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YIPPEE Volume 50
October 2008

YIPPEE Volume Fifty

October's Dictionary:


The Doors: 1) A trippy sixties band. 2) In the Land of YIPPEE: Poor quality Home Depot doors, two for Power House and one for Utility Shed, pre-primed. These doors caused Cassandra much physical agony and both C's annoyance, as the inferior quality made the painting task difficult.


Working from home: 1) Probably includes bedroom slippers, high-speed internet, heat and access to electrical outlets, hot and cold running water. 2) In the land of YIPPEE: Chris grabs some toaster pastries, walks down the driveway, travels to Poocham to switch into public clothes, travels to Keene, for wireless access, works 10 or so hours, returns to Poocham for SVP, travels back home (aka, where Cassandra is) to wait in driveway and walk uphill. To work 10 hours "at home" has taken Chris 14 hours. But he is glad to see his Cass, sleep in his own (albeit unusual bed). C&C greatly appreciate Chris' ability to work locally and end up with some rare site-work together on a Friday! During his week home, Chris arranged a Debate Date: C&C enjoyed a cookie and coffee snack before listening to a Presidential Candidate Debate on the radio.


US: 1) United States 2) In the Land of YIPPEE: Utility Shed.


What is the Utility Shed?: For many reasons, laid out long ago, C&C's YIPPEE plan is decentralized. The US will house water and heat related "utilities". Pipes from the outdoor wood boiler come in, radiant floor tubing goes out. The pipe with spring water comes in, hot and cold water go out. Various controls and such will be inside this heated and insulated little shed. C&C struggled terribly with the JSJS plan problems, but have made this building much happier with a green metal roof and nicely stained shiplap sides.


"Another one bites the dust": 1) line from a Queen song 2) In the Land of YIPPEE: Chris's summary of his another successful entrapment to end Park Avenue mouse shenanigans!


PH: 1) The measure of the acidity or basicity of a solution. 2) In the Land of YIPPEE: Power House.


What is the Power House? Another of the awful JSJS plans was used for this building, similar to the US but bigger. This building will house YIPPEE-Land's power-related functions. Power lines will come in from various exterior sources such as solar panels and/or wind or hydro turbines. System components such as inverters and batteries will be on one side, accessible by Cassandra if need be. The other room will house the backup generator, and is not likely to be accessed by her.



At no point during work on The Doors did C&C listen to The Doors.


October's PH activity: C&C made it a happier building with green metal roof and stained shiplap sides. Doors are painted and waiting inside for Chris' install. Corner molding is ready for install. PH: corner molding made, sanded, stained and sealed. Brown goo application completed. Shiplap installation completed. Door paint mixed up to more acceptable color and applied. Doors carried downhill by Chris and into PH awaiting install.


October's US activity: corner molding made, stained and sealed, access panel work, doors, floor started, discovered can't do solo, plan for use of wallboard scraps.


October's Doors activity: 

Once the expensive-but-safe-for-Cass paint was received and tested, Chris installed the Utility Shed's door. After that, Cassandra was the main one to work with them, applying expensive-but-safe-for-Cass paint coats. said something along the lines of how this is making painting too difficult; it should be taken apart. But it was left together and she did her best to work around that. Cassandra's color mixing saved both Cs the eye agony of having utterly obnoxious green doors. At one point, one door was an obnoxious green, both are now darkish green, originally white. The doors' inferior quality caused both Cs annoyance and made the painting task difficult.  The US door was, to Cassandra's annoyance, painted in place. The PH doors were taken apart and painted on the deck. These doors didn't quite get all the coats that would be ideal before frosts and rains. Biting skeeters and other little nasty flying bugs did land on the doors. Chris carried the two PH doors downhill to that building himself, by moonlight, late one night.


October's Weather & Site Work Conditions Report:


Snow, Heat, Cold, Rain, Ice, Clear, Cold, Rain, Up, Down, Moldy, Windy, Leafy, Icy. There were not any hurricanes or tornado sightings. There were many skeeters.


October's Cass Report:


The month of October started with Cassandra feeling very sick from end of September activities and the cold didn't help and it was dangerously cold and C&C couldn't put off the Annual Firing Up Of El' Camp Stove Beast any longer and my oh my did it suck to have to go back to wood smoky stench and several nights were ruined from the problems of that stupid stove. Outside, as much as possible. On the deck. Breakfasts were eaten up there, even in freezing temps, amidst frost, sunny mornings preferred and some gorgeous ones were savored. Also on the deck were The Doors which made Cassandra quite ill. Some idiot who can't read, but was probably a nice guy otherwise startled Cassandra whilst she was eating her breakfast on deck.



