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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's a Yurt?
A: It is a giant tent-like structure, round in shape, supported by internal latticework and rafters.

Q: Why are you building a yurt?
A: Cassandra has MCS and we need to build a home that has very little, if any, toxic components. A yurt meets this requirement. Further, because of its simple design, Cassandra & Chris (and friend) can build it without paying for construction laborers; doing so saves money and also provides C&C strict control over access & potential building contamination. Plus, its a pretty neat building.

Q: What's MCS?
A: MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - is a general term that means a person has reactions to chemicals. Most of us don't think about the chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis: laundry detergent, cologne, cleaning fluids, car exhaust, air fresheners, etc. People who have MCS have a variety of symptoms when exposed to these and the many, many, many other chemicals floating about. Cassandra has a very severe case of MCS. The best way to "cure" MCS is to be removed from the toxic exposures to these chemicals so the body can repair itself.

Q: Wow - that sucks!
A: That's not a question. (But, yes, it does!)

Q: Are you moved in yet?
A: Nope. We had hoped to be in before winter of 2004, but excavator delays pushed that off. Our hope is late summer/early fall 2005.

Q: Are you going to have an outhouse?
A No way. We will have running water and a fully functioning septic system. We've done the outhouse bit before, and that's a bit far on the back-to-nature scale for us. There was far too much unknown stuff about composting toilets for us to take on, since we have a whole other set of new things to learn, too.

Q: Will you have power?
A: Yup. We'll be off-the-grid completely, using a solar system with a backup generator.

Q: Will you have phones & internet?
A: Indeed. We both have mobile phones and we'll be getting satellite broadband internet. Will be wireless, too!

Q: Will you have satellite TV too?
A: Nah. We aren't big on tv. We can get PBS, that's good enough for us.

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