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Project YIPPEE: Construction Overview


*Cassandra is not allowed on site during this phase. (exceptions may be made if all contractors and their equipment have vacated the area)

  1. Implementation of all work done by contractors must be done in this phase. Some of the below may be completed by Chris and helpers.
    • Driveway put in and sites cleared: Contractors [in prog]
    • Septic installed: Contractor
    • Water source developed/installed
      • Contractor: locate potential springs and flag [done]
      • Contractor: dig spring(s), verify water presence, fill/tile/cap
      • C+C: trench/pipe
    • Power installed
      • C+C: Site for power house
      • Contractor(?): clear/level area
      • C+C: Construct power house shed
      • If Hydro: trench and piping, install turbine, other equip and wiring
      • If Solar: install ground mounts, panels, wiring to power house, install other equip and wiring
    • Satellite installed
    • Wood boiler installed
      • C+C: Mark site [done]
      • Contractor: Clear/level site and dump gravel [In prog]
      • C+C: choose utility shed site and prep
      • C+C: flag paths, dig trenches, set piping in place and fill trenches
      • Contractor: deliver boiler and set in place
    • Generator Fuel Source installed
  2. Coordination of all above, including permitting and coordination with bank. [In prog]
  3. Preparation of W.C. and M.L.A. sites for construction [done]
  4. Continued preparations for, and management of, Phases II and III [In prog]
  5. After driveway is established and sites cleared, (and Zoning Permit obtained) the following MLA and WC construction by Chris and MCS-Safe helpers (a.k.a. Team YIPPEE) may begin. Work area must be kept off limits to anyone who has not been through the Safety Protocol. This task may carry on through Phase II.


At Poocham Road house:

  1. Measure and Cut wood [done]
  2. Sealing of all wood (Cass) [In prog]

At YIPPEE site:

  1. Storage Shed: [in prog]
    • lay skids, assemble shed, install floor, install and seal roof
  2. Footings:
    1. affix to ledge (MLA) [in prog]
      • measure to location from existing installation
      • remove dirt and clean rock
      • drill hole into rock
      • cut rebar to 1 ft and insert into holes
      • cut footing form, put in place
      • mix and pour concrete into form
      • screed top of pour to level
      • insert bolt
      • after concrete dries, attach post to footing using post bracket
    2. traditional (Woodshed, MLA & WC)
      • measure to location from existing installation
      • dig hole w/ post hole digger to 48"
      • put form in place
      • mix & pour concrete
      • screed top of pour to level
      • insert bolt
      • after concrete dries, attach post to footing using post bracket
  3. Wood Shed
    • attach posts to footings using post brackets
    • attach 4x4 beams
    • attach 2x6 framing
    • attach 2x6 roof supports
    • attach roof plywood
    • seal roof
  4. Platform:
    • attach 4x6 beams (do as posts are installed) [in prog]
    • shape ground for drainage
    • lay gravel/stone over site
    • attach 2x6 T&G flooring (sort as go: MLA gets best boards)
    • attach perimeter blocking
    • trim circle
    • seal cut edges
  5. Floor (can be done anytime after above, but before yurts installed)
    • sand floor
    • clean and apply sealer
  6. Deck:
    • attach beams, rim joists and post supports (do as posts are installed)
    • attach joists to beams (and platform) (do as posts are installed)
    • shape ground for drainage
    • lay gravel/stone over site
    • attach decking
    • attach stairs
    • attach railing
  7. W.C. Entry built (stairs and decking)
  8. Utility Shed built
    • footings
    • construct/insulate
    • roof finish
  9. Install:
    • Radiant floor heating
    • plumbing, in-platform
    • electric, in-platform
  10. Finish platform
    • attach insulation
    • attach plywood underneath
    • attach skirting


Once all outside contractors are finished working at the property, and after heating, power and water have been established, implementation of Phase II can begin. From this point forward, everyone must follow the MCS-Safety Protocol.

The 14' yurt, which will eventually become the Welcome Center, will first be used as transitional housing. Regularly transporting Cassandra between the rental house and construction site is not a viable option, due to the illness involved. Therefore, having her live on site during Phase III is a better option. Some adjustments may be required, that would not otherwise be needed for using the 14' yurt as a Welcome Center alone.

Transition of 14' yurt. Rough transition calls for work to be done on weekends by C+C. If additional helpers can be recruited to make the transition faster, timeline will be shortened.

  • Weekend 1: Clean, deconstruct, pack and transport 14' yurt, with necessary tools to new site.
  • Weekend 2: Reconstruct yurt, camp onsite, possibly start internal installations, time permitting.
  • Weekend 3: Finish installations (walls, bathroom, water and electric) and move Cassandra over.

(It is not yet known where Cassandra will live during these weeks. The 14' yurt, her only safe option currently, will no longer be available. Living in the rental house is not an option. Accommodations must be figured out. Perhaps a tent on the porch?)

After Cassandra is living with facilities at the newly established 14' yurt, cleanup tasks for the rental (a.k.a. hell house) can be implemented at any time.


Cassandra will require recovery time due to the increased exposures during Phase II. After which, she is now onsite and available to work at any time on construction. Chris will generally be available on weekends.

Tasks begun in Phase I, part 5 must be completed.

For "Push Week", Chris will use vacation time and have one week off work, being available for weekend-week-weekend, nine days total, for the following:

  • Drip edged installed
  • Lay/tape down drop cloth/paper
  • Raise 20' and 30' yurts (5-7 people req'd)
  • Connect the two yurts
  • Internal Walls + Loft construction (note: remove plywood under platform to ensure clearance from heat, plumbing, or electrical systems)
  • Finishing of: plumbing, electric
  • Installation of: fixtures, cabinets, appliances

After "Push Week", 2-3 weeks of finishing work may be required.

Move in can commence: (approx date: late in Fall 2005)


Project YIPPEE - An Adventure in Safe Living
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