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Hey Team YIPPEE!

Once again, on-site work is (basically) on hold until Spring.

We haven't officially closed it up like last year. So, there will sometimes be a nailing sound coming down from the MLA as more boards are added to the structure. And, maybe, some cleanup work will happen here and there.

Then, once Spring arrives...

   (wait, let's rephrase that!)

      Once Mud Season is leaving...

We'll rent equipment, get the remaining footings in place and proceed from there.

Unfortunately, Chris got assigned to a terrible location. Terrible in the sense that travel to and fro signifigantly reduces our weekend time. But, for the next 6 months (unless something changes for the better - and we hope it does), we'll at least have Saturdays available as a work day. Maybe a couple hours on Sunday morning too. But we'll see...

Eventually, Chris will have more vac time built up and take a week off to make better progress.

At present, it looks like the yurts raising will be sometime in the Fall.

But, all this is merely a good surmise. Lots can change as the year progresses. We'll continue to keep you apprised.

In the meantime, we are still working to get Park Avenue established, and that's been a struggle!

  • The woodstove problems have been eating up precious weekend work-time. (and making Cassandra ill) -We wish we were more into the groove with handling our new procedures. They're also taking a lot of time and making Cassandra ill. -We just got a solar panel to charge the Xpowers onsite (versus taking them back to Poocham weekly. Woohoo!) This will help with getting Cassandra more power to run basic equipments.
  • We're still working on the phone and email access.
  • There is still plumbing work to finish up and wall panels to screw in afterwards.
  • The skirting needs to be added (but with the warm winter its not been pressing).

And that's the outlook here at YIPPEE.

An updated Construction Overview is posted on the site here.

Keep us in mind for the Spring (or post Mud Season) ...Chris would definitely appreciate help with the auger and cement work. Then, there's a variety of work happening every weekend, until the Yurt Raising Party sometime in the fall.


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