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YIPPEE Volume 49
September 2008



Solar-heated Skeeters Signing

Siblings Sing-song Sit-n-Sip



S is for Sun, Skeeters-skeeters-skeeters, Summer's end, Struggles, Shivering, Solar-Hot-Water-Heater


E is for Events


P is for Paperwork signed in driveway


T is for Turning leaves, Temperature swings


E is for Enjoying


M is for March siblings, Mosquitoes


B is for Bank, Ben, Ben-Voyage, Bentathalon and Ben. Also, Brrr! Biting Bugs, Breakfasts on the deck


E is for Entomological Evil


R is for Roofing



Solar-Heated Water!

Showers: Hot, Wow!


No more cold showers in a cold yurt: now, it's hot showers, often in a cold yurt, but at least the water will be hot! After years messing around with other supposed solutions for solar heating (whether purchased or C&C created contraptions), an expensive contraption was purchased.


Two things had previously prohibited C&C's successful contraption creation. Insulated container is crucial; unless a hot shower is desired in the middle of the day, which, frankly, is pointless in a construction/camping life. Tinkering with finding safe alternatives to usual components in make-at-home solar heaters and/or locating and buying the supplies would have taken more time than could be rationalized. So, for years, cold showers have been the norm, with occasional successes and hot "Ahhhh!" showers on good sunny days. With this summer's excessive cold and rainy weather, these times were sorely lacking!


After experiencing water from the purchased tank, C&C wished they had a) known about this device years ago and b) purchased and installed it years ago. As it happened, the purchased device's installation was completed mid-month and filled. The unit holds about 25 gallons of water. In the evening of the first day, the water was only so-so warm. The second evening presented C&C with hot-hot-scalding-steaming-HOT shower water! Wow! The pleasure and relief! Never again will there be a trek downhill midday to insulate and cover whatever water had gotten hot. No more messing around with filling water jugs and contraptions! Whew. Ahhhhh! During sunny spells of weather, the shower water had to be mixed down with cold in order to be showerable. During a rainy and overcast spell towards the end of the month, the water exiting the device could be used more as-is.


Signing of Paperwork


The Bank got what they wanted: a resolution. C&C did not win the lottery and pay The Bank off; they did get a response from The Bank; they think the resolution could have been worse.


The Bank is satisfied with C&C now paying a full mortgage, signed and converted, with a listed deadline of 7/1/09 for construction completion. C&C think paying interest on funds that haven't even been borrowed yet is unpleasant and wrong; they are not sure about July 1st, given that Winter is already threatening to wreak havoc; they think the resolution could have been worse.


C&C eventually got documents from The Bank; Chris brought the files home; they reviewed all documents on OQO; they sighed and rolled their eyes when they saw that Cassandra's name wasn't even spelled right; they made note of all the errors; they suggested a new date, because April 1st in Vermont isn't even a guarantee that Winter is over; they made note of other questions.


A representative from The Bank agreed to come to YIPPEE-Land's driveway to witness Cassandra's signature. This was preferable to both parties. Taking Cassandra to a notary could not have happened until October, and would have made her exponentially sicker.


After communications back and forth, preparations and coordinations, the signing day arrived. C&C did some site work, but also had further preparations for the signing. Unfortunately, C&C spent an hour standing around, waiting, not doing any work, he down the driveway, she up by GIPPEE, until the rep arrived, late. The rep suited-up in a painter's full body suit; these aren't great for Cassandra per se, but provide a layer of protection, and that aspect is good. The paperwork itself was an unavoidable problematic aspect. Cassandra, in mask, walked down to within good visibility of the rep; Chris walked the paperwork up, she signed it with gloves on. The rest of the signing was probably normal, except for being in the driveway with one person wearing a full-body painter's suit.


After the bank escapade, some recovery steps, some lunch, C&C walked up top. They laid on the deck as the sun gradually left for the day, while Cass recovered a tad more.