October's Tasks Tally

Totals (days/hours): 27.09/216.75


Q Totals:           2.69/21.5                      

288.11 Park Ave firewood, yr 4 1.34/10.75

330.00 Leaf Removal 0.56/4.5

300.45 Woodstove maintenance/problems 0.25/2

288.08 Split and stack wood 0.16/1.25

288.09 Cut and store downed trees 0.13/1

323.01 Rodents Under WC 0.13/1

545.00 YIDDEE HSODIF 0.06/0.5

742.02 JaBoSTH: Quackers 0.06/0.5


A Totals: 24.28/194.25              

329.02  Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards 8.38/67

213.50 Construct power house 6.03/48.25

213.12 Utility shed built 4.66/37.25

213.65 Electrical rough-in (30' yurt) 1.00/8

213.36 Site cleanup 0.81/6.5

275.04 Materials transport/inventory 0.47/3.75

742.01 JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers 0.47/3.75

329.05 Loft Bathroom Windows 0.44/3.5

239.12 Solar: source to Power House 0.41/3.25

239.16 Wiring: PH to MLA 0.38/3

213.69 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards 0.28/2.25

306.00 Cass Onsite Work 0.28/2.25

239.20 Installer Site Visit 0.19/1.5

213.24 TV loft adaptation 0.13/1

213.70 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings 0.09/0.75

329.04 Loft access Building 0.09/0.75

213.99 Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply 0.09/0.75

239.17 Wiring: PH to WC 0.06/0.5

213.77 Bracing: 30' yurt 0.03/0.25


B Totals: 0.13/1

213.14 Wood Shed: Roof repaired and finished 0.13/1



October Journal

10/1/080Notes0rain. turned cold. cass thought today might be better but still much not-goodness
10/1/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.5a bit here, a bit there. arc work. chiseling. decided to undo board from other day and found a better one. txt from chris later (asking how going) said this wkend hd wkend so just stop and he'll see bout getting couple more boards
10/1/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.75working on getting aspen fine tuned and in, stopping if nails not working well
10/2/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
10/2/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.5 
10/2/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1 
10/2/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1 
10/3/08239.20Installer Site Visit1.5Installer visits to review and plan for installation
10/3/08213.12Utility shed built1make corner moulding
10/3/08213.5Construct power house1make corner moulding
10/3/080Notes0cold cold cold cold. damn cold. have to do stove. dangerous cold. cnc together in sleeping bag is better at least and warmer. chris back from poocham tasks by 1am. oh well. cass ran outta enough warm clothes and still not feeling good anyway. she stays in
10/4/08330Leaf Removal0.5leaf blowing
10/4/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
10/4/08300.45Woodstove maintenance/problems2its up n running again
10/4/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
10/4/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.75 
10/4/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5 
10/4/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.5weird bugs carrying white cottony fluff were covering a couple of small trees. Chris introduced them to the propane blowtorch
10/5/08239.12Solar: source to Power House0.5measured for wire trench. ph-pole: ~254 ft
10/5/08239.17Wiring: PH to WC0.5measured for wire trench. ph-pole-wc: ~312 ft
10/5/08239.16Wiring: PH to MLA1.5measured for wire trench. ph-mla: ~323 ft
10/5/08213.5Construct power house4.75cut n seal shiplap
10/5/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5cut boards
10/5/08213.77Bracing: 30' yurt0.25seal cut ends
10/5/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.25boxes marked
10/5/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
10/5/08288.08Split and stack wood0.5 
10/6/080Notes0grey and cold. cass possibly on upswing, getting back into schedule and working. very cold in mla yurts, working while seeing breath. brr.
10/6/08213.12Utility shed built0.5measuring and figgerin' for molding. guess will use same or plus a little for PH
10/6/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4.751 board that chris cut yest has cracks thru...argh. either cass didnt notice or it got messed up during cutting back and forth. 2nd rip cut has scratches along all of front. argh. that one seems usable, sandable. went ahead and installed. the next board over had two elec box cutouts. got all worked out and then...one cutout too big. plate wont cover. had to find another and do all over more carefully/less cutout. whew. found diff board and hand cut to replace 1st chris cut, installed and worked on the wall a while.
10/7/08330Leaf Removal0.25clearing front deck area so could work
10/7/08213.12Utility shed built2marking, sawing molding. staining molding. quite a pain, tricky to do due to size, shape
10/7/08213.5Construct power house2.75marking, sawing molding. staining molding. quite a pain, tricky to do due to size, shape. shiplap installing on north side
10/8/08330Leaf Removal0.25clearing front deck area so could work
10/8/08213.12Utility shed built1.5topcoat on molding, amidst excrucitating pains in side, and while mosquitoes attacking
10/8/08213.5Construct power house2.25topcoat on molding, amidst excrucitating pains in side, and while mosquitoes attacking. shiplap up on north door side as far as can go. tried a 12' by self, cant manage. maybe after they are started.
