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The YIPPEE Acronym Challenge was set forth in August 2004 (in Volume Six), as follows:

As everyone knows, YIPPEE stands for "Yurts In Progress, Pretty Exciting Eh!?"

Looking to the future, C&C wonder what the new meaning will be. The yurts will eventually be so much more than 'in progress'! Certainly, life at the C&C land will be 'pretty exciting eh! and 'yippee' will not be the only joyful refrain that escapes their lips.

Once they are ensconced in their wonderful yurt haven, C&C will be keeping the YIPPEE acronym, but with a new set of words for the meaning. This challenge is more an open invite than a contest. There is no solid deadline. C&C will consider any suggestion. Maybe they'll give away a mug or something else to people whose suggestions are used. Maybe they won't. Kinda depends on how big a pot 'o money they end up with!

YIPPEE Acronym Challenge Submissions to Date

(In the true spirit of brainstorming, not all are under serious consideration. Some were just good for a laugh! We share for your enjoyment here...)

  1. Yurtology In Progress, Producing Easeful Environments
  2. Yurt Is Producing Playful Excellent Energy
  3. Yurts Impressively Positioned, Perched Energizing Everything
  4. Young Indepents Pursuing Perfection, Evolving Effortlessly
  5. YIPPEE Is Phinally Phinished, Enter Excitedly!
  6. Yurts Impressively Positioned, Pretty Exciting Eh?
  7. Yurts Impressively Positioned, Pretty Enchanting, Eh?
  8. You! In Pinto, Please Exit Expediently!
  9. Yams In Pan, Please Eat Everything
  10. Yurts Is Perfect! Pink Elephant Exclaims!
  11. You In Pants! Please Enter Excitedly
  12. You're In Paradise, Personalize Every Experience.
  13. Yell Into Pipe, Persons Entering Entrance
  14. Young Intelligent Penguins Perform Every Evening
  15. Yurts Impressively Positioned, Praise Excellent Engineering?
  16. You're In Place, Please Enter Elevator
  17. Yoga In Progress, Presently Exfoliating (or Exorsising) Evils.
  18. Yaks In Pants, Pretty Erotic Eh?
  19. You Insignificant Pissant, Please Expediently Evacuate
  20. Y'all Is Purty, Perhaps Even Excitin'
  21. Yeehaw, Its Perfect. Perhaps Even Excitin'
  22. Yurts Impressively Positioned Providing Extensive (or Extended) Existence
  23. Yurts In Peril! Please Expedite Excavation! (...The unreliable excavators are still holding up a lot)
  24. You're In Private Property, Exit! Exit!
  25. You're In Parallel Paradigm Existentially Everywhere
  26. Yurts Indeed Provide People Euphoric Existence
  27. Yurts Indeed Provide Profound Euphoric Existence
  28. Yurts Indeed Provide Potential Euphoric Existence
  29. Yurts Indeed Provide Proper Euphoric Existence
  30. Yurts Including Popcorn Provide Euphoric Eating
  31. Yuck Its Pineapple Pudding, Ew! Ew!
  32. You're In Private Property, Engines Excluded
  33. Your Inspiration Preceded Powerful Everyday Existence
  34. Yeah! Its Popcorn, Popped Expertly Everytime
  35. Yo! Its Peter Piper Exterminator Extraordinare
  36. Yurts Intricately Placed Perched Extremely Elevated
  37. Yes It Provided Pain, Extreme Exhaustion
  38. Yurt Ingredients: Perserverence Perspiration Energy
  39. Yurt's Intensely Peppered Parsley Eggplant Eatery
  40. Yodel If Properly Prepared, Exclusive Entrance
  41. Yes I Pee Profusely Every Evening
  42. Yurt Is Prepared. Profound Exhaustion Ensues