Then, Chris helped Cass tackle Fall Cleaning. No, it is not related to the signing of the paperwork; just happened to fit into the schedule on the same day. Chris, who does not normally get the privilege of participating in the cleaning, weekly or seasonal, said, "Aw, geez, this is a pain, and I'm tired, and aren't we done yet? And, where's my cow?". Cassandra said, "Wow! That went so much faster with your help! Whew. I am so glad we did this together!"


Speaking of doing it together...




What to do when its cold and you have no heat, possibly because you are living on the side of a mountain in essentially a tent, and the woodstove makes you sick, and anyway, one of the pipe parts disintegrated when you went to clean it for the woodstove season's start:


Enjoy outdoor breakfasts, preferably in some sunshine.


The low-power hot chocolate maker saw lots of use as a hot water maker for tea. This helped to warm C&C up in the cold mornings as well. They relished and savored their mornings on the deck. They hiked uphill with supplies and sat... IN CHAIRS... outside for breakfast. Yes, they have been sitting on the deck all along. But, not until this month had they ever sat on a chair on the deck. And, although these are the same tattered and beaten camp chairs that have been part of YIPPEE for years, it felt so "normal"; as if they were no longer living a camp-style makeshift situation. This one seemingly little thing (sitting for breakfast together, in chairs, on their deck and chatting) hinted at what life can be like with a home, without massive stress and constant construction.


Another "Ahhhh!" for September. Sunshine, very few bugs in the cold and clear mornings. This was quite nice! C&C enjoyed seeing each other daily for a good portion of two weeks, as Chris was not working for his employer.



Sheds shed their blue tarps!


Part of the construction that was tackled, to take advantage of Chris' consecutive days onsite was technically a B task: roofs. Tarps that covered the sheds after each was built in cold, inclement weather, were intended merely to protect the sheds during other construction. After C&C had a home, the sheds could be finished. But the tarps cannot take it! They have been shredding and disintegrating.


Installation of the PH and US roofs would have happened regardless. Since supplies and procedures for all roofs were the same, this seemed a good time to also address the shed roofs. Fixing these other shed roofs now, although a B task, might allow Chris to shed some of his nagging concern that the roofs might fall in soon.


And so, Storage Shed, Woodshed#2, PH and US each have dark green metal roofs. The Original Woodshed was not "gotten to" and retains its blue tarp, but the two C's are hoping to remedy that before too much longer.


And Last, but not Least:


S is for Siblings, Six

E is for Enjoy

P is for Party

T is for Together

E is for Events

M is for March

B is for Ben

E is for El es muy malo! (or, bueno!)

R is for Reunion


It was held on Ben's Birthday. It was held at YIPPEE-Land. It was hosted by C&C, and yes, they prepared properly encouraging enjoyment. It was called: The Ben-Voyage Birthday Bentathalon. Fortunately, all six of the March siblings share silly sensibilities. The day's theme was Ben. C&C created a series of related events for the day, in honor of Ben: the youngest sibling, the sibling whose job soon takes him across the so-called pond and into harm's way. Ben's fondness for marathons and similar events inspired the Bentathalon. C&C also gathered intel from other siblings on Ben's various quirks to create a song for and about Ben, which was debuted in the 30', played acoustically by Chris up on the loft, where, incidentally, there are interesting acoustics. There were also Birthday Brownies, burritos, beers, and plenty of other things that do not begin with the letter B, but are okay, such as laughs and good cheer.


Cass lost some time to recovery afterwards, and there was a rare zero one day for the site time log. But, it was worth it to have everyone together and give Ben a proper, fun send-off!


Tasks Summary:

Total September Site Hours: 231.00


Totals by Days: 28.88

Q 4.59

A 22.78

B 1.50

Totals by Hours: 231.00

Q 36.75

A 182.25

B 12.00


Completed task: (289.01) Loan extension [9/19/08] (site days: 1.31)


Totals (days) by Tasks:


Q: Quackin' Quagmire (4.59)

300.55 Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 (1.91)

289.01 Loan extension (1.31)

288.11 Park Ave firewood, yr 4 (0.44)

300.45 Woodstove maintenance/problems (0.34)

288.09 Cut and store downed trees (0.28)

305.01 Garlic spray (0.28)

305.18 Tick, tick (0.09)

288.08 Split and stack wood (0.03)

742.02 JaBoSTH: Quackers (-0.09 )

A1: MLA Ready (22.78)