10/8/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5couple boards up over storage door and next marked.
10/9/080Notes0rainy grey start to day but cleared up before noon. cass takes care of non-bldg stuff in yurt am. very late start.
10/9/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25misc: settingup, getting finished molding put away
10/9/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.5hand sawing, installing, trying to make best use of crappy avail boards (on outer wall storage closet side)
10/10/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
10/10/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.75 
10/10/080Notes0chris back late/early, to bed 4:30am. cnc brkfast up on deck amidst blowing leaves. pretty warmish day, sunny.
10/10/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5various cleanup. ran out of vac batt...will have to finish tomorrow
10/10/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5cnc collect supplies, review wallboards, review molding install
10/10/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.5tedious cutting chiseling chipping for electrical boxes. (done mostly outside...skeeters, argh!) installed few boards.
10/11/08330Leaf Removal0.25mla deck
10/11/08213.12Utility shed built1working on floor access panel
10/11/08213.5Construct power house6.75trim last wall plywood section (STILL too long! had to recut later). Got shiplap on downhill side! Worked on door frame. nailed up last plywood section and chiseled out around a protruding bolt.
10/11/08306.02Test on safety: materials and tools0.25AFM paint. its really green
10/11/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.5@ WS2
10/12/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.25filling a pothole
10/12/08213.5Construct power house0.75last section is goo-ed
10/12/08330Leaf Removal0.25 
10/12/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.25 
10/12/08213.12Utility shed built7.5door (which made Cass sick) installed. shitty green paint application begins.
10/12/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75 
10/12/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 42.25 
10/12/08239.16Wiring: PH to MLA1.5clearing out trees
10/12/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
10/12/08323.01Rodents Under WC0.25fresh battery of traps for the furry unwelcome.
10/12/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.25 
10/13/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5surprise, surprise. wallboards @ HD. about 30 good 'uns out of 150.
10/13/080Notes0Late sleeping for Cass due to a) lack of sleep due to mouse shenanigans night before and b) utility shed door reactions yesterday leaving her really wiped out. fairly warm today (except inside yurt) skeeters skeeters skeeters, attack is awful ferocious, especially with other biting bugs out too. ladybugs annoying and plentiful. short day due to chris being home. cass finishes some of non-bldg weekend chores today (pushed off during weekend in favor of outside working) cnc enjoy a rare monday night together. woohoo! coffee n cookie n reading n togetherness
10/13/08213.12Utility shed built3.5mixed up tests, using some cedar stain, to make the atrocious green paint more tolerable. seems it will work. left samples to dry. tried using leftover mix on inner part of door. had to finish the full first coat of atrocious green. while in bugshirt, bughat, had to lift hat, couldnt see, in mask, under attack by bugs. shaky. horrible horrible condition. quick (aka shoddy) cleanup and down to PA for shot and recovery before going back up to do little more work
10/13/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1long end board work outer storage/loft. made space for wallboards.
10/14/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5boards to mla
10/14/08213.5Construct power house1.25doors disassembled and onto deck for painting
10/14/080Notes0chris up top early before work. seemed like would rain, then mostly clear thru afternoon. warm midday
10/14/08213.5Construct power house4cleaned white 2 gal bucket, mixed paint with all avail cedar, cleaned off doors (got non-chlorine bleach from PA), paper setup, masked and got 1 coat on 1 side of smaller door+frame. will get more done tomorrow since less setup should be involved. in evening covered back up with plastic chris provided
10/14/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.75went thru all new boards, found 2 that might work for arc, measured, hnd cut, installed/chiseled, stoppd partway thru 2nd board install due to nighttime stop
10/15/08213.5Construct power house0.25chris covers in prog door painting work
10/15/080Notes0warm midday. sun with only high clouds, autumn clouds. day long serenade of atvs back and forth (tho not quite as much as yest) and chainsaws. cass up top early, after warm up and breakfast, to work. got really really sick working on doors. attack of the skeeters is awful in afternoon, cass very bad off and quits almost an hour early. early day anyway, cnc have a date for puddings and debate listening/razzing!
10/15/08213.5Construct power house5.25more fun with doors. haha. sticker really difficult to remove. moving things around to get more done. chris to cover when he gets back in eve. hope 2 coats is fine. home depot doors are extremely poor quality!!!!!
