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Hey Team YIPPEE!

Teeny tiny woodland flowers have recently been sighted! That surely means Spring has arrived in the land of YIPPEE?

We're proceeding as if its Spring. The construction site up top has been dried out for a while (more on Mud Season to follow). The overnight temps are generally staying warmish. And so...

We are gearing up for finishing the footings, and you can help! Or, can you? That is the question we pose. Chris would definitely appreciate help with the auger and cement work. DEFINITELY! Cassandra can't provide that help.

The remaining 12,800# of cement is scheduled for delivery to the other side of the bridge on 4/28. The delivery truck can't cross the bridge. So, Chris will spend the day making numerous trips carting cement over and uphill to the MLA.

If you can come help for a day or two, in the next few weeks/month, pls contact Chris asap. Thanks!

Now, we're not saying Mud Season didn't happen. But it happened in a localized sort of way. Due to the whacky winter, there was only relatively minor mud. Except around the pipeline where there was Massive Mud. The excavation work was done on steep land to begin with, finished up mid-Nov in a very wet fall, and when a winter of up and down, freeze and thaw is added into the mix, the end result is that water runoff made lots of messy washout.

So, on-site work is actually already in progress. Cassandra has joined the on-site fun! She's been repairing the washout, digging drainage ditches, grading and will soon be seeding the entire area disturbed by excavation work. This is not insignifigant as the area is steep, rocky and totals at least 15,000 sq.ft. Whew!

Park Avenue still has unfinished aspects. Like, Cassandra is still without email and web access. The phone is probably only as reliable as we're gonna get for now. But, hey... We have a flush toilet now! And cold water can be obtained by the sink. The woodstove setup continues to be a hassle, giving us literal headaches even. Probably impossible to properly convey just how much this has caused us issues. Those issues have finally propelled us to say, "The hell with this! The * thing is going outside!". We can use it out there, and for those remaining cold nights, we can heat up some bricks if need be. In true C+C style, the idea prompted a lovely sing song, transforming a well-known B-52s song into "Cookshack, baby cookshack.... ". Anyway, we're very excited to be moving the woodstove outdoors this weekend.

So, from now until... Well, until... Until the winter stops us(?)... There's a variety of work happening every weekend. Please consider working a trip to YIPPEE into your schedule. Thanks!


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