 8.5 hrs

09/09/06 - Saturday

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • trimmed excess top cover insulation and tension cable lenghts
  • adjusted and fixed side cover insulation
  • cinched top cover
  • installed some window flap straps
  • time: 7 hrs

09/10/06 - Sunday

213.15 Raise 20/30' yurts

  • Finished attaching window strap flaps, the very last step in installing the yurt. Also realigned twist locks at edges of doors. C&C consider the 30' yurt raised as of 3:13 pm today.
  • time: 1.5 hrs

213.04 attach decking

  • C&C get back into the swing of deck boards
  • time: 2 hrs



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