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The 'Park Avenue' Plan:
(Yes Its Pleasing, Poocham Early Exit)

If Phase II not ready (i.e. heating power etc not all resolved) before winter, one option:

Take down and reinstall 14' onsite regardless

  • If plumbing not ready: don't bother w/walls + bathroom, can cart water over and rough it
  • If electric not ready, no prob (or run extension cord if is avail but not installed in yurt)
  • If heating not ready, buy woodstove and install

Cass can live onsite in 14' yurt w/whatever possible for amenities. At very least, a woodstove and camp-style lighting/water/food. Would mean a weekly trip to Poocham for showers, to replenish food and water, and do laundry.

Drawbacks to this plan:

  • Cass would be onsite before anticipated and will mean she has to go elsewhere during some installations, and/or during construction generator use.
  • Expense of woodstove (but will be offset by less electric at Poocham)
  • Cass roughing it is not ideal health wise (but may be offset by no Poocham mold, snowplows, logging, snowmobiles, etc)
  • Lack of power means: Cass no email, C+C no communication during days, bad for C+C connection?, no yippee work could be done by Cass, need way to charge cell phone/extra battery, better radio windup, Cass lots books/paper, no DVD/music if doing badly.

If do this Plan, would have to work out:

  • Snowplowing: truck is not ready/safe yet for Cass to begin using, and also, how would Chris plow Poocham? Possible ideas: pay Jim to keep Poocham plowed. Make sure neighbor keeps up to our driveway clear. Chris plows on w/e's. Snowshoe up?
  • Have satellite installed sooner? (to have internet/email)
  • Def get dependable windup radio
  • Def get backup phone battery
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