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Calling all YIPPEEs: Spring's Team YIPPEE Update

Hey Team YIPPEE!

Happy Spring! Yup, Spring has come to the north. The type of Spring that we enjoyed back in Maryland has not arrived; things take longer here to start growing, sprouting and blooming. But, in the ways that make a difference to Project YIPPEE, Spring is here: the snow's all melted, mud season is finished and the nighttime temps are generally above freezing.

As indicated in our last Team YIPPEE edition (issued 1/12/05), on-site work was on hold until Spring. During the past several months, we did finish doing the cutting, sanding, sealing and staining here at Poocham Road. (Many thanks to Jer-Bear for braving Chris' Power Tool Lair in the cold January weather!)

We can't report that we've had the time to "recover and catch a few nice clean breaths" yet.

But, Spring's on-site preparations are underway. Chris has been out there several times over the past month, for various reasons. Next weekend, he plans to spend at least one full day on-site doing footings.

This email will hopefully answer some of your recent questions, wondering how you can help:

YIPPEE on-site work is set to begin next weekend and continue each weekend thereafter through the fall. Yurt raising is projected to happen in late fall of this year, but we can't provide you with a definitive time yet. A LOT has to happen before yurt raising. (see Construction Overview) We'll keep you all posted as things progress. The more help we get throughout the summer, the better. (a mega dose of good luck wouldn't hurt either!)

We're inviting you all to review your schedules to see where chipping in for YIPPEE might be doable for you. Any contribution of time and effort will be greatly appreciated! Please coordinate travel plans, etc. with us via email. Thanks!

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