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One Year Later... The Short Story Continues.

On New Year's Day* we followed in last year's footsteps and once again had fun summarizing the project thus far.

* ...only, this year there was lots less time to relax and enjoy the day and be creative. And, we didn't get it done in one day, or even two. We did a bit on another day, and a bit on another day, and a couple hours on that other day. Then there was an hour on that weekend not too long ago, and... Well, we finally finished it, didn't we?

View our Poems and Drawings of a YIPPEE Year (continuing the Short Story) here.

Or, read through the introduction at the beginning of the website and you'll see that we've added this year's short story on to last year's. It is, after all, one long continuum.


Cassandra & Chris

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