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Team YIPPEE - September 12, 2005

You're Invited to...

Haunt the Hundred and Forty Seven!

When? Anytime from Saturday 10/29 to Sunday 11/6



Where Zombies abound (oh, wait, that's just Chris with not enough sleep)

In the Land of the Damned (oh, wait, that's just some damned excavators, damned banks and a demolished bridge)

And then, if you dare...If you survive the Chainsaws and Face Masks...

Spend a night in the Spooky Pooch-am House of Hell!

Booooooooooo! The air mattress is calling, the spiders are crawling, and the wind will surely be howling!

Creeped out yet?

If you haven't guessed it yet, Halloween 2005 occurs during Chris' Week Off!

During the week of Halloween, Chris will once again be spending a week working (in our humble opinion) on a much loftier goal than any employer could ever provide: building our safe healthy retreat and future yurt paradise.

As always, all help is appreciated. So, we're inviting you to join in, for one day or more. Contact Chris or Cassandra to coordinate.

Saturday 10/29 thru Sunday 11/6

See you in Hell! Ooooooo! (just kidding)

PS- We've consulted the spirits and all weekends into the foreseeable future will indeed be working YIPPEE weekends. So, if the week of Halloween doesn't jive with your schedule, join in on the fun another time!

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