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Team YIPPEE - Winter Edition, 1/12/05

Hey Team YIPPEE!

Read the Short Story. You will see that on-site work is on hold until spring, and we are working here at Poocham Road until all remaining wood is cut, sanded and sealed/stained. There are approximately 300 more boards to sand. By the end of January, Cassandra should be finished sealing the 255 floor boards. We hope Chris can handle the sealing of the 50 plywood sheets in Sealing Room #2. This will leave Cassandra at full capacity for sealing the 70 cedar boards, and staining/sealing the at least 400 remaining boards for the deck. If all goes smoothly, by the end of March, there will be time to recover and catch a few nice clean breaths before plunging into the final delivery of lumber and spring's on-site preparations. If you are yearning to do some sanding in Chris' Power Tool Lair, then get your butt up here!

Otherwise... all Team activity is on hold until the site is reopened in spring.


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