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YIPPEE Volume 51
November 2008

November: dang its chilly!



November Journal

11/1/08213.141Wood Shed: Roof repaired and finished1.5roof panels in place
11/1/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.75 
11/1/08330Leaf Removal0.25woody walk
11/1/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2.25 
11/1/08213.12Utility shed built5cutting wallboards and installing floorboards
11/1/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards0.25 
11/1/08239.12Solar: source to Power House0.75cleaning up for wiring trenches. Chris breaks the rake.
11/2/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.25 
11/2/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.5 
11/2/08288.09Cut and store downed trees0.25 
11/2/08213.12Utility shed built4 
11/2/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5 
11/2/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
11/2/08323.01Rodents Under WC0.25set more traps
11/2/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.75 
11/2/080Notes0chris leaves early for Buffalo/drive to work. CnC cold. As usual, getting stride and have to quit
11/3/080Notes0"cold grey day. if cass not reactive to smoke, would be warmer. even smelled like woodsmoke outside with evryone elses stoves.cass so cold hands she accidentally drops thermos top into tea cup, tipping over and hot water spills all over table and site notebook. brrr. back to heating shower wateron stove at night: it sucks"
11/3/08213.12Utility shed built1.5insulation work. wore bughat to sortof attempt protect eyes/face? had mask on so couldnt wear glasses too. sucks. cass sick
11/3/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
11/3/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
11/3/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2last board across arc installed. one along side (cant go further til electric done). started going thru long boards for bath wall. couldnt see well enough.
11/3/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards2.5rasp. fitting boards. installing boards. only one long one left (requires cnc toogether)
11/4/080Notes0warmer. filtered sunny. cass struggling but due to woodsmokes n such, and also insulation, molds, all kinds of stuff. need a home so she can get immune system healthy!!!!
11/4/08213.12Utility shed built7.5installation of wallboards
11/5/080Notes0a lot warmer. misty, foggy damp sun. cass struggling but due to woodsmokes n such, and also insulation, molds, all kinds of stuff. shaky bad today. bugs attacking! skeeter tried to attack! hot and smelly in yurt in eve due to hving to run stove for shower. grr.
11/5/08213.12Utility shed built0.75touching up paint started. wasnt sure re doing 2nd coat since looked like rain. warm enough but hmmm....
11/5/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4.25wallboards in bathroom
11/5/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
11/6/08239.12Solar: source to Power House1.25found place for buying pole locally, got weight price etc
11/6/08861.39Movin' Stuff Around1.25pantry stuff moving to new location
11/6/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1 
11/6/08213.7#N/A0.5door casings
11/6/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.75up on loft
11/7/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.75 
11/7/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75 
11/7/08861.39Movin' Stuff Around1.5 
11/7/080Notes0warm. misty, foggy, gross. cnc hadnt gotten to bed til 2am from chris getting home late last night, up late in am
11/8/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV3the bathroom sink is chosen
11/8/08213.24TV loft adaptation1progress....
11/8/08275.04Materials transport/inventory1.5 
11/8/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5 
11/8/08213.12Utility shed built0.5caulk roof
11/8/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards1.5 
11/8/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows0.25last pane fits!
11/8/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1 
11/9/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.5 
11/9/08288.08Split and stack wood0.25 
11/9/08323.01Rodents Under WC0.25we've got another head-eater lurking about
11/9/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV0.25 
11/9/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75 
11/9/08213.12Utility shed built5.25paint touch up on door: installed more floor.
11/9/08213.69Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards1.25cutting wallboards and doing some installs.
11/9/08300.45Woodstove maintenance/problems0.25 
11/9/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
11/9/08213.5Construct power house1.25south door is in place and partly affixed.
11/10/080Notes0cold grey day. cold. cold hands, cold toes. hail midday. skies cleared in eve. no help at all!!!
11/10/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards5.25figured out way to fix pantry corner, not great but will hardly be seen, is in pantry. boards that avail are up in pantry and on bath half wall.
11/10/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1aspen work, fitting, marking, drilling, nailing
11/11/08213.5Construct power house0.25south door installed
11/11/080Notes0turned into a terrible day. cass had planned on getting out and into sun for warming and tasks before cranking out work in US.....but the weather wasnt like that at all: was very grey and very cold and cass got extremely cold and was forced into doing a fire, then had to deal with being sick, recovering and warming up before could begin site work. extremely cold site work. eventually warmed a tiny bit to tolerable but what a horrible dreary difficult miserable day
11/11/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75aspen measure mark figure re: electronics cabinet and desk "windows"
11/11/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25 
11/11/08213.12Utility shed built4cleaned up and did wallboards work.
11/12/080Notes0sun. ahh. well....clouds n sun til got packed and up top. but still....no frickin woodsmokey nasty start to morning. yeah!
11/12/08213.12Utility shed built4.75wallboard work, hand cutting and fitting. all that can be tacked up are. need rest of floor finished and more wallboards.
11/12/08329.05Loft Bathroom Windows1.75wanted to say task done, but one aspen cracked ggggggrrrrr!
11/13/080Notes0"red fingers morning (cold) smoke stench fire yucky morning. log didnt burn last night and contributed to cold eve and am. really frickin grey miserable weather and the start of havingto start mornings with creosote burnt wood stench and smoke and itchiness and sickness....and being cold, because that beast doesnt work right. so mornings are red finger cold cass zero site work due to combo of lots of tasks in PA, feeling sick and rain"
11/14/08275.04Materials transport/inventory2stuff to mla, pickup solar panel rack pole