213.50 Construct power house (9.69)

329.02 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards (2.59)

213.71 Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish (1.44)

275.04 Materials transport/inventory (1.25)

742.01 JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers (1.09)

213.70 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings (1.03)

213.85 Radiant flooring 30': fins installed (1.03)

213.12 Utility shed built (1.00)

213.69 Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards (0.78)

213.36 Site cleanup (0.63)

213.65 Electrical rough-in 30' yurt (0.44)

329.05 Loft Bathroom Windows (0.34)

239.21 Clear trees for solar panels (0.31)

213.24 TV loft adaptation (0.28)

329.04 Loft access Building (0.25)

213.99 Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply (0.22)

213.77 Bracing: 30' yurt (0.19)

213.20 Electrical finishing 20' (0.09)

306.01 Cass Onsite Work: Determine tasks she can do during week alone (0.06)

213.76 Power House: build walkway/access from road (0.03)

861.39 Movin' Stuff Around (0.03)


B: Finish (1.50)

260.40 Roof repaired and finished (0.97)

213.63 Woodshed #2: Roof repairs and finishing (0.44)

213.141 Wood Shed: Roof repaired and finished (0.09)



September Journal

9/1/080.00Notes0the leaves are changing colors. we swapped 'round the day so ice run was at nite and we took advantage of sunny day. we need to have snacks mod morning or Chris gets uppity.
9/1/08213.12Utility shed built2shiplap cut and sealed. a piece installed on peak so Cass can install more this week.
9/1/08213.24TV loft adaptation1hinges installed. not quite right but enough for Cass to continue floorboard work.
9/1/08213.5Construct power house4.75roof panels are on
9/1/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards1.25 
9/1/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish1cut moulding for stairs
9/1/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1.25parts unpacked for Cass to assemble solar hw frame
9/1/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5cut boards for undershelf wall
9/1/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
9/2/080Notes0the weather people must be smoking some mind altering stuff... the beautiful sunny day with very low humidity turned out to be quite humid with quite a lot of clouds. very buggy. constant attack all day, loud buggers too.
9/2/08213.5Construct power house3staining of shiplap while totally under attack from skeeters, had to wear bugshirt and hood whole time. had to stop because the sky looked very threatening of rain and if it did rain there would be a lot of freshly stained boards and nowhere to put them....argh....damn weather chimps.
9/2/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.25cleaned up supplies from yest after getting two boards marked for the edge of arc on north side
9/2/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed0.25more fins ordered after a few phone calls and onhold
9/2/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5enough sun and heat for warm shower
9/2/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.75working on bath/loft/shelf wallboards. had to uninstall some and restart. also is delicate work, standing on top of ladder to reach.
9/3/080Notes0another beautiful sunny day out there with such things as clouds, thunderstorms, humidity and rain. AM was OK though, and got a warmish shower. cass struggled quite badly yesterday still not sure today, kinda awful here and there.
9/3/08213.5Construct power house1staining of shiplap
9/3/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings2moldings work way better cut at house, fit is much much easier. got installed onto step 7, and half of 1, some pcs chris took didnt get the lengthwise cut. oh well. had to make some hand cuts
9/3/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish1sanding step walls
9/3/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 2put together frame parts for new solar water heater. plus normal solar doohickie work midday interruption of site work.
9/3/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5finished getting boards up onto shelf
9/3/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25frickin windows frickin rain.
9/4/080Notes0humidity very high. cass really struggling a lot. alone.
9/4/08213.5Construct power house2.25topcoat on some shiplap. stopped after about half due to coudy skies and in case of rain
9/4/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings3.25moldings work onto steps
9/4/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish2cleanup, some sanding, and sealing of step moldings and some of their walls
9/4/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5normal solar doohickie work midday interruption of site work.
9/4/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25setup, shutdown, getting sealed shiplap into screenhouse
9/5/080Notes0humidity very high. cass still struggling a lot.
9/5/08213.12Utility shed built3shiplap onto front, had to handcut and watershield a couple more as we miscounted on wkend.
9/5/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