10/15/08213.12Utility shed built1.52nd coat on door, shoddy job due to being so sick and skeeters attacking attacking attacking face (bugshirt on rest), look fwd to being done
10/16/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
10/16/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3picking thru boards. arc work
10/17/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.75 
10/17/08545.04YIDDEE HSODIF: Repair0.25filling a hole
10/17/08330Leaf Removal0.25 
10/17/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)2wiring AV in loft wall
10/17/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
10/17/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.25 
10/17/08213.12Utility shed built0.5moulding
10/17/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.75finish installing a front end board
10/17/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings0.75 
10/17/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.75board review and marking
10/17/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
10/17/080Notes0cnc have a rare working friday! chris working local is really nice, and giving extra time! brkfast n lunch in mostly sunshine. chris off 2:30 for house chores
10/18/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.25 
10/18/08330Leaf Removal0.5 
10/18/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1 
10/18/08213.5Construct power house6.25 
10/18/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75 
10/18/08288.08Split and stack wood0.25 
10/18/08323.01Rodents Under WC0.25reset traps and added peanut butter.
10/18/080Notes0chris has difficulty waking up, so cozy under covers, so cold in yurt. frost. nonetheless, brkfast up on deck. cnc work together. yeah! doors, boo!
10/19/08323.01Rodents Under WC0score!
10/19/08288.08Split and stack wood0.25 
10/19/08330Leaf Removal0.5 
10/19/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.25loft wall wired and ready for boards
10/19/08213.5Construct power house5 
10/19/08213.12Utility shed built2 
10/19/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5 
10/19/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5insulated solar water pipe and supply pipe @ US
10/19/080Notes0very cold, white frosty. chris doesnt believe the woodshed thermometer which says 20f. cass does. sunny tho. nhpr sworn at: they messed up cnc's sunday puzzler date by doing fundraising when there should have been a puzzler
10/20/08213.5Construct power house0.75doors moved down to PH
10/20/080Notes0very cold start. ice on hose for filling shw heater. bundled up and hike up top for brkfast.
10/20/08213.12Utility shed built1.25everything coated (door). gotta get tape off after dry.
10/20/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.25arc work
10/20/08213.5Construct power house3.75more abdomen-hurting with the yucky-door work. (makes cass really in agony). almost done. chris is taking down to PH. one door and one frame need 3rd coats on one side each.
10/20/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
10/21/080Notes0grey n cold. rainy/drizzly. cass lotsa layer but still cold. if this bad in october....ack, what about dec/jan/feb??
10/21/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards6.25arc work, then along pantry side of loft, made several hand-sawing
10/21/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25scraps n paper n leaves off deck. woohoo- no more doors!
10/22/080Notes0grey n cold. rainy/drizzly. cass lotsa layers, but still cold. wore better boot socks and added a flannel shirt. attire was: tank top, 2 base layer tops, sweatshirt, flannel shirt, jacket, 2pr long undies, heavy khaki pants, wind pants, socks+boot socks, bandana, winter hat, 2 hoods
10/22/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards7.25along pantry side of loft, lot of slow progress due to salady board quality, trying to make what have work. eventually figured it out, had to sacrifice a 10' for a 77.5 cut. more hand-saw rip cuts. loft part done, on to bathroom outer. now can start upper loft wall
10/23/080Notes0sun, very cold in am. warm midday and nice. cass apparently should not have done leave work. (moldy sickness followed)
10/23/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2finished as much as could on pantry wall, enough to start on loft
10/23/08330Leaf Removal1off deck, around PH, along walkway(was making it treacherous slippery)
10/23/08213.12Utility shed built2molding on, also measuring for possible wallboard scrap use
10/23/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
10/24/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.75 
10/24/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
10/24/08213.12Utility shed built0.25floor clean
10/24/08330Leaf Removal0.25 
10/24/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.25moving old rotted logs to make room for new logs to be cut
10/24/08239.12Solar: source to Power House1.75measuring for panel placement
10/24/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.75 
10/24/080Notes0very very cold. cass wants to have good day, enjoy breakfast and such despite severe cold and stupid moldiness from yesterdays leaf work. oh well cnc up too late, everything takes too long, cooler helped, lunch v late and chris off to do poocham stuff late. sad depressing day. cass sick.
