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Project YIPPEE: Construction Overview
VERSION 8 Tasks Update: 04/14/08


Tasks Update: 04/14/08


Introduction to Version 8:

(January 2008)


Going into 2008, C&C still live in the Park Avenue yurt with its temporary, camp-style setup (smoky woodstove heat, cold -but no hot- running water, battery powered devices, no wired electricity, and a camp shower). The MLA yurts are up, but without the necessities for moving in (such as heat and plumbing). The floors look awesome though!


Remaining construction, as of 1/1/08, was sorted into groups based on when tasks can, or have to, be done. The focus is to get the MLA Ready, to get Outta Poocham as soon as possible. There are many Q tasks that cant be avoided as construction continues; the bank or town may require items that C&C would gladly put off in favor of quitting Poocham sooner; and, there may be times Cassandra cant proceed on any priority tasks alone during week, so she will work on B tasks instead.


As tasks are completed, they will be moved to the bottom. This will leave only remaining and in progress tasks at the top. Previously completed tasks have been removed from this version.


And now, on with the...




Cassandra continues to live onsite and work on construction. Chris continues to travel for his employer, and is generally onsite, working on construction, on weekends. Helpers must follow the MCS-Safety Protocol. {{llinkk} Special accommodations are needed for the few remaining tasks requiring outside contractors. Special accommodations are also arranged for Cassandra during use of the generator and other unsafe equipment. Safety of tools and materials is one of numerous ongoing coordination and management tasks. Listed here, however, are only main construction tasks.


Q: Quackin' Quagmire

(i.e. Stuff That Has To Happen, But Isn't Getting The MLA Done... C&C try not to drown in this stuff. Quack, Quack... Chris does the Quagmire Quack when doing these tasks!)


(305.00) Bug control [ongoing]

(300.45) Woodstove maintenance/problems [ongoing]

(310.00) Winter access tasks [ongoing]

(288.08) Split and stack wood [ongoing]

(288.09) Cut and store downed trees [ongoing]

(852.22) GUSW [ongoing]

(742.02) JaBoSTH: Quackers [ongoing]

(545.00) YIDDEE aka HSODIF [ongoing]


A1: MLA Ready



(275.04) Materials transport/inventory [ongoing]

(213.36) Site Cleanup [ongoing]

(301.00) Organize Shed [ongoing]

(213.77) Bracing: 30' yurt [in prog] (start date: 08/28/06)

(213.68) Walls - 20' yurt: apply finish [in prog] (start date: 10/23/07)

(213.18) Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: framing [in prog] (start date: 11/18/07)

(213.69) Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: floorboards [in prog] (start date: 04/01/08)

(329.02) Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: wallboards

(213.70) Construct walls and loft - 30' yurt: mouldings

(213.71) Walls - 30' yurt: sand and finish

(329.03) Loft floor - 30' yurt: sand and finish

(213.73) Loft access [in prog] (start date: 04/11/08)

(213.72) Loft railing

(213.24) TV loft adaptation [in prog] (start date: 04/12/08)

(213.65) Electrical rough-in 30' yurt [in prog] (start date: 04/04/08)

(213.22) Kitchen Cabinets: Finishing

(213.94) Kitchen Cabinets: Installation

(213.95) Kitchen Counter: Finishing

(213.96) Kitchen Counter: Installation

(303.16) Repairs: Woody Walkway [in prog] (start date: 04/11/07)

(303.17) Drainage below retaining wall [in prog] (start date: 03/16/08)

(303.19) Culvert header repair [in prog] (start date: 11/24/07)

(303.07) Erosion control: Clear out behind util shed and trench: critical runoff work [in prog] (start date: 04/08/08)

(315.04) Repair Boiler Dented from Windstorm [in prog] (start date: 02/05/07)

(213.12) Utility Shed built [in prog] (start date: 11/13/05)

(213.50) Construct power house [in prog] (start date: 07/08/07)

(213.76) Power House: build walkway/access from road

(213.80) Radiant flooring 30': plan, mark, drill holes [in prog] (start date: 11/30/07)

(213.82) Radiant flooring 30': loops installed

(213.85) Radiant flooring 30': fins installed [in prog] (start date: 03/11/08)

(213.86) Radiant flooring US: fins installed

(213.87) Radiant flooring MLA: controls

(213.88) Radiant flooring MLA: pressure test

(213.99) Plumbing rough-in MLA: supply

(329.01) Plumbing rough-in MLA: DWV

(213.53) Reinforce under bathtub

(213.89) MLA Platforms: install reflectix

(213.90) MLA Platforms: install insulation

(213.91) MLA Platforms: close platform

(239.12) Solar: source to Power House

(239.14) Generator installation

(239.15) System install in Power House

(239.16) Wiring: PH to MLA

(239.17) Wiring: PH to WC

(299.00) Biodiesel: Locate source(s), Establish onsite storage, Transport/delivery arrangements