11/14/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards4marking boards
11/14/08213.12Utility shed built0.5marking boards
11/14/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.5 
11/15/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)5.25 
11/15/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1 
11/15/08213.12Utility shed built0.75 
11/15/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV3.25we have faucet
11/15/080Notes0Rainy and very warm outside. cold inside yurts. Fire needed for warming of yurt and shower water, but then in evening yurt gets reallly really hot miserable hot. 65 outdoors. Geesh.
11/16/08288.08Split and stack wood0.5 
11/16/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75cutting boards
11/16/08213.12Utility shed built2cutting floor & wall boards
11/16/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV1.75prep for install
11/16/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.75tasklist, window review and wiring walk thru
11/16/08306.02Test on safety: materials and tools0.25 
11/16/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)1.25 
11/16/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.5 
11/16/08213.94Kitchen Cabinets: Installation0.5sketches and list to begin possibility for self-build "cabinets" aka wall type under counter
11/16/080Notes0CnC very tired cause terrible night, extremely hot, Chris' belly very upset. The Cs try having breakfast up top but sun hides, theres wind, clouds, very cold wind. Eventually get their day combobulated and lovey. Chris leaves early for Buffalo/drive to work. CnC cold. Nice send off though.
11/17/080Notes0cold hands, cold toes. working while seeing breath. snow is laying. cass wanted to work long hours to make up for next week but wasnt able to
11/17/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1.5half wall + pantry boards, markingboards
11/17/08213.12Utility shed built3.25vac then wallboards. couldnt start because access panel board chris did yest isnt wide enough.
11/17/08213.65Electrical rough-in (30' yurt)0.75running wire
11/17/08742.01JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers0.25tasks org and figuring out work
11/18/080Notes0cass wants to work long hours to make up for next week but isnt able to! argh. no fire in AM. sun was shining at first, enough to decieve cass into packing and getting up top and then clouds. very cold. had to go down to PA and do fire midday. very bad off and sick. extremely cold, extremely sick.
11/18/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV4.5building frame, removing blocking, installing new blockings, start installing frame, eff the floor because too cold and workingin dark by headlamp but so cold and metal tools not good
11/18/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.5pantry board
11/19/080Notes0another very cold horrible day. water froze last night. midday break to try and warm up. cass very sick again. dangerous cold. fingers n toes hurt
11/19/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV1finishing install for sink frame
11/19/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards2markingand cutting boards, half wall install
11/19/08213.12Utility shed built1markingand cutting boards
11/20/080Notes0sunny. finally sunny and guess what...wayy too cold. terrible day.
11/20/08300.48Get water flowing again1.25trying to direct sun onto pipes in hope of warming them. carried frozen insideMLA water jug down to begin thawing for use.
11/20/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards1 
11/20/08213.12Utility shed built2.25wallboards
11/21/08300.48Get water flowing again5big freezy freezy is gone for now...
11/21/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5solar rack pole unloaded
11/21/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.5 
11/22/08213.5Construct power house3.5installing north door. its in, as are both door locksets.
11/22/08300.48Get water flowing again0.25dripping
11/22/08213.12Utility shed built1.25 
11/22/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.75 
11/22/08330Leaf Removal0.25 
11/22/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 41.25done!
11/22/08288.08Split and stack wood0.5 
11/22/08213.94Kitchen Cabinets: Installation1figgerin out
11/23/08288.11Park Ave Firewood Yr 40.5had to move trailer from last night's unload. NOW this is done
11/23/08213.5Construct power house2.5cut corners off fascia and install corner moulding
11/23/08329.01Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV0.25review options
11/23/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 1.75solar heater tubes drained and stored. this task is done.
11/23/08213.12Utility shed built1.75soffit prep. there's black stuff on the wallboards
11/23/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.25 
11/25/08310.05Shovel: Park to Main0.75 
11/27/08310.1Shovel Main Drive: Lower0.75 
11/27/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers1.5We anticipate the arrival of Jacque le Shaque, and mourn the loss of SIPPEE2 (Bathhouse) and SIPPEE4 (Staining & Sealing) and wait with baited breath on the status of GIPPEE guest tent and SIPPEE5 @ PA. Chris performs a handle-ectomy on some old shovels in prep for snow.
11/28/08288.08Split and stack wood0.75 
11/28/08310.01Keep deck cleared1.5 
11/28/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers1taking down staining screenhouse
11/29/08275.04Materials transport/inventory0.5 
11/29/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers2Jacque le Shaque and shovel repair
11/29/08226.36Shutdown SIPPEE0.75 
11/29/08226.33Shutdown GIPPEE0.25removing ice from sleeping tent. the tent survived, one pole broke but should be repairable.
11/29/08310.01Keep deck cleared0.25 
11/29/08213.12Utility shed built3.25access panel floorboards
11/29/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.75 
11/30/08742.02JaBoSTH: Quackers1more work on Jacque le Shaque.
11/30/08306.01Determine tasks she can do during week alone0.25 
11/30/08226.36Shutdown SIPPEE0.25packed up tent for drying @ hellhouse
11/30/08226.33Shutdown GIPPEE0.5packed up tent for drying @ hellhouse
11/30/08300.55Woodstove, Heat & Showering '08 0.75cass takes down the solar doo-hickey.
11/30/08310.02Plow and chains on Vermoose0.25since they are still on, Chris checked other things like the battery. which needs a charge. and oil and tanny fluid. which seem fine. there is a mystery part laying in the engine compartment, hope it is optional. and the air intake hose needs a replacing.
11/30/08288.08Split and stack wood0.75 
11/30/08300.45Woodstove maintenance/problems0.75 
11/30/08213.36Site cleanup (general and for Cass safety)0.75 
11/30/08329.02Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards0.25 
11/30/08213.12Utility shed built2access panel floorboards
11/30/08310.01Keep deck cleared0.25snow flies at 1pm, turns icy rainy around 6pm
11/30/08310.05Shovel: Park to Main0.25 
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