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Team YIPPEE Update
Winter Edition - 12 January 2007

Happy Winter Team YIPPEE!

On-site work is NOT on hold for the winter this year... not for C+C anyway... The sun has been leaving the site by around 12:30-1:00 pm, and it can get quite cold (well, most days it does); but rain or snow... we work, work, work (occassionally we even throw a shovel over our shoulders and break into a boisterous rendition of "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho"!). A good winter working schedule has not been established yet (we've tried a few), but we are definitely still working onsite. Some days, its with a hot soup lunch (sitting on the deck, all bundled up). Some days its only until 2:00 pm, with a late lunch eaten inside the warm and dry yurt. We can be sure, however, that site work definitely won't be until 7:00 pm like it was during summer. Oh those lazy days of summer...

The new Construction Overview shows what's remaining, delineated into what we'll be working on through the Winter versus what's gotta wait 'til Spring.

As much as we would love the help during our winter construction sessions, Team onsite work is on hold until Spring. GIPPEE and SIPPEE are both shutdown. We will reopen both in Spring, and invite you all then!

Keep us in mind for a Spring (or post Mud Season) visit.

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