10/24/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3loft wallboards, two cutouts for boxes
10/25/080Notes0temps go up at night as fire kicks in and rain pours down. C&C fall asleep on the floor (on a yoga mat) attempting to avoid sweltering heat
10/25/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards3.25cutting boards
10/25/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
10/25/08213.12Utility shed built0.75installed lockset. took tape off, paint peeled.
10/25/08323.01Rodents Under WC0.25two more
10/25/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.25stacking
10/25/08213.5Construct power house1continued shiplap until rain started up. started door reassembly.
10/25/08213.99Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply0.75bath sinkbvis kinda big, an 18' would be best
10/25/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
10/25/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1.75 
10/25/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.75 
10/25/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.5 
10/25/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.75 
10/25/080Notes0cold working in mla yurt today. brr brr brr. much warmer outside. drizzle stops enough that cnc eat outside. lunch in screen house. chris runs down and uphill to warm up (and get supply from shed). lotta lotta lotta rain all night. lotta.
10/26/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.75 
10/26/08330Leaf Removal0.25 
10/26/08213.12Utility shed built3 
10/26/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.25 
10/26/08213.5Construct power house1.5shiplap is done
10/26/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.25 
10/26/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.75 
10/26/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.75 
10/26/08329.04Loft access Building0.75 
10/26/08288.08Split and stack wood0.25 
10/26/08323.01Rodents Under WC0.25another one bites the dust
10/26/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.75stacking up n making room for more.
10/26/080Notes0warm filtered sun. was a lot of rain yesterday and last night. everything gushing gushing. hard to believe was near freezing other morn.
10/27/080Notes0cold grey day here. bright n sunny in NH where chris was working. oh well.
10/27/08213.12Utility shed built2.5found plans for floor layout, transposed and simplified for use while working. got some boards over, supplies gathered, tried install. end boards about 1/4 too long. hand trimmed few. can't pilot into plywood, so piloted t+g board only. no way to clamp down or pull together. boards coming up when screwing. ended up stopping and will hve to review w/chris. cleaned up water puddle and found pan for under pipes
10/27/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2arc work cont'd. and, then back to wall loft-to-bath-entry
10/27/08213.5Construct power house1molding
10/27/08239.12Solar: source to Power House0.75draft email re: size/future/not doing all now to make room for wind/hydro etc. (also: added 0.25 for last wk 10/23, had forgotten to record: checking out area and email for what is needed to do two poles insteadof one)
10/27/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.25lined up 2 south side boards andmarked arc of wallboards underside for cutting
10/28/080Notes0the kind of day when you just look forward to gettin back in bed before you even get out. cold, grey, rain-rain-rain. no wood starting supplies inside. rain. stay cold instead.
10/28/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2 
10/29/080Notes0snow. snowy spitting, then more with white out and eventually in evening started laying. oh no! cass so cold...how o how did she manage all those other years? yikes...
10/29/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2 
10/29/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.25marked posts chris asked for
10/29/08213.12Utility shed built0.75trx floor boards to us (more than sounds: to door, boots on, to shed, back for more w/boots off). separated some scraps for 16 if we use scraps for walls n got molding to show chris
10/29/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)2.25boards sorting n cleanup, scraps for burning, vaccuuming, etc
10/30/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.5 
10/30/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards5.25windows, handcutting, marking for chris to cut last board before need electric done
10/30/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
10/30/080Notes0some sun. cold, very cold air. but sun feels nice. inside mla yurts gets warm.
10/30/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.75gathering info on req'd materials for chris, review and work on rack/pole for panels
10/31/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1.5up to mla
10/31/08330Leaf Removal0.25 
10/31/08213.12Utility shed built5.75floor review, prep wall boards
10/31/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.5 
10/31/08239.12Solar: source to Power House0.25review rack purchase
10/31/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.25wallplate on bath 1/2 wall
10/31/08213.141Wood Shed: Roof repaired and finished1white goo is on
10/31/08213.24TV loft adaptation0.25cutting parts
10/31/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
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