9/5/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1wallboards and shiplap @ multiple HD in MA
9/5/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5normal solar doohickie work midday interruption of site work.
9/5/08861.39Movin' Stuff Around0.25making room for board that chris is buying tonight to put in tomorrow w/o cass assistance
9/6/080Notes0humidity high. is a screwed up weekend with chris working tues-fri. this is the friday and cnc have trouble adjusting. cass does various tasks in PA and by time done is evening (headlamp time) and pouring rain. opts to catchup on some other tasks and not trek up top to work
9/6/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.75up to mla
9/7/080Notes0sunny. c&c have breakfast and snack on PA. Mosquitos still on the hunt.
9/7/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards1kitchen side of floor is cut.
9/7/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed1.25more fins formed
9/7/08213.99Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply0.5checking out sinks
9/7/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.75up to mla, boards in and sinks unpacked
9/7/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 3.75solar hw system set up, not enough time for water hookup tho.
9/7/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
9/8/080Notes0sunny day. pretty nice until evening when got humid. cass has gotten more skeeter bites in past week than in all of past few yrs. nasty nasty evil biters. she should stop trying to go without a bugshirt but itchy yucky bugshirt. and with heat and humid, miserable. much nicer going without but then....get attacked and bit.
9/8/08213.5Construct power house3.25topcoat on shiplap (had problems due to last week being humid and bottom of shiplap stuck to stained side when stacked....tricky removing little flecks of wood off but not stain). watershielding new 8' shiplaps
9/8/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish2sanding remaining step walls, sides to start. used extra topcoat from shiplap to do 1st coat on these. extra left onto upper joe in closet. sanded moldings/steps from other day too, ready for 2nd coat
9/8/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed1.5stapling up, forming a few more
9/8/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5usual midday trek down, filling and covering and hike back up
9/9/080Notes0rain dark gloom rain. cass up top late, doing chores in pa yurt most of day. long underwear day
9/9/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.5cleanup of floor scraps from floor trim and vacuuming
9/9/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish2steps walls and moldings
9/9/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5trying to assess boards by headlamp and marking for cutting
9/10/080Notes0in a sea of bad days, this one crests to to top as an extreme struggle. cassandra keeps forcing herself to work but finally gives up at 6pm, takes a very early shower (which is cold thanks to cold temps), lies down bundled in many layers. health practitioner called two days in row. hope tomorrow better. otherwise, was a pretty day. would have been. sun, cold air, but some sun. some white puffy clouds, windy, fall-like. frost and freeze warnings for tonight across entire region.
9/10/08213.12Utility shed built0.25molding might work except one or two boards in back dont work would be exposed
9/10/08213.5Construct power house3screenhouse water got into blk plstic covering, shiplap all laid out to dry, wiped off and restacked inside. stained 8' shiplap. didnt feel like stacking in screenhouse again, isnt sposd to rain so left out on deck. marked peak boards for PH-S.
9/10/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings0.5measuring marking for steps
9/10/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5usual midday trek down, filling and covering and hike back up
9/10/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1marking boards
9/10/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25misc cleanup of tasks and such
9/11/080Notes0very cold last night. very brr brr. cass shivering thru most of night slept terribly. some sun and some clouds. cold air.windy. damn skeeters getting cass.
9/11/08213.5Construct power house2.25wiping off shiplap and topcoat and cleanup. left them all out on deck. hope all ok. pollens flying blowing onto. oh well.
9/11/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish1.25sanding (urgh on skin and up nose and in eyes, hate doing this) and cleaning along arc, used up some leftover ureseal from doing shiplap
9/11/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5usual midday trek down, filling and covering and hike back up
9/12/080Notes0chris home early am, but not as late as usual (4:30 am cnc going to bed and cass says hey at least sun isnt up yet). rain and cold and yuck. brr brr brr, even chris cold. cass walks up top with chris to get site rags n batts and such, in order to warm up. cass ends up staying down in pa again, prepping food for weekend and doing non bldg chores.
9/12/08213.5Construct power house0.25wipe off shiplap and get stacked inside
9/13/080Notes0chris causes sleep in. mosquitos wake up early, work late and annoy without embarrasment. stupid f@<#~$
9/13/08213.12Utility shed built0.75cut and install shiplap. all exterior is installed
9/13/08213.5Construct power house1mark, cut and seal shiplap
9/13/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards1.25cutting
9/13/08213.99Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply0.25sink reviewing.
9/13/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.5chunks @ ws1 stacked.
9/13/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 3.5shwh hooked up and ready for filling. heating up water ghetto style.
9/13/08305.18Tick, tick0.75weed wacking
9/13/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5cutting and installing
9/13/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5coorganizing
9/13/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25removing a hornet nest and a bat frim under window flap @ PA
9/14/080Notes0chris causes another sleep-in, due to rain delays. cnc are cold early, then overheated later. both have piping hot showers ala zodi.
9/14/08213.24TV loft adaptation1.25hatch is operational
9/14/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75a/v jack install begins
9/14/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards1.5recutting north side
9/14/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings1.5 
9/14/08213.99Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply1more sink work
9/14/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.5ws1
9/14/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25zodi power
9/14/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.25 
9/14/08329.04Loft access Building1.75positioned and marked for install
9/14/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.25are cut.
9/14/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5going over stuff
9/14/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25 
9/15/080Notes0sunny and cloudy then a spot o' rain. chris is home this week as no project needs him as much as YIPPEE.
9/15/08213.5Construct power house5.75plywood wall installation starts. measuring, marking and cutting boards
9/15/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.25cleanup from sunday
9/15/08213.7Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings1 
9/15/08275.04Materials transport/inventory4.25a run for things of 12' lenght. hd sucks.
9/15/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1.25fill solar hwh. not quite warm yet so will try tomorrow, using zodi again
9/15/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5 
9/15/08329.04Loft access Building0.25 
9/15/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
9/15/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25 
9/16/080Notes0mostly sunny, say the weathertwits. hard to tell with all those clouds
9/16/08213.141Wood Shed: Roof repaired and finished0.75measuring for, and marking, roof sheet metal
9/16/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
9/16/08213.5Construct power house9.75roof and end wall plywood nailed on. sidewall shiplap mostly watershielded.
9/16/08275.04Materials transport/inventory2.2512 footers up to MLA
9/16/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.5more @ ws1
9/16/08289.01Loan extension0.75coordinating for friday signing
9/16/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0shwh produces hot water. yippee!
9/16/08305.01Garlic spray1mice chewed a hole in spray hose. lack of pressure makes this go much faster, albeit less effective.
9/16/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5 
9/16/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
9/17/08213.5Construct power house9.5 
9/17/08213.63Woodshed #2: Roof repairs and finishing2 
9/17/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.25 
9/17/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish0.25 
9/17/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed0.75 
9/17/08260.4Roof repaired and finished0.75 
9/17/08289.01Loan extension2.25 
9/17/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1 
9/18/080Notes0sunny! we need more days like this. fun times in the driveway.
9/18/08213.5Construct power house8.75roof panels installed, more shiplap sealed
9/18/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish1.25 
9/18/08260.4Roof repaired and finished0.25 
9/18/08289.01Loan extension3.25printed final docs for tomorrows signing
9/18/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2 
9/19/080Notes0rather fridgid this morning, gets sunny and warms a bit later. after the bank escapade we laid on the deck in the sun, while Cass recovered. Then, we cleaned.
9/19/08213.5Construct power house4after much wrangling the roof crown is on. two plywoo d wall sections are nailed up, and more shiplap os stained.
9/19/08289.01Loan extension2.5bank rep is an hour late, emails 15 min after s'posed to arrive to say 'just leaving'. but, this task is DONE! we have until July 1, 2009, to finish all work.
9/20/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
9/20/08213.5Construct power house4.5staining shiplap
9/20/08213.71Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish0.75 
9/20/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.5 
9/21/080Notes0the last day of summer starts out cold.
9/21/08213.5Construct power house4.25finished sealing 12' shiplap and started installing peak shiplap.
9/21/08213.63Woodshed #2: Roof repairs and finishing1.5roof panels on
9/21/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed0.75 
9/21/08288.08Split and stack wood0.25@ ws2 which is dry thanks to new roof
9/21/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.25draining the solar doohickey.
9/22/080Notes0c&c have breakfast on the mla deck.
9/22/08213.12Utility shed built1mark and cut pipe access panel
9/22/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
9/22/08213.5Construct power house2.25marking and cutting plywood, cutting shiplap.
9/22/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.25 
9/22/08300.45Woodstove maintenance/problems2.75cleaned out stove. pipe outside rusted thru and broke on reinstall, need new parts.
9/22/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75cut and install more
9/22/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers2 
9/23/080Notes0deck breakfast, yurt shakes and driveway buckets. Mmhmmm! We wuz really cold in the a.m. and p.m.
9/23/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.25putting light up
9/23/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
9/23/08213.5Construct power house3.52nd coat of sealer on cut plywood, moving shiplap from mla, nailing up plywood and northside shiplap
9/23/08213.76Power House: build walkway/access from road0.25move a rock and chop some roots
9/23/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1sinks packed up for return to hd, moulding packed into xterra for house-cutting
9/23/08305.01Garlic spray1.25last of the season? sprayer hose repaired
9/23/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.25 
9/23/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers2.25planning for team visit, fixing the saw, cut shiplap
9/24/08213.12Utility shed built1marking pipe holes on access panel
9/24/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)1 
9/24/08213.5Construct power house4.5marking plywood wall section for additional cut; installing shiplap, nailing up plywood, applying brown goo to walls
9/24/08260.4Roof repaired and finished4old tarp removed and white roof goo applied
9/24/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
9/24/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers1 
9/25/080Notes0breakfast on the deck in the fog
9/25/08213.2Electrical finishing 20'0.5first light goes up
9/25/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)2vacuumed and wiped down floor
9/25/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers0.25sweeping out the screenhouse and the deck
9/26/080Notes0why, oh why, are weather twits RIGHT when rain is forecast and wrong all the other times? Ken and Ben arrive, though varied delays mean they don't get to campsite until just before midnite.
9/26/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 43.5first load is stacked in WS2
9/27/080Notes0foggy for most of day, then rain starts falling.
9/27/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)2.5chris hangs conduit under
9/27/08213.77Bracing: 30' yurt1.5ken trims ends
9/27/08213.85Radiant flooring 30': fins installed3.75Ben starts and Cass joins in.
9/27/08239.21Clear trees for solar panels2.5ken and ben cut down small (and not so small) trees. chris helps cleanup
9/27/08260.4Roof repaired and finished2.75Chris and Ken get the roof in place
9/27/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.75Chris, Ken and Ben move brush and old wood out of way @ WS2
9/27/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.75 
9/27/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows2Ben, Ken and Chris fine tune plexiglass to make it fit. only one doesn't quite fit at end of day.
9/28/080Notes0No site work today. Sarah, Jere and Katrina arrive for the Ben birthday celebration and the Ben-tathalon
9/29/080Notes0sun in morning. by noon is cloudy and yucky. cass takes am easy and eats breakfast up on deck. does various cleaning up from guests (non-site work related) and has a rough time with recovery. keeps trying to do site work and not getting anywhere. ends up back down at P.A. quite early
9/29/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2cnc didnt move steps back after sibling visit....cass' work in closet blocked. tries working on front arc. problems. realized cant start on pantry outer wall either, after looking up at floor shape. ended up working on chiseling boards for arc and installing one.
9/30/080Notes0nada. cass struggles extremely badly. ugh. buggy. cloudy. yucky. sun for a teensy bit o time once in late afternoon, too late to really use as warm up. back packed and then unpacked and cass lays back down, then pack some more and hiked up but just sat on deck for bit to finish taking supplements. awful day. cass eventually able to start catching up on non-site things like time updating. 3 weeks to do. sept time not so good. ends with a fullzero. argh.
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