  43. Your Inconvenience Politely Performed Ensures Enjoyment
  44. Yurt Impressivley Prepared Praise Everyone's Efforts
  45. Yesterday Is Past People Evolve Everyday
  46. Yahtzee Is Persnickity. Pink Elephants Excavating
  47. Yoga In Progress, Preceding Erotic Exercise
  48. Yurts In Phoenix, Perhaps Even Europe
  49. Yoga In Process Presently Elevating Existence
  50. Yikes, I'm Panting, Pretty Erotic Eh?
  51. Yikes!!! It's Porcupine Penis. Eeek!!! Eeeek!!!
  52. Your Inexplicable Philosophical Problems Engender Expletives!
  53. Yak in Pants Peeing Excitedly Everywhere
  54. Yaks in Polyester Pantsuits Emulating Elvis!
  55. Yellow Iguana's Profusely Peppery Enigmatic Entree (aka "Iguana Balls")
  56. Yummy Interesting Packed Provisions. Eat! Enjoy!
  57. Yep, It's Practical, Perfect, Excellent, Efficient
  58. Youthful Intoxicated Porcupines Prance Early Evenings
  59. Yolanda Improves Personal Presentation; Evacuates Earwax
  60. Yuck!! It's Personally Presented Evacuated Earwax!
  61. Yelping Idiotic Poodles Prod Electric Eels
  62. Yurts In Paradise Prevent Exhaust Exposures
  63. Yikes It's Puzzling, Perplexing, Enchantingly Enriching
  64. Yurt Intervention Preventing Painful Exhaust Exposures
  65. Yummy If Properly Prepared, Eat Enthusiatically
  66. Your Involvement, Possible Participation, Equals Expediting?
  67. YIKES! Inhabitating Pooch-am Prolonged. Exasperation Extended.
  68. Yikes! Its Pushed. Project's End Extended.
  69. Yuck, Its Painful, Planning Extended Expenses!
  70. Yes, Indeed, Penny Pinch Each Expense!
  71. Yawn. Internet Problem Prompts Early Exit.
  72. Yeah, Its Probably Plausible... Excluding Exhaustion?
  73. You, In Perplexing Position, Excite Endlessly
  74. Your Involvement, Pleasantly Performed, Enjoyed Enthusiastically!
  75. You! In Pantaloons! Piss Elsewhere, Eh!
  76. Yes, Its Perfect! Proper, Engaging, Exciting!
  77. Yes Its Pleasing, Poocham Early Exit
  78. Yes, Its Probable: Poocham Evening Enjoyment.
  79. Yikes, Its Pouring! Preciptiation Eroding Earthwork!
  80. Yeeha, I'm Proficient. Promptly Enhanced Entry.
  81. Yep, I'm Pretty Proud. Everything's Erected.
  82. [Warning:] Yaks In Pants Patrol Each Entry
  83. Yowch, Its Piercingly Painful Ear Explosion
  84. Yes! In Perfect Partnership Ecology Equates
  85. Yowling Idiots, Please Prepare Exterior Existence
  86. Youthful Imaginings Predate Prior Engineering Efforts
  87. Yar! It's Perfect Pirates Exhibiting Excellence!
  88. Yurt's Inhabited! Park Plan Establishing Equilibrium...
  89. You Inventive, Perfectly Perky, English Extrapalator!
  90. Yes, Installed Planks Provide Easier Evenings
  91. Yucky Incessant Precipitation... "Please End!" Exclaimed
  92. Yurt-raising Is Planned; Preparing Ernestly. Enlist!
  93. Yurt-raising Invite: Participants, Please Enroll Early!
  94. Yes, It'll Probably Produce Evening Exhaustion.
  95. Yet... It'll Provide Purposeful Enjoyment, Eh?
  96. Yurt-raising Intended. Philanthropic Participants Enroll Early!
  97. Yours In Peaceful Positive Energetic Enthusiasm
  98. Yurt Inhabitants Perform Privately Each Evening
  99. * this entry was misplaced
  100. * this entry was stapled to the previous one, so it's lost, too
  101. Yuck! It's Perpetual Project. Extremely Exhausting.
  102. Yttrium Infused Photon Particles: Elementary Excitation!

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