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Team YIPPEE Update
Mid-Winter Edition - 23 February 2007

Two-Thirteen-O-One is Done,
Doo-Da, Doo-Da,
Cannot say it was much fun,
All these many years...

Well, 2.3 years to be a little more precise.

Yes, folks, that is 2.3 YEARS!

Task #213.01 was begun in Fall of 2004 and finally finished on February 17th!

What is task #213.01, you ask? It includes footings, posts, beams, joists, blockings; all were lumped together originally (something we wouldn't have done in retrospect). Even though work began on this task in Fall of 2004, we didn't begin our tracking of tasks and times until May of 2005. So, from 5/8/05 thru 2/17/07, the total time worked on task #213.01 was........

(insert imaginary drumroll of your choosing here....)

86.3125 days - or - 690.50 hours!


If C+C could have done it all at once, that'd be almost 3 months straight of nothing but deck and platform structures. But, between doing work only on weekends, and only Chris at first (Cassandra didn't do any site work until Spring of 2006), and the delays from excavators, and winters in our locale (during which outdoor cement work can't happen), and bridge destruction, and excessive rains, and excessive rains in the fall, and excessive rains in spring... Well, those 86.3125 days spanned 2.3 years! Argh!

But, now 'tis finally done and, Yippee! We wish it felt like more of a milestone. There's a heck of a lot more work to do.

Be sure to participate in the The Official YIPPEE "Guess-the-Number-of-Site-Work-Hours-in-that-Month-Contest"! This ongoing monthly contest will be a little bit of encouragement for us and perhaps a bit of fun for you all. We, of course, also welcome your actual on-site participation in helping to finish remaining tasks! GIPPEE and SIPPEE will be open by mid-April at least.

Speaking of Team help...

Last, but definitely not least, we wish to give a special note of Thanks to those of you who participated in Task #213.01:

Jere, Chris R, Steve, Greg, Wayne, Ziegs, and Julien.


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