(213.37) Connect water and heating pipes into yurt's systems [WC in prog]

(213.39) Radiant flooring loops filled and primed WC

(213.40) Radiant flooring loops filled and primed MLA

(213.41) Install hot water tank

(213.42) Install pressure tank

(213.38) Install water filtration

(213.19) Plumbing finishing 30'

(213.20) Electrical finishing 20' [in prog] (start date: 11/09/07)

(213.78) Electrical finishing 30'

(213.32) Appliances installed: fridge

(213.97) Appliances installed: W/D

(213.98) Appliances installed: Cooktop

(213.62) Wood Boiler Setup [in prog] (start date: 07/03/07)

(226.35) Dismantle GIPPEE

(213.61) Internal doors 30' yurt

(213.60) Internal doors 20' yurt

(742.01) JaBoSTH: Non-Quackers [ongoing]

(226.00) Team YIPPEE [ongoing]

(306.00) Cass Onsite Work [ongoing]


A2: Up to MLA


(205.05) Move! (Cass up to MLA)


A3: Convert Park Ave to WC


(213.08) Plumbing, in-platform [in prog] (start date: 11/13/05)

(262.07) Electric 14' (interior)

(262.06) Plumbing, interior and hookup [in prog] (start date: 02/24/06)

(300.33) Dismantle woodstove heating and use radiant floor heating (WC)

(304.01) Bed frame down

(304.03) Walls finished and extended to full

(304.04) Shower installed

(304.05) Flooring sanded, cleaned and finished

(304.06) Convert studor valve to interior intake and patch yurt

(304.07) Install W/D


A4. Outta Poocham! Yippee!


(202.00) Clean hell house

(200.00) Give notice to landlord

(205.06) Move! (Chris etc into WC+Storage)


B: Finish


(213.10) WC Platform: insulation and plywood underside [in prog] (start date: 10/30/05)

(304.02) Woodstove pipe hole permanent patch

(304.08) Install wardrobe/shelving

(262.08) WC Entry deck railing

(262.11) Install grounding rod WC

(304.09) Install 2nd Window Awning

(262.13) Redo drip edge/C.A.P. (WC)

(213.11) WC Skirting Installation

(223.00) Satellite installed (if decide to use that for internet)

(224.00) Internet/computers network

(260.40) Storage Shed: Roof repaired and finished

(260.50) Storage Shed: Weatherproof [in prog] (start date: 03/19/06)

(213.141) Wood Shed: Roof repaired and finished

(213.63) Woodshed #2: Roof repairs and finishing [in prog] (start date: 07/21/07)

(213.56) Construct yurt entry awnings [in prog] (start date: 03/21/07)

(213.92) MLA Skirting Installation: 20'

(213.93) MLA Skirting Installation: 30'

(226.38) Dismantle SIPPEE

(213.46) Bracing: deck [in prog] (start date: 08/05: was originally all one task for posts/beams/etc. Time in 2005 not segregated and none allocated to this number.)

(279.24) Seal deck edges cut after too cold [in prog] (start date: 04/21/07)

(213.52) Construct south side stairs [in prog] (start date: 04/03/07)

(213.57) Deck: facing boards

(213.06) Deck: railing posts (cut, sanded and stained) [in prog] (start date: 05/12/07)

(213.66) Deck: railing posts installation

(213.67) Deck: railing and safety cable

(213.58) Install yurt window awnings [in prog] (start date: 03/18/07)

(239.13) Hydro: source to Power House

(213.23) Installation of: Shelvings

(327.00) Upgrade connector roof

(303.00) Erosion control: driveways, pipelines, silt fences [ongoing]

(303.23) Erosion control: Clear out behind util shed and trench: permanent solution

(303.21) PH grade uphill bank and ditch

(303.09) Slope of trenches behind boiler

(303.18) Ditch uphill side of driveway top

(276.02) Plant seed along main driveway

(288.00) Wood for burning tasks [ongoing]




(203.00) Relax!

(226.24) Team YIPPEE Hat Retirement Party



C+C will now (finally!) get settled!

... And, do things like landscaping and getting their hiking trails established.







         (213.83) Radiant flooring UtilityShed: loops installed [01/06/08]

         (213.81) Radiant flooring 20': loops installed [01/15/08]

         (213.16) Connect the two yurts [01/25/08]

         (300.54) Fix Xpower Batteries [02/01/08]

         (213.84) Radiant flooring 20': fins installed [3/29/08] (start date: 1/13/08, site days: 2.25)

         (288.10) Park Ave firewood, yr 3 [4/6/08] (start date: 09/20/07, site days: 1.